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Scientists are already fighting the next pandemic — superbugs

The spread of SARS-CoV-2 shows just how fast infectious agents can move with human travel. The impact of increasing antibiotic resistance is no different.
The novel coronavirus

The world’s most powerful supercomputers have joined race to stop coronavirus

Supercomputers are being used in many facets of responding to Covid-19, including to predict spread of the virus, design vaccines and understand sneezes.
A mother and child in the Covid-19 lockdown (representational image) | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

India’s coronavirus fight lacks the most crucial thing in its arsenal — Data

Only a handful of cities and districts in India are currently publishing anywhere near the kind of Covid-related data that the Home Ministry wants states to use and consider.
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Why the ACE2 receptor could be key to treating Covid-19

Called the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, or ACE2, the protein provides the entry point for the coronavirus to hook into and infect human cells.
80% Covid-19 deaths in USA are among those 65 and older. Photo | Bloomberg

Listen to your gut: Why having a good microbiome matters in Covid-19 fight

The molecule that the coronavirus attacks in our bodies – Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 – is present not just in our lungs, but in our gastrointestinal tract as well.
Medical team at work in the Embassy at Rome, collecting samples of Indian nationals for testing COVID-19 | PTI

Coronavirus survivors could suffer severe health effects for years

Past epidemics tell us that survivors have compromised immune systems. A study of SARS showed people were falling sick more frequently than others for as long as 12 years.
The three parts of the coronavirus | Photo: Commons

Why humans have themselves to blame for the coronavirus pandemic

There are more people coming into contact with wildlife species, as agriculture, forestry, mining & oil exploration destroy animals' natural habitats.
A doctor places a thermometer into a patient's ear during coronavirus symptom tests. (Representational Image) | Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi | Bloomberg

Can Covid-19 survivors get the infection again? The answer is complicated

Evidence from earlier studies suggests having a coronavirus once does not make someone totally immune in the future.
A man shopping with his face covered | Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg

Let’s talk about men — the new vulnerable group in Covid-19 times

In South Korea, more women than men tested positive for the coronavirus but 54 per cent of those who died due to the infection were men.

Covid-19: Dr WHO gets prescription wrong

China informed WHO on 31 December, but there is evidence that the coronavirus had spread among humans as far back as mid-October. Yet, WHO showed no urgency.

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Representational photos | Hindu priests perform evening prayers at Dashashwamedh Ghat in Varanasi | Kanishka Sonthalia/Bloomberg

Want to preserve secularism in India? Well, preserve the Hindu ethos first

Secularism in the Indian context would mean maintaining equidistance from  all religions. Unfortunately, that equidistance never happened.
Mukesh Ambani at ThePrint Off the Cuff

Mukesh Ambani is now world’s fourth richest man, overtakes Europe’s wealthiest

Reliance's shares have more than doubled from a low in March as its digital unit got billions in investments from companies including Facebook Inc. and Google.


Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh | Photo: ANI

Artillery guns, assault rifles, AFVs — Here’s a list of 101 items MoD won’t import in future

Contracts worth almost Rs 4 lakh crore will be placed with the domestic industry within the next six to seven years.
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Modi redefined secularism with Ram Mandir as Hindu voters were fed up of Sonia-Left version

Assumptions that Indian secularism died with Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan are bunk. It is enshrined in the Constitution, and is worth preserving.