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The National Conference delegation meeting with detained leaders Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah is a good beginning. The government is managing the diplomatic and security fallout of the dilution of Kashmir’s special status. But it’s over 60 days now. Time cannot be wasted in resetting the broken political process either.

Latest RBI data shows banks and markets urgently require reform

Latest RBI data on bank credit shows a sharp, worrying decline. Supply and demand factors are both at work. With the economy in a slump, there is reduced demand for working capital and for financing of investment. Both the engines of the financial sector, banks and markets, urgently require reform.

SC’s indifference to civil liberties shows in speed on Aarey and delay on Kashmir

The speed with which the Supreme Court took up the matter of Mumbai’s Aarey forest and stayed the tree-felling stands in sharp contrast to its prevarication on the Kashmir habeas corpus cases. The top court’s misplaced priorities apart, it marks a disturbing slide in championing critical issues of civil liberties.

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  1. Unless the Muftis and Abdullahs gracefully accept the reality of 370 & 35A, they will be consigned to the dustbin of history. With the 370 & 35A gone the there will be no money to grab, it can and will be just clean politics if they opt for it.

  2. One would applaud the intervention on the Aarey issue and pray that the issue of Kashmir be now taken up by the honourable apex court in the manner it considers most appropriate.

  3. What is becoming clear is that there is no carefully thought out political plan that will solve either the internal or external dimensions of the problem, or bring increased prosperity to Kashmir. For all their – perceived – failings, the mainstream politicians held the beloved tricolour aloft in the Valley. There is no one to replace them. Article 370 – which many regard as no more effective than a scarecrow fluttering in the field – one will not get into. Pray, what is the rationale for converting J & K into Dadar & Nagar Haveli. Everyone’s patience is running out.


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