• MY543

  • Uttar PradeshLucknow
  • Rajnath Singh

    Age: 67 Education: MSc (Physics)

  • 02 Number of Terms
  • -% Attendance/ National Average
  • Debate Participated/ National Average
  • Private member Bills Introduced/ National Average
  • Question Asked/ National Average

Source: PRS Legislative Research. Data for full-term ministers not recorded.

Subject-wise LS Questions by the MP










Social Justice



Explanation of graph

  • Classification of questions only a broad indication.
  • “Miscellaneous” signals that fewer MPs raised these topics in general

MPLADS Expenditure

Explanation of graph

  • Source: mplads.gov.in.  All figures as of 25 Jan 2019
  • State Avg is average expenditure of all state constituencies
  • Entitlement > 25 crores (carry over from previous LS term)
  • Entitlement < 25 crores (by-election/seat vacant)
  • Entitlement = 0 (no data available)

Constituency Indicators

Explanation of graph


  1. This is a shame as an MP that he was holding the portfolio of Home Ministry and the kukrail flyover was demanded by him as MP but it took 4.5 years to complete a streach of hardly few hundred mtrs this was a waste of hard earned money by we people only .Delay increases the inconvenience to people and exchequer on govt fund.. Second most important point when Mayawati was CM,that time one musical fountain park was a beautiful place to enjoy with family but Akhilesh Govt shut down that park and the place and money was wasted than Akhilesh made a river front but this govt shut doiwn again the hard earned money of common people wasted .Though this govt has not created anything nor maintaining the govt proprty.

  2. रूलिंग पार्टी है तो सूचना भी नहीं दे रहे । इन्हें पारदर्शिता से कोई मतलब नहीं है ।

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