Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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This Indian scientist says Newton & Einstein are wrong, Harsh Vardhan better than Kalam

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At 106th Science Congress in Jalandhar, Tamil Nadu scientist questions fundamentals of physics, wants to name gravitational waves after Narendra Modi.

Jalandhar: When Kanan Jegathala Krishnan took the stage on the second day of the 106th Indian Science Congress in Jalandhar Friday, he was to deliver a talk on Einstein’s theories.

Instead, Krishnan, who claims to be a senior research scientist at the World Community Service Centre at Aliyar in Tamil Nadu, spent a considerable amount of time hyping up his own ‘achievements’ before going on to denigrate the very theories he was to explain.

“The present understanding of physics will be destroyed once my theories are proved,” said Krishnan.

And he was just getting started.

Krishnan went after Isaac Newton, saying the English physicist had little understanding of gravitational forces.

“Newton was not able to understand gravitational repulsive force, which is why he was not able to answer most questions related to gravity,” the professor said. “His calculations were perfect but there was a problem in his theoretical physics. I have been able to solve these theories.”

Newton, according to Krishnan, wasn’t the only one with little understanding of physics. Albert Einstein, he claimed, had misled the world with his theory of relativity.

The researcher said it was because of the self-compressive nature of space that things move at a particular speed and not due to gravity.

“Space is heavier than the sun and every other planet and hence compresses all the planets. Equal pressure is applied to them, which is why they are moving,” Krishnan said. “The quality of space is self-compressive, which is something that Newton and Einstein could not understand. Einstein did not guide the world in the correct way.”

Krishnan claimed to have shared his theory of understanding gravity with Stephen Hawking and a number of other leading researchers in the world.

And it wasn’t just the physics pioneers who were his targets. Krishnan claimed that, in the future, Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan will be a bigger scientist than India’s ‘missile man’ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

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Climate change sceptic, Modi, Vardhan fan

Krishnan also questioned climate change and the effect of gravitational force on Earth.

“If there is something like a gravitational force then why does all the water that comes out of melting glaciers not get pulled down by the earth? Why does it get into the land space?” he asked. “That is because gravitational force is not how we understand it.”

Krishnan further said that once the idea of gravity is changed and his theories are accepted, gravitational waves will be known as the Narendra Modi waves and the Gravitational Lensing effect will be known as Harsh Vardhan effect.

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  1. Mental patient speaks confidently at science forum, sudents and intelligent scientists tracked him and knew he was insane

  2. He’s speaking truth to power!

    If everything is not one and same, why do we keep calling the infinite as “Universe”? And moreover, why we MANkind keep bemoaning “double-standards”? Does that mean are we still “primates”?

    Unfortunately, the Colonialist-imposed Commie/Maoist/Marxist/Socialist Urban Naxal PC-SJW sickular Illuminatis have kept us in their holds for so long that we’re basically a mental slave to them! But no, Kali has to go sooner than later and the advent of Ram Rajya will prevail once again!!!
    The daredevil gentleman’s theory will replace this Illuminati-propagated contemporary Physics in as much time as it took for Mahabharata from start to finish!

    {Remembering my profile name:} Inshallah?!!

  3. Its shameful to have such statements made at Indian Science Congress. Damn man this assholes are polluting the image of India in Science field too.
    Dr Harshavardhan should slam that moron and should immediately fire him from whatever institute in which he does and prepares his imaginary fantasies.

    • “A Raja should slam the disciplined Military General just because he flattered the King by showering praise over him, causing none of the crises — let alone the non-existential one.”

  4. I wonder how this idiot reached the venue of such a gathering of distinguished scientists! And even got permission to speak at length!
    I want to know what our scientists are going to do not to repeat such nonsense.

  5. As a physics major i cannot understand how this idiot was allowed to speak in a science forum.

  6. Most of the conclusions made by Sir Isaac Newton on Gravitation and Professor Einstein on General / Special Theory of Relativity are incomplete in closed cycle, this is due to understanding of nature during that time and reference to particular reference frame.
    This doesn’t mean the conclusions are baseless.

