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Beaten, stripped, Kurkure shoved down throat: How Dehradun student was tortured by seniors

Three weeks after the gruesome murder of a 12-year-old student in Dehradun, police probe details the six-hour-long torture that he faced from two seniors.

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Ranipokhari/Dehradun: He was allegedly made to wrap his arms and legs around a pipe and was thrashed by a bat and stumps by two of his seniors. He was then stripped naked and drenched in cold water. His mouth was then stuffed with ‘Kurkure’ and biscuits, shoved down the throat with the help of a bucket full of filthy water from the toilet.

For the 12-year-old class 7 student of Home Academy Senior Secondary School in Dehradun’s Ranipokhari district, far worse followed for over six hours on the fateful day of 10 March. Not one of over 200 students and four staff members at the school’s boys residence hostel, a two-floor campus spread over just 500 square yards, could hear his wails.

Within a few hours, the minor school student died of internal haemorrhage.

Three weeks after the incident, ThePrint has accessed statements of the main accused, postmortem reports and eye-witness accounts to piece together the details of the gruesome murder of the the 12-year-old.

The police probe has revealed several new details after the two main accused — the minor’s seniors, Shubhankar (19) and Laxman (19) — and three of the hostel staff on duty — Ashok, the physical education teacher, Ajay, the hostel warden and Praveen Mesih, from the school administration — were arrested on 23 March.

“While the two class 12 students have been arrested for murder and destruction of evidence, the staff of the school and hostel were arrested under section 201 IPC (disappearance of evidence and giving false information to screen offender),” Ashok Kumar, director general, Law and Order, Dehradun said.

The arrests were made after the postmortem report on 22 March established the murder.

The Children Home Academy | Ananya Bhardwaj/ThePrint

The Children Home Academy, as mentioned in the police records, is a missionary school which was started in 1974 under a non-profit called Children’s Home Society. It has over 400 students — both hostelers and day scholars. While the hostelers are only those children whose parents stay in leprosy ashrams across the country, the day scholars are children from the surrounding villages. The academy claims to provide free education, shelter and food to children staying in the hostels — both girls and boys, and charges a minimal fee from the day scholars.

The two main accused — one from Punjab and the other from neighbouring Uttar Pradesh — are children of leprosy patients.

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‘A lesson’

On that day, Shubhankar and Laxman, both roommates, allegedly barged inside the minor’s room at around noon. The kid’s room — number 2 — on the ground floor was just meters away from the office of the hostel-in-charge.

The two started thrashing the minor. He had allegedly tried to steal a pack of biscuits from a grocery store next to the school and after the shopkeeper complained about the same to the authorities, a planned Sunday outing for all students was cancelled as a punishment.

ThePrint read the statements of both the main accused where they admit that they wanted to teach the minor “a lesson” for spoiling their Sunday plans.

The duo said they went to the minor’s room armed with stumps and a bat and beat him. Then they dragged him to the basketball court and made him take rounds till he was exhausted.

“The duo made him take several rounds of the court till he was exhausted. They thrashed him with the bat on his shins if he stopped,” the investigating officer of the case told ThePrint on condition of anonymity.

“Then they dragged him to the terrace of the hostel and asked him to wrap his legs and arms around a pipe,” he said.

“Scared, the minor followed the directions. When he wrapped himself around the pipe, the duo thrashed him, concentrating the blows on his lower body — hip, thighs, bottom of his feet and shins.”

‘Filthy water, rajma chawal, Kurkure’

The minor’s roommate, who was on the terrace and is now an eyewitness in the case, told the police that when the kid asked for water, the duo dragged him to the tank on the terrace that stores unused filthy water and forced him to drink it.

The two senior students then allegedly dragged him down to the dining hall and made him eat rajma chawal.

“The eyewitness stated that the minor was completely exhausted and was unable to walk. He requested the duo to leave him, give him some rest, but they did not listen,” the officer said.

According to the eyewitness account and statement of the two accused, the duo then stripped the minor naked, and again thrashed him on his hip.

“We also made him take a bath and have rajma chawal in the dining hall, before we dragged him to the terrace again,” said the statement of the accused.

This time the duo allegedly took the minor to the terrace of the dining hall.

According to the police, they took out some money from the minor’s pocket and ordered a junior to fetch ‘Kurkure’ and biscuits.

“They stuffed the minor’s face with a pack of Kurkure and biscuits, while they thrashed him. When the minor asked for water, they asked a junior to get a bucket of water from the toilet,” the officer said.

