India-China Tensions

Border tensions between India and China that flared in early May took a more violent turn late Monday when troops clashed in the Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh and India lost 20 soldiers, including a commanding officer. There were casualties on the other side too, the Indian Army said after the first violent clash with China in 45 years.

The tensions at the Line of Actual Control have been making headlines for more than a month now despite the coronavirus crisis dominating the news cycle.

India has said it is committed to ensuring the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity, even as it accused China of “departing” from the consensus reached earlier to resolve the border standoff.

ThePrint’s reporters, editors and commentators have led the coverage on this top story since the beginning. Here is a pick of the best reports, opinions and videos published so far:


India cautious of China on de-escalation at LAC, both agree on 72-hr observation window

There has not been any actual de-escalation since the third round of meetings between the corps commanders of the two sides Tuesday.

Will give a befitting reply if anyone casts an evil eye on India: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Addressing a virtual rally for West Bengal, Union Minister Prasad said India carried out a 'digital strike' by banning Chinese apps to protect the data of countrymen.

No decision yet on holding Parliament session: Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi

The minister said the government was waiting to see how the Covid situation will pan out since one session will see around 3,000-3,500 people in Parliament.

Why India’s growing economic reliance on China will be tough to break

India buys everything from electronics to key drug ingredients to industrial machinery from China and reducing that reliance won’t be easy, experts say.

India, China repeat calls for phased de-escalation in 3rd round of corps commander talks

India & China's calls for de-escalation are similar to those made at the second round of military talks but implementation is proving a challenge on the ground.

Chinese firms won’t be allowed to participate in highway projects, says Nitin Gadkari

Road Transport, Highways and MSME Minister Gadkari said rebidding would be done if there are any Chinese joint ventures for existing tenders and future bids.

Banning apps violates WTO rules, will affect employment of Indians: Chinese embassy

Ji Rong, spokesperson, embassy of China, says the move goes against international trade and e-commerce, & is not conducive to consumer interests and market competition in India.

‘We’re devastated, my wives cried’ — TikTok stars in Maharashtra village crushed by app ban

TikTok, one of 59 Chinese apps banned by Modi govt, had emerged as one of India’s most popular social media portals, even finding appeal in small towns and villages.

Indian army demands waterproof clothing as water flow increases in Galwan river

The Indian side is preparing itself for the possible long term deployment in the Galwan valley and other areas where the Chinese have deployed heavily along the LAC.

PM Modi will lose over 2 lakh Chinese followers with Weibo ban

Weibo is one of the Chinese apps that were banned by the Modi government in India Monday over national security-related concerns.


India can’t afford to be defensive against China like it has been with Pakistan on terror

Avoiding war with China will cost Delhi in long run. Beijing’s LAC aggression will return.

India’s options against China shrink to two — limited war or another Wuhan

China’s military preemption has baited India. A quick and emotional response would be a strategic folly. India can 'counter bait' China by maintaining the 'status quo' indefinitely.

Modi displayed statesmanship by not mentioning China in his speech under public pressure

In episode 510 of #CutTheClutter, ThePrint’s Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta recalls leadership lessons from John F. Kennedy, Jawaharlal Nehru & Indira Gandhi.

China’s Hikvision controls India’s surveillance market. Modi needs to do more than ban apps

Hikvision is central to China’s ambitions to become the world’s leading supplier of surveillance systems. And it has cleverly projected itself as part of Make in India initiative.

Prasar Bharati was a bumblebee that people thought would fly, but it did not

In episode 508 of #CutTheClutter, ThePrint’s Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta said Prasar Bharati’s threat to the PTI over its reportage is outrageous, wrong and unfair.

Three cold wars involving China are dragging India into conflicts it is not ready for

Each shows how much the world has changed since the ‘original’ Cold War between the US and USSR, and how distinct in their worldviews and approaches India and China are.

India doesn’t have a Russia problem. New Delhi must stop trying to fix it

India should stop letting it's decades old USSR ties interfere in policies of the present.

China’s time is over. BJP-Congress only need to see the current crisis through as a team

Xi Jinping may like to believe that modern China is the centre of global power structure. But Covid-19 has poured cold water over all its military and economic calculations.

‘Pitegi China’ to ‘India-China bye bye’, news channels waged headline war against the 3 Cs

Coronavirus is nothing compared to China and Congress, decided many of India’s news channels. Except when talking about Ramdev’s ‘Coronil’.

China is on LAC to tell India who the ‘big brother’ is, not to gain territory

Depending on the diplomatic and military response from India, PLA’s means will be calibrated to achieve China’s military aim.