    • Bah…! You’re a self-hating Hindu, Colonialist-shill, Commie/Maoist/Marxist/Socialist and sickular-brigade member!°

  7. A wise man specially being scientist can’t differentiate among the scientists. He succumb from flattery of harsh vardhan. He shows himself greater than Einstein. Kalam will always be the greatest regarding humanity and his invention. How fool he is saying like this

    • Huh… Such a travesty!

      People who advance means-of-destruction are still celebrated.

      I can’t really differentiate between this and “military is the bravest and most noble career” vs Organised Religion.
      And yet we wonder why the Science can’t answer “most of the questions”.

  8. Bravo .. well done. We need more of such ah’s to bring out the reality and show the true face of Hindutva.

  9. Never heard either his name or institute where he does his research. Why has not come out and challenged such theories he claims?
    Suddenly everyone in the world is wrong and we trying to mislead our young one with such lecturers. Does anyone know what his qualifications are besides being a bhaktas of Modi and Vardhan?
    Why he has been quite so far and how long he will take to prove his reality.
    It is unfortunate that RSS,BJP,VHP are misleading our young brains with such lecturers.
    The proof is in the pudding, present it and prove

    • “Qualification is irrelevant in front of knowledge!” (Paraphrased) — And indeed, I quite agree with him, too!

      If you can vote for your leaders without proving your worth with even a single test, why do you need a paper-certificate to prove you can speak-up on any random subject?

  10. Mr. Krishnan is obviously deluded, his incoherent and fundamentally flawed notion of gravitation quoted in the article is quite sufficient to make that clear. He might as well have said why can I lift my arm if gravity is as they are saying. Gravitation is an extremely weak force in comparison to all the other classical forces such as the strong and weak forces, it is pervasive however and the vast masses of stellar material make up in quantity for a deficit in strength.

  11. Water melting from glaciers is definitely pulled by the earth’s gravitational force. Earth’s outer most core has a layer of HOT and MOLTEN MAGMA which pushes back the water to the surface of the earth.

  12. The Google input from science Congress from jalandhar where Where voice is being echoed that cabinet minister Harsbardhan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is having better knowledge than Newton and Einstein has has crossed all heights of flattering.It seems arrival of political sycophancy. It seems afresh repeatation of Roman Church interference in India perhaps self declared scientist and intends to make big leap in politics. Thatiswhy he claims that Harsvardhan has higher position than Newton and Einstein. Gravity wave will be renamed Narendra Modi wave From Sheo Narayan Sah Gardanibagh Patna

  13. I am no scientist, but can say that if this is what the gentlemen had to share, then it’s not just delusional but seems that someone is getting a fat sum of green flakes for their project. Nice try, but all the best for political pitch next time around. Cheers. ?

  14. India has ten of the world’s 4,000 top scientists, China has 482. My heart tells me Dr K J Krishnan could not possibly be in the top ten.

    • And…?

      “Scientific fact” ain’t no technical term!

      Theory vs Hypothesis are 2 different matters (nothing to do with His “Kanan vs Vetha”). Anything else you need to “draw attention” to?

  15. Has this so called scientist published his correct theory in any paper or submitted his findings with any International Association so that it can be critically subjected to test.These people unnecessarily give statements which denigrate a political party which at least supports Hindus and make them a laughing stock for so called seculars.

  16. Irrelevant fool! He needs a psychiatrist and that’s already proved. Why are such idiots called to speak in science forums?

    • Errmmm… Why are you trying to express hostility by praising him as a mere “idiot”?

      Moreover, why shouldn’t he be called when “Ram Rajya” is taking over?

      He’s merely spreading out the Truth of Rama!°

  17. To every actio there is an equal opposite reaction. Is it correct ? If yes then is the gravitational force is equal to force of reaction when a material drops and springs up.

    • action* FTFY 😊

      Refer to Mr @Avneesh George Vincent, Mr @Akhil Chandra Das and Mr @Julian Constantine below.

  18. I had a hearty laugh reading just the preamble to this article. Modi-bhakts may take it as a compliment, but do they know how WEAK gravitational waves are?!

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