In their statement, the duo admitted to having put the minor’s face inside the bucket till he started gasping for breath.

“They admitted to have told the minor — ‘pee le jitna paani peena hai (drink as much water as you like)’,” said the probe officer.

Vomiting, then death

Six hours later, at around 6:30 pm, the school’s bell for “study time” rang and the two seniors allegedly took the minor to the dining hall again.

“The two seniors threatened the minor of dire consequences asking him to not complain about them and made him sit in the dining area. They cleaned his face, adjusted his clothes and made him sit in a corner seat,” the investigating officer told ThePrint.

When the hostel warden on duty, Ajay, came to check if the students were studying, he saw the minor sitting in a corner with his head down. He then asked one of the students to see if he was fine.

“As soon as the minor got up, he vomited and then fainted,” the officer said.

The minor was then taken to the local Jolly Grant hospital. While the school authorities claim that he died during treatment, the hospital said that he was declared dead on arrival.

“When enquired upon, the staff nurse said that the minor was dead when he was brought to the hospital,” a second police officer told ThePrint on condition of anonymity.

In their statement, Shubhankar and Laxman admitted that after the news of the minor’s death reached the hostel, they took the stump which they had used to thrash him and burnt it with a heap of garbage.

The police have recovered a half burnt stump from the hostel premises, said the investigation officer.

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‘Horrific injuries’

While the school authorities tried to pass it off as a case of “food poisoning”, the postmortem report accessed by ThePrint showed the minor sustained 17 injuries on his hip, thighs and under his feet.

“Injury number 17 on his hip with a blunt object damaged pulse and led to internal bleeding,” said the postmortem report.

The 16 other injuries included blue marks and abrasions on his thighs and under the feet.

“The two seniors tortured him in a way that no injury mark was visible on his face or upper body. He was thrashed near the hip area, thighs and under the feet,” said the investigating officer.

However, a school official who did not wish to be named, told ThePrint, “When we asked the doctor at the hospital, he informed us that it seems like either a case of food poisoning or pneumonia. No major injury marks were visible on his body, hence the doctors too opined that it is poisoning.”

After the death memo was issued by the hospital, the body was taken to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Rishikesh, for a postmortem examination.

Till it was decided that the body will be taken to AIIMS Rishikesh, the school authorities did not care to inform the minor’s father, who stays in a leprosy ashram in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh.

“I was called and told that my son was ill. When I reached Rishikesh, the school authorities told me that my son was dead. This was hours after my son had died and his body taken to Rishikesh,” said the father.

Body buried with Christian rituals, father clueless

Speaking to ThePrint, the minor’s father claimed that his body was directly handed over to the school authorities, who took him back to the hostel and buried him with Christian rituals at a burial ground next to the hostel.

However, the school authorities and the police refuted the allegations, saying the father had signed an affidavit declaring he was unable to take his child’s body to Hapur and had no objection if his son’s last rites were done in Bhogpur village where the school is situated.

The investigating officer said the minor’s body was handed over to his father after the postmortem but he said “he had no means to take it back”.

“We even told him that we will arrange for transport and his last rites but he refused. He then was made to sign an affidavit and he has also given an application in his own handwriting stating that he has no objection if his son is taken to Bhogpur,” added the officer.

ThePrint has a copy of both the handwritten application and the affidavit signed by the minor’s father.

It reads, “I am unable to take my child back to Hapur. I willingly want that my son’s last rites be done in Children Home Bhogpur. I have no objection whatsoever and I will not question the organization or make any claim that will go against the institution in future.”

However, after the postmortem, the father said he was made to sign on some papers.

“I do not know what they made me sign. They just asked me to put my signatures and I did. I was alone, in grief and did not know what to do. They then took my son and buried him.”

‘Academy running illegally’

After the gruesome incident was reported, Uttarakhand’s State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) chief Usha Negi visited the Children Home Academy and its hostel for an inspection.

“The hostel is registered as an orphanage when it is not. They do not have any valid papers of either the school or the hostels,” Negi told ThePrint.

She said SCPCR has already informed the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) about the details.

“We have also conducted four inspections that revealed shocking details,” said Negi.

The SCPCR chief said upon inspection, she found that extremely poor quality food was served to the children and they were made to work inside the kitchen and forced to clean toilets in unhygienic conditions.

“Also, there are no CCTV cameras in either the school or common areas of the hostel,” Negi said.

“When we asked them to furnish documents of the school and the hostel, they had no answers.”

