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The doctors’ strike across many states reflects the sorry condition of Indian healthcare. Nineteen states passed laws protecting doctors against patient attacks but in vain. The real problem is inadequate infrastructure and staff shortage in government hospitals and expensive private care. The crisis needs a systemic response. Not another band-aid.

World Cup games being washed out is outrageous. Organisers must be penalised

For a World Cup cricket match to be washed out due to the outfield being poorly covered, in this day and age, is an outrage. More so because it’s happening in the exalted country of cricket’s birth and innovation. Tournament sponsors should penalise the organisers for taking fans for granted.

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  1. It was Mamata’s extremely short sighted anti BJP obsession that converted an ordinary situation into a crisis that is spinning out of control. She could not resist turning even this situation into a BJP conspiracy against her instead of keeping her eyes and ears open. The entire opposition in the country is afflicted by the same disease. Former Karnataka CM Siddaramiah is amazed at what people see in Modi that he should have been so overwhelmingly voted BACK to power, when Modi, according to Siddaramiah, has “RUINED” India. All these leaders are living in Ivory Towers and cannot understand the “People”, who actually VOTE.

  2. I know for a fact, having observed the long hours put in by wife’s sister’s son, now a successful cardiac surgeon. When he completed his education, he chose to intern in a government hospital, where there would be more and a greater variety of patients. Working twenty four hours at a stretch was common. Working conditions and emoluments need to improve. Without trained and motivated doctors and para medical staff, there will be no healthcare system. For the relatives of patients to misbehave with doctors shows an utter lack of sensitivity.


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