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Topic: Tamil Nadu

आर के नगर का परिणाम तमिलनाडू की राजनीति में करेगा उथल-पुथल

दिनकरन की अप्रत्याशित जीत से सभी ताकतों के पुनर्निर्माण का रास्ता खुलेगा. किस तरह का नया समीकरण बनेगा, यह कहना थोड़ी जल्दबाजी होगी.

तमिलनाडू आर. के. नगर उपचुनाव: दिनाकरण की जीत ने बढ़ाईं भाजपा की दुविधाएं

आर.के. नगर से शशिकला के भतीजे की जीत के बाद भाजपा के लिए समीकरणों को साधना चुनौतीपूर्ण. 2019 के मद्देनजर तमिलनाडू भाजपा के लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण.

R.K. Nagar verdict has blown Tamil Nadu politics wide open

Dinakaran’s facile win will ensure realignment of forces. It is too early to predict what kind of realignment, but all options are open to all the players.

Data says India’s safest city for women is Coimbatore. But is it really?

Official data says the city in Tamil Nadu didn't have a single case of rape in all of 2016. That may be too good to be true. 

Kamal Haasan as ‘Citizen K’: blockbuster or cult classic?

It is too filmy to expect Haasan to waltz in and occupy political space. But what if he is not looking for a blockbuster, and prefers to make a niche film?

Hadiya wants freedom and her husband. Only gets to go back to college

Hadiya said she was mentally harassed in the court-mandated protective custody of her parents, and wanted only her husband Shafin Jahan to be her custodian.

This tiny biography of ‘Amma’ tells little about her personal life

The emergence of the Amma phenomenon in Tamil Nadu and the reason behind it do not find any mention in ‘The Empress’

Kamal Haasan is in politics to occupy space left behind by Jayalalithaa

Time will tell if Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth will join hands to create a third front. But TN politics will remain regional; BJP & Congress won’t get in.

The Supreme Court is unlikely to resolve the Cauvery dispute and things could get worse

It is doubtful that even the most judicious settlement of the Cauvery issue will satisfy Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

MGNREGA audit: Low wage rate & delayed payments among the biggest problems

The Common Review Mission on MGNREGA also found that people were unaware that the scheme is supposed to deliver work on demand.

On Camera


The BMW i4 eDrive40. Photo Credit: BMW

Ukraine crisis gave auto sector a crude shock. See how India is responding

The PLI scheme as well as other sops for manufacturing, show that despite some public missteps, government is trying to coax manufacturing into India.

Indian refiners scout for oil deals ahead of EU ban on Russian crude imports

European Union ban on Russian crude imports from 5 Dec will drive European refiners to buy more Middle East oil, putting them in competition with Asian buyers.


IAF chief Air Chief Marshal V. R. Chaudhari with Defence Minister Rajnath Singh | Twitter/ @IAF_MCC

Need organisation structure best suited to Indian conditions, IAF on theatre commands

The IAF chief said the model of integration that India adopts must be future-ready, must reduce levels of decision-making, and capitalise on the strength of all three services.

India’s hijab supporters will lose even if they win SC battle. Because the real war is political

In a highly polarised time, cornered minorities tend to lean back and protect the roots and fundamentals of what is so dear to them. Politically, it can often be a bad trap.