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Villagers whose names are missing in the final list of National Register of Citizenship stage a protest in Assam | PTI

Gauhati High Court’s citizenship order is flawed because it ignores Indian reality

While putting onus on people to prove their citizenship, Indian courts have failed to establish some kind of standard for how one can discharge such a burden.
A protest against Citizenship (Amendment) Act, after Friday prayers, at Jama Masjid | PTI

Why Sardar Patel would have opposed NPR, NRC and CAA

Anyone born in India should be considered an Indian citizen. Period.
People wait to check their names on the final draft NRC in Assam | PTI

CAA rules must be stringent, offering citizenship only to real and not imagined refugees

Ambiguity and discretion in the current Citizenship Amendment Act could be designed for it to be more about NRC than actual refugees.
Ramachandra guha

From writing history to becoming a part: How Ramachandra Guha became face of CAA protests

Historian Ramachandra Guha fights his battles more with words. Which is why when he hit the streets to protest CAA, it seemingly shook even the BJP.
Captain Virat Kohli looks towards a sea of supporters

Cricket, hijab, language: How the British, French and Americans conduct citizenship tests

In any cricket match between England and a South Asian team, if Indians and Pakistanis cheered for non-English teams, they were accused of disloyalty.
Army personnel stand guard during restrictions in Jammu, on 5 August, 2019 | PTI

Authoritarian streak among Indians on the rise and it’s helping BJP’s hard Right turn

Even globally, Indians demonstrate a lower commitment to democratic principles than people in other major countries, as per opinion polls.
Students outside Jamia Milia Islamia University in New Delhi on 13 December

Jamia cancels exams, declares holiday until 5 January over citizenship law protests

Jamia Milia Islamia saw massive protests Friday when students, who tried to march to Parliament, and policemen clashed.
File photo of voters in Varanasi | Pankaj Nangia/ Bloomberg News

Many countries have stumbled in their efforts to identify citizens. Can India be different?

India, which was under British rule from the 18th century to 1947, has seen many different governments try to define citizenship.
File image of Chennamaneni Ramesh

Why Chennamaneni Ramesh, a 4-time Telangana MLA, has been stripped of Indian citizenship

This is the third time MHA has passed an order cancelling the citizenship of Chennamaneni Ramesh, the TRS MLA from Vemulawada.
File photo of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

NRC to GST – How Modi & Amit Shah create Anxiety Raj and still win elections

Modi’s popularity ratings keep rising despite economic slowdown and undemocratic lockdowns. This is how he does it.

On Camera

File photo | Sushant Singh Rajput | Facebook/SushantSinghRajput

Nepotistic privilege should be a matter of social shame. It holds India back

Woke young millennials should start looking down upon friends who take the easy route of following up on their parents’ careers.
Representational image of Union finance ministry | ANI

Economy showing signs of recovery but pandemic may affect business climate: Finance Ministry

Improved kharif sowing, pick-up in electricity and petrol consumption, and higher freight movement indicate green shoots in the economy, ministry report stated.


File image of Indian soldiers in Ladakh | By special arrangement

PLA troops ‘completely move out’ of Galwan as India-China head towards total disengagement

India and China have begun a second attempt at disengagement in Ladakh after a 61-day stand-off along the western sector of the LAC.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

It’s time for China, Pakistan, even India to rethink the fantasy Modi called expansionism

India, China and Pakistan all want territory from another. But it’s a pursuit doomed to fail as they can’t get it without annihilating the other.