Monday, 21 May, 2018

Global Pulse

American Embassy in Jerusalem

Global Pulse: Bloody protest as USA’s Israel embassy moves to Jerusalem

As America moves its embassy to Jerusalem it deals a deathly blow to 70 years of neutrality in Israel. 82 women march up the red carpet at Cannes to protest gender inequality at the festival. Iraq battles it out at the ballot box this time. 

Global Pulse: Even though homosexuality is legal in China, it wont be displayed on TV

Chinese broadcasters try to sensor tattoos and homosexuality on television but their European counterparts wont have it. The NFL has proven that it caters mainly to rich, white audiences and Ben Carson attempts to shelve a policy to eradicate segregation.
Nuclear missile protest

Global Pulse: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have finally set a date

Meanwhile, in a shocking turnout, Malaysia's prime minister Najib Razak was defeated in the country's general election, paving the way for a new future.
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Global Pulse: By pulling out of the Iran Deal, Trump risks another war in the Middle East

On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced his decision to pull out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known commonly as the Iran Deal.
South Korea has threatened that it will have a decapitation squad to strike deep in North Korea in the event of war

Global Pulse: It might be a good idea to give Kim Jong-un the benefit of doubt

Meanwhile, anti-Semitism might not actually be on the rise in Europe, and the international community is finally on the long road to nuclear disarmament.
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Global Pulse: Malaysia’s Najib Razak is borrowing a couple of moves from Trump’s playbook

Meanwhile, if Trump puts an end to the Iran deal, he risks not just his relationship with the United States, but America's relationship with Europe as well.
Donald Trump giving a speech

Global Pulse: Trump continues to make life of immigrants harder & Russia’s corruption

In the US Trump continues to attack immigrants, this time it is the South