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Fugitive Nithyananda ready with ‘Hindu Reserve Bank of Kailasa’, launch on Ganesh Chaturthi

Rape-accused fugitive godman Nithyananda has in a video announced that 'his country' Kailasa has signed MoU with another country that will host the ‘Hindu Investment and Reserve Bank’.

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Bengaluru: Rape-accused fugitive Nithyananda, a self-styled godman, has purportedly announced the launch of ‘Reserve Bank’ of Kailasa as the central bank of the country he claims to have founded on an island off the coast of Ecuador.

In a new video released by the godman, Nithyananda can be heard saying “his country” has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with another country that will host his bank, called the ‘Hindu Investment and Reserve Bank’.

“On Ganesh Chaturthi with the grace of Ganapati, we are going to be revealing all the absolute, complete details of the Reserve Bank of Kailaasa and the currencies… It’s all ready,” he said.

He has chosen the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi, on 22 August, to launch this one-of-a-kind bank.

“The whole economic policies, 300-page document, is ready with absolute designing, currency everything , the economic strategy how we are going to be doing, internal currency usage and external world currency exchange has all been done legally,” he can be heard saying in the video.

Nithyananda’s Kailasa is the ‘world’s greatest digital Hindu nation’, according to its website. It already has a flag called ‘Rishabha Dhvaja’, featuring Nithyananda along with the national animal, bird, emblem, tree and flower. It has three official languages — English, Sanskrit and Tamil.

Facing charges of rape and intimidation, Nithyananda reportedly fled India in October last year outside the knowledge of government authorities. As of now, he has skipped nearly 50 court hearings in India.

According to police sources, he may have found asylum in the island off the coast of Ecuador.

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The bank

According to the Kailasa website, its Reserve Bank will be “an investment vehicle to centralize Hindu devotee cash flow”. It says this fund will “attract investment from the entire Hindu community, one of the wealthiest communities in the world”.

The website claims the bank will lend money to the members of the community so that they can invest in “non-violent businesses”.

With the ownership of the bank being centralised, the website claims, there will be trust among its investors and it will attract people who would be eager to invest in it.

“The Hindu Reserve Bank will create its own supply of money ‘not contaminated by fiat currency… An ideal way to create such a currency is through cryptocurrency,” it states.

In an earlier video released when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, he signed off as, ‘Nithyananda Paramasivam, Prime Minister, ShriKailasa’.

The website also has a Spanish version expressing his country’s solidarity with nations around the world during this difficult time of the pandemic. Police sources said this confirms his presence near Ecuador.

Who is Nithyananda?

Nithyananda was born A. Rajasekaran in Tiruvannamalai in 1978, but not much is known about his personal life. He is believed by his followers to be an avatar of the ‘Paramashiva’.

He started the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, which now has branches in several parts of India as well as across the world.

In March 2010, an intimate video of him with a Tamil Nadu-based actress surfaced in the media. He got an injunction order issued on any media coverage on the video.

Two years later, he was accused of raping a US-based disciple over a five-year period. Charges against him were framed in June 2018 by a Karnataka trial court.

After he fled last year, he has been conducting sermons largely through videos and his social media channels.

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  1. Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallaya, Godman Nityanand all fled the Country Outside the Knowledge of the Government Authorities, they think we believe that Bullshit, If that is True then you can Imagine how Easy it could be for a Terrorist to escape this Country.

  2. I am not his follower, I see media, legal agents etc without proving with evidence , one sided errored views, simply propagating someone is fugitive, rapist etc. ? We know very well how nice our media people, police and judges are !!

    • Mr Mukesh: He did run away from the country didn’t he? Doesn’t that make him a fugitive? Or do you perhaps another definition of who a fugitive is?

  3. हिन्दुस्तान की जनता को ज्यादा से ज्यादा सहात करना चाहिए क्योंकि दूनिया की पहली हिन्दू रास्ट बनेने जा रही हैं

  4. The world faced terrible terrorist attacks killing in hundreds and even thousands but very little action has been taken,Zakir Naik for an example,where is he?why no action against him?This small group of people who are harmless to the world, getting so much publicity,it’s their business,let them be,the world has many other urgent problems to solve.lets grow up a bit more. In case we have forgotten:poverty,war, unreasonable Bank intrest rate, diseases, political corruption,civil rights, inequality of wealth distribution, consumerism issues,modern slavery,violent crimes, religious extremists, poisonous food production, radioactivity, water problems, animals facing extinction among others.

  5. Where did the author hear the words ‘Hindu Investment and Reserve Bank’ in the video clip. The charlatan may make any comment about his so called independent nation and reserve bank, but where is the word ‘Hindu Investment and Reserve Bank’. Or does it make the story more salebale, easy to catch on Google. Shekhat Gupta – we expect better editing from you

  6. Worse things happen in other religions but they go scot free because church and jehadis back them
    Only a hindu swzmi faces arrest and jail

    • Swami N. Neelakantan : Namaskaram !

      Since when did crimes by Muslims or Christians become a justification for crimes by Hindus ?

      • You didn’t get his point – he asks why only Hindus are punished, but Muslims and Christians are let go – NOT that it is ok for Hindus to commit crime.

        • Mr Narayanan: Thanks for the reply.

          He re-echoes the standard lament of the Hindutva gang:

          “I am a Hindu, I get punished for my crimes but others don’t get punished for theirs”

          Well Mr Narayanan, there are thousands of variants of that philosophy of victimology that one hears in India, e.g.
          “Other castes commit crimes but only Brahmins are caught and prosecuted”
          “Malayalis commit crimes but are never caught or punished, only we Tamilians get caught”
          “Biharis commit crimes and escape but the Marathi manoos pays the price”
          “Politicians dodge taxes and don’t get punished but we actors in Bollywood get harassed”

          We can go on ad infinitum like this and portray one religion, caste, community or race as evil people who escape despite having committed crimes and another religion, caste, community or race as evil people who are unable to escape despite having committed crimes. And that is what I have railed against.

  7. No absolute good things or bad things. Report facts and what is useful to will be respected and honour ed.

  8. All votaries of Hindutva in India must hurry up and apply for citizenship to Nithya baba’s country as Modi baba has totally failed to make India a prosperous nation.

    • Excellent advice Mr Ramesh !

      At least, one can be sure that Nityananda has studied a bit more economics than out Delhi University graduate who went about wrecking the economy of the country through his hare-brained scheme called demonetisation. And following it up with another botcjed scheme called GST.

      In any case, as someone who lives in Europe, I see a lot of Gujarathi types quietly moving their assets to safer banks and financial institutions here… Modi baba’s economics has only delivered unemployment, deficits, capital flight and poverty. Not that bhakths care though …

    • A lot less violent though than the al-Baghdadid and bin Ladens that Muslims like you hew to right ?

      • ‘like you hew to right ?’. Your English is obscure.

        Muslims are irrelevant, I do not mention them. I observe who is running India. It is Hindus. And Hindus produce such people and worship them. So why do you react like a Sanghi ? Do you wear those khakhi shorts underneath ?

        ‘like you hew to right ?’.

    • He is not the only one. There is a chai wallah with a forged degree, and he has followers who believe in his divinity and infallibility. This is the Hindu psyche.

  9. Rohini Swamy…you appear to be a antiHindu and a liar.
    Look up the facts about the false rape cases.
    Swamiji is an enlightened being.
    He has established the firmament of Sanatana Hindu Dharma on this planet Earth.
    Beings like you will rot on Earth if you do not men’s your ways.
    If you need to know the truth about Swamiji…contact his disciples or Rajiv Malhotra of Infinity Foundation.
    If you persist in promoting untruths me you will suffer cosmically
    ….as a meditator ..though Swamiji is not my Guru…I have experienced his divinity.
    …just use your limited intelligence…in the times of Covid…and know that there exists things beyond our comprehension.
    Even your heart beat is an enigma…it can stop anytime.
    Just keep off Hindu enlightened Masters and Avatars like Swamiji.
    Meditate for a period of 21 days …by yourself …in solitude for atleast 3 hours each day…
    I assure you some wisdom will start trickling out …from within you.
    In the meantime…look up all the erudite disciples of Swamiji.
    Your trash breaking news has no value cosmically.
    In the Cosmic world… only our ancient truths prevail.
    Swamiji has established Kailasa…a cosmic kingdom . Gross beef consuming fools like you will never be able to comprehend.

    • I can’t read further after your fifth sentence about that ” enlightened being”. With little common sense anyone can understand he is a fraudulent person…he is disgusting…how can you worship such a person and defend for him..please think twice..please

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