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Cow urine, milk can treat skin diseases, psoriasis — Modi govt’s agency in document for exam

The Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog’s suggestions are part of the syllabus for the first cow science promotion exam, to be held online among students and the general public.

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New Delhi: Diseases like psoriasis, skin disorders, eczema, arthritis, inflammation and leprosy, among others, can be treated by consuming Panchgavya products — cow milk and its derivatives as well as cow urine and dung, according to the Cow Commission of India.

The commission, known as Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog (RKA), comes under the Ministry of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries. Formed in 2019, it is aimed at ensuring the conservation, preservation, protection and development of cows and their progeny, and is tasked with giving direction to cattle development programmes.

The RKA’s latest suggestions on treatment of diseases have been made as part of the ‘reference material’ for the first cow science promotion exam, which will be held online on 25 February among nationwide school and college students as well as the general public.

According to the 54-page document, ‘gaumutra’ or cow urine acts as an antidote for phlegm, abdominal diseases, eye diseases, bladder diseases, lumbar, respiratory diseases, inflammation, and liver diseases, among others. It details how Panchgavya can be consumed to keep good health.

“Panchgavya taken daily by an individual can keep a person healthy and hearty. Dreaded diseases like psoriasis, any skin disorders, eczema, split wound heal very fast upon consumption of PanchGavya,” reads the reference material for the exam, which has been accessed by ThePrint.

“Any person can start taking Panchgavya orally in the following manner. 50 ml to 60 ml of Panchgavya mixed in a glass of water or fruit juice or tender coconut water will keep everyone away from all types of diseases,” it reads.

While the exam will be voluntary, the RKA has sent written requests to the chief ministers and education ministers of all states to hold the test, according to RKA chairman Vallabhbhai Kathiria.

The panel said it has compiled a number of reference material that can be used for the exam. It has been compiled by using information from a number of experts and more information will be added in the coming few days.

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Medicinal value

The document highlights the medicinal value of Indian cows’ milk, stressing that it increases “brain power” and “enhances immunity”.

“Cerebrosides present in their milk increases brain power, strontium enhances body immunity and protects the human body from harmful radiations. Not only milk, Indian Cow’s urine, dung, ghee, curd also have invaluable medicinal properties. Cow products are used in Panchgavya Chikitsa to cure many harmful diseases,” it says.

The commission points out how various medical formulations of Panchgavya, like Adi Panchgavya Ghrut, Amritasara, Ghanavati, Ksharavati and Netrasara are invaluable medicines in the Ayurvedic system.

Terming cow urine as a rare gift to mankind, the document says, “If there is any ‘Sanjivani’ in Ayurved, then it is Gaumata Urine. Cow urine is great elixir, proper diet, pleasing to heart, the giver of mental and physical strength, enhances longevity. It removes all blood disorders.”

It adds, “Gaumutra acts as an antidote for phlegm, abdominal diseases, eye diseases, and bladder diseases, lumbar, Kas, respiratory diseases, inflammation, inflammation, liver diseases.”

Moreover, it claims that gaumutra is “extremely useful in many chronic and incurable diseases”.

“Urea diuretics are germicides. Potassium is an appetizer, blood pressure regulator. Sodium regulates fluid volume and nervous power. Magnesium and calcium regulate heart rate. Gaumata urine stops gas disorders; cures all ailments born from mucus, bile, and gas; help with acidity, stomach disease, and more; removes leprosy and other skin diseases,” it adds.

The reference material even argues that cow urine is as pious as Ganga Jal, sacred water for Hindus that is used in all the festivities throughout the year. “The ingredients found in Ganga Jal and gaumutra are much similar. No other animal or human beings mutra has so many ingredients as our Gaumata,” it says.

“Upon boiling the Gaumutra, we get khoa that is full of minerals, vitamins and used for various ailments. Regular intake of these khoa tablets keeps an individual healthy. Distilled cow urine, popularly known as an ark, is effective in treating flu, arthritis, bacterial diseases, food poisoning, indigestion, inflammation, and leprosy,” it adds.