‘Suicide, rape’

The child rights body chief also alleged that “a girl has committed suicide in the girls hostel run by the same academy”.

“One boy from the same boy’s hostel had gone missing last year, a gang rape was also reported from the same school, but the authorities in connivance with the police department hushed up the matter,” said Negi.

“Now, since I have joined, I have taken the matter in my hands and I will get to the bottom of it,” she said.

“They are running a school and doing all sort of illegal things, while making money. They claim to give free education but it is not true. Parents have approached me stating that they are forced to pay Rs 3,500 per month for their kids,” she said.

However, Sanjay Kumar, administrator, Children Home Academy, denied Negi’s claims as “mere allegations”.

“The hostel is free for all, we only charge a minimal fee from day scholars. This is an institution for kids of leprosy patients. We teach them about Jesus and his teachings,” said Kumar.

“Our mission is to serve the nation and mankind through education and inculcate moral values in children.”

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  1. I would like to see quick action by all concerned government departments in this case. As a society we also need to introspect how can children be given better upbringing so that they learn compassion.

  2. The mission which funds this school must be made answerable for this gruesome murder of a minor. Also such missionary schools have no right to bury a Hindu child unless he is converted. Such a school’s aims are auspect and it should be a fit case for closure or take over by the government. The school has to compensate the parents of the murdered children because it failed in its duty to offer safety and education and instead offered the child death and terror. And the destruction of evidence is suspicious, did the authorities have anything to do with this murder?

  3. This is the reality of Christian missionary schools they dont care about education or development of child they only want to spread their relegion through propaganda shame.

    • I really don’t know what you have commented here..?? Be educated yourself and do comment!! Do any religion promotes crimes..?? I am pity on you.
      Think about the poor boy and the pain he sffered and died.
      Fight for such crimes and rape.
      Bring the culprit out and punish them

  4. all 4 should be hanged….nothing else…and their fate should be made public…this is psychotic murder…nothing less

  5. Shutting down the institution is no solution. Because of the 2 monsters, why should other innocent children suffer for their schooling? The current management should be punished, & completely changed with new responsible people. Monitoring authorities, CCTVs should be set up by the converned government agencies. So many kids can’t be left unwatched for. And if they could have afforded better schools, they wouldn’t be admitted here by their parents. And those 2 culprits should be severely punished.
    My heart also goes out to the roommate of the deceased child. I don’t think he would easily come out of the traumatic incidence he witnessed. Must be scared and scarred for life. Students should be counselled. 🙁

  6. Have said it earlier and saying it again. No one fears Indian law. except for a handful of people. We need to make stricter law.

    Murderers – should be put behind bar till death in an anda cell if capital punishment is too difficult to bear with the nation or government. loneliness can kill a person thousand times.

    Rapist – All four limbs should be amputated, death will be too easy they should suffer and beg.

    street goondas – Should be sold as slaves to war ridden countries in place of our soldiers or as labors to KSA as China does.

    Religious maniacs – Stripped of all power and sent to thar or Himalayas for labor work.

    low level crimes and other traffic related – Strict penalty with non bailable jail sentence of atleast 3months.

    Domestic related crimes – 7yrs of imprisonment to accused and 75% of total assets for victim.

    Political crimes – 1st if all, y do we have these many political party? 2 shld be allow and others can join any of these or go and work like any other common people. Those who have criminal record should be barred

    All this can be implemented if we have a fast and uncorrupt trail along with a clean government / political parties.. which is a dream so ya.. all we can do we hear such stories and express grief. My country is going downhill and I can’t do anything about it. Even a street dog thinks he is a king Kong in our country.

  7. Shocking to see that 19 year olds can have so much hatred in them. These people are adults and can’t accept a simple outing cancel? What is happening to the youth in our country?? Its so scary to live knowing that humans can do these kind of things to other humans. Sad. Disappointed. Scared.
    They should be hanged to death infront of their parents

  8. All school staff and those two boys should be punished same way. That innocent little boy went through a lot of torture by satan boys n satan staff. Should be learning for others.

  9. One thing very clear from the sequence of events is that all thus could not have been done with the perpetorators also having gone through similar experience in their life which was mostly spent in this free school. There is certainly a complete support of some, if not all staff in this case. Looks like the two boys were invited to go to such levels of cruelty as they too must have past the same rites. Us this why we bear with such charity school to corrode the fibre if our society? To top it all, they don’t even spare the parent the dignity of carrying out the last rites as per his wish. They just abuse the difficult situation he has been put in & get him to sign anything so that even the burial is not questioned by authorities. How difficult is it to understand this situation where even the dead are not spared forceful conversion.
    My question to authorities, when a 15 year old vehicle is not supposed to play on roads for everyone’s safety, how is such an old school, apparently with no scholors, allowed to run a child welfare & education programme for the most vunerable section of society, children, that too of lepers. Just can’t get over the fact that two children are capable of such horror on their own.

  10. This incident happened in Ranipokhri that is around 40kms far from Dehradun and not in Dehradun.
    My condolences is with the boy’s family, may he gets justice.

  11. Shameful!!
    How it could be possible in the campus. The institution should be closed permanently. The CRIMINALS should be given serious punishments, so that everyone could learn the lesson.
    Were the authorities sleeping?
    Oh My God , parents had the belief that their child would be in the safe hands. How could someone do this type of cruelty.

  12. Shocking ! Looking at such incidences it’s difficult for any parents to send their kids for any studies. ….dreadful incident. Shame on school for promoting such gruesome acts in Thier campus.

  13. Beat these guys in the same way they did with the poor child. They both should be hanged till death.a d the academy should be closed permanently

    • I fully agree. At 19yr they are not minors. They too be punished in the same way and in public view. All other school admn.and staff be sent to jail for life. No mercy.

  14. What is going on in India. No humanity left. Every where criminals and criminals. Now criminals in schools too. Harsh punishment should be given. What ever their age be. No mercy on them.

  15. How cruel!!! How can 19yr olds have such cruelty and hatred within them. And was there no one in the school premises wen he was made to run in the ground? Was there no one in the canteen when they stuffed food in his mouth? Such irreponsibility from the institution. Cant imagine what the kid must have gone through. May his soul rest in peace. The school authorities and the 2 main accused must be punished real bad and tortured.

    PS: cruelty has no relegion.

    • Sir closings the institute or shelter homes is not the solution govt should take the matter in hands
      First of all govt should make the MLA of the area accountable for the incidents ,events ,accidents,or whatever is happening in his constituency MLAs must felt some responsibility towards their constituencies and people they should made answerable
      After every 5 yrs they roam in the constituency and beg for votes after election they got handsome salaries and various other benefits they never turn to their people who vote for them merely closing the institute is not the solution to these kind of problems first of all we Indians must elect educated and responsible politicians

  16. This is totally dastardly
    This is horrific and gruesome. Such brutes should be rusticatef and punished by law.
    The post is giving shock waves . Shame on these crooks ,their moral values have hone for a toss. Is this what their parents have taught them,Shame!

  17. Those rascals should be hanged .but tortured in the same way they commited the gruesome murder .they must realise the pain all hose involved should be given life Senta CE

  18. Must be shut down and govt must give free counseling sessions to the children of this academy. Reading this whole article was so terrifying!

    Thanks @theprint team to come up with detailed report on this. RIP young soul.

  19. Must be shut down and govt must give free counseling sessions to the children of this academy. Reading this whole article was so terrifying!

    Thanks @theprint team to come up with detailed report on this. RIP young soul.

    • Hey convrted arse hole! Why not? You rice bag filth shoudl know that they are illegally running the school, exploiting the chldren, convertign them to the dirty evil cult. If not the evil missionaries, whom should we blame? Your father for givign birth to you?

    • Are you saying Christianity teaches to attack and kill children ? I know The Vatican has hushed up matters of it’s predator priests, that’s beside the point

  20. To add to my previous comments.
    The den of crimes…the so called institution ought to be shut down forever, most immediately.

  21. Most shocking.. of the gruesome.. heinous crime committed by the cruel mates. First of all, the perpetrators, irrespective of the age, be dealt most severely and must be given the harshest punishment which shall be a reference for any one daring to commit crime. The staff, including the witnesses, the ones who remain as ones responsible for the abetment of the gruesome crime, must be dealt with the harshest of punishment one could imagine. Very sad to hear of the end of life by the cruel fellow mates. Heart goes out to the family of the deceased. Prayers only for the soul.

  22. The academy should be closed permanently in the charges to hush up the teenager’s murder….. It’s not possible that nobody listened the cries of hapless teenager….. Christian missionaries are running their establishment on the pretext of secularism while doing all the illegal activities…. Any action against these illegally run establishments attract a backlash from Leftist Liberads Selective Lutyens media….. Which should be stopped now…..

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