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Native and exotic cows

The commission’s document also highlights the differences between “native” (desi) and “exotic” cows.

For instance, it points out that the milk of “Gaumata’ is known as A2 milk and that of Jersey cows is called A1 Milk.

“Gaumata produces A2 beta-casein a genetic variant of amino acid-like proline bonded with another amino acid Isoleucine, which is potent in fighting against many diseases like obesity, Joint pain, asthma, mental problems etc. Jersey cow milk is called A1 Milk,” it reads.

“The jersey, HF etc. cows produce A1 milk where this genetic variant of beta-casein is not found. On the other hand, their milk contains a poisonous chemical named Casomorphine and due to this, it is said to be responsible for diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and Asthma,” it adds.

It also says that “Gaumata Milk” has certain “medical qualities and doctors advise pregnant women, kids, diabetics and heart patients to consume it”, but adds that milk from exotic cows “should not be consumed and certainly does not reach anywhere near A2 Milk”.

“Cow Urine and Cow Dung is consumed in the form of PanchGavya. Exotic: Neither the Dung nor the Urine is consumable,” it states.

The document states that cow dung from indigenous cows produces quick and good results when used in farming, which is not the case with “exotic” cows. “Milk colour is light yellow as it has traces of Gold in it. Exotic: Not found here,” it says.

Emotions and hygiene

According to the reference material, Indian cow breeds (Zebu) have Suryaketu Naadi (Hump) on their shoulders. It has been known to absorb Vitamin-D from the sun rays and release it in the cow milk.

“This is the only reason as to why only Indian Cow’s milk contains vitamin-D. Jersey and HF cows do not have Suryaketu Naadi,” it says.

Desi cows also display emotions, unlike exotic cows. “Whenever any unknown person comes near desi cow, she will immediately stand. No emotions displayed by her (exotic cows),” it adds.

Moreover, Indian cows maintain hygiene too and are “clever enough not to sit at dirty places”, says the document.

“It also adapts itself as per the climate and can withstand extreme weather. Jersey/HF cows are known to be very lazy and highly prone to diseases. It has also been seen that they attract infection by not being hygienic enough,” it adds.

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  1. Six years ago I was found HBsAg positive and by taking Worldherbsclinic HBV herbal medicine, now I am negative. abdominal pain gone. All this happened between 2 months.Am very happy to share my victory over HBV. I always knew i will beat this deadly disease, i never stopped researching for solution. Don’t ever give up, you will surely be free on day.

    • Mr Brandon: Aren’t you purveying anecdotal information as some sort of a scientific truth in these columns? Of course, since you are not a doctor, you are not liable for prosecution as a quack. But nonetheless …

      In order for a drug to be qualified as a treatment for a disease or symptom, it has to undergo extensive clinical trials and approval by regulatory authorities. The questionable experiences of people like you do not qualify as clinical trials. So please stop peddling your pseudo-scientific claptrap in these columns.

  2. Clearly, gomutra, gobar, Panchgavya and other assorted Hindutva pharmaceutical products will aid in the transformation of Modistan into a 5 Trillion Dollar economy !!!

  3. Why does this govt impose its daydreams on its people. When people are suffering from a severe pandemic, homeless, jobless not even quarter of people’s fund utilised for their health and here comes a cow commission and cow urine studies midway.
    How sad the educated lots are also fooled into beieving this fictious ideas of some dictative community. When will they realise thy were the stupid rats behind the pauper!

    • Wonderfull
      All the doctors and world health organization are complete fools right,they haven’t studied anything, absolutely illeterates and you people are the one who have descended on the earth with special abilities or what?? absolutely rubbish ,we are stupid or what??no need to believe this godi media . Spreading useless therapies without proofs.ask any educated doctor outside India ,you will know what the truth is .cowards doesn’t have the courage to stand in front of us beat us thus they use rubbish political tactics.

  4. Mr Pravin Pandey: So you really believe in this bullshit ? I am sure with people like you and other BJP nuts and charlatans like the Cow Commission, India will soon become 5 trillion dollar economy !!

  5. There are more than 22 patents received by American research companies for different derivatives from cow urine useful in treating a few diseases. Do a google search and you will find your answer. And by the way is the Central government in India led by Mr Modi as Prime Minister your government too or is he the Prime Minister of only the people who voted for him. Your bias is very evident in every article of yours. Why don’t you guys grow up and show more maturity in your journalism.

    • Mr Harish N: If I do a Google Search, I can also find out that the sun moves around the earth, the earth is flat, Modi invented gravitational waves, ancient Indians engaged in inter-planetary travel, and that very talented Indian surgeons of the past grafted an elephant’s head to the torso of a man to create Lord Ganesha. Nuggets of pseudo-scientific claptrap such as these are designed for blinkered, blind Hindutva fellows like you who would cease thinking and acting rationally even when such obvious absurdities are marketed as examples of “Vedic science” or “ancient Hindu science”. Meanwhile, the Modis, Amit Shahs, Pragya Thakurs and other BJP luminaries reject this nonsense and go to seek help in high end hospitals specialising in Western Medicine, not the AYUSH bullshit – literally – that they expect poorer Indians to follow. Or they are for gullible Indians like you to espouse.

      Now, since you claim to have done some “research” at your Whatsapp University please tell me which reputed Western pharmaceutical company has done research with clinical trials and the whole nine yards to show that gomutra cures diseases. Also, please list out the diseases that gomutra cures. And I do not accept that charlatan and tax dodging crook Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali as a pharmaceutical company …

    • It seems that you have never lived around desi cows.
      I have, they likes to be clean, likes to take bath and also shows several emotions to their connections (people) who serves them.
      So pls think over it, its our duty to save our culture and traditions. Be Proud to be “Bhartiya”
      Jai Bharat Jai Gomata

  6. Stop being stupid, learn about ayurvedic medicine and then post information, Look at the cure which solved many health issues, ask people who benefitted from it and then give review of the public, Stop the prejudice, Stop demonizing Indian Culture, Stop hating the country which feeds you

    • Mr/Ms Indian: Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani etc. as systems of medicine are certainly not standardised or upto the same levels of scientific rigour as Western medicine. These AYUSH nonsense is only used by the very poor. Indeed, every politician in India, including the BJP uses Western medicine and those who can afford it go outside India to get treatment. Thus, whilst BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya Thakur might claim that her breast cancer was cured by stroking a cow in a clockwise direction, her doctor revealed that she had actually sought ordinary Western treatment methodologies for her breast cancer.

      So stop being superstitious, jingoistic and behaving like that BJP idiot Sadhvi Pragya Thakur. Criticism of superstitions prevalent in India is not demonising Indian culture – get that into your gomutra and gobar containing skull.

  7. These guys must be mad if they are suggesting cow urine and dung is good for human consumption. Baseless claims. Look, milk, meat and other products are absolutely fine but stay away from poo and pee!

  8. Not acceptable at all having a waste of an animal .. better get the proof and get it approved at international level and scientifically proven. Tomorrow if someone claim eat cockroach a day and it will make you immortal it’s not true unless and until it’s approved internationally recognised organization. Some believe in camel urine some in cow .. but it’s never proven and end of the day ,urine is just urine a waste product with ammonia.. useful for plants .

    • Mr Arpit: Why don’t you get your dad to publish his findings in an internationally respected journal of medicine if he is so certain about the efficacy of his treatment ? Or does your dad have just one anecdotal example to cite ? And has your dad’s research been peer-reviewed or is it just you bragging about his skills ?

      Incidentally, I have a friend who stammers a lot, should I ask him to contact your dad for advice and treatment ?

  9. Where is the journalism? Where are your 2 cents in this story? Are you agreeing or disagreeing to this as a concept? What should a common man infer?

  10. I find this article taking a jibe at BJP and Cow Commission of India. No wonder It has already been proved by various noted doctors in India and Abroad. Author has tried to say that it is only BJP and CCI which claims the benefits of cow urine. What a hypocrite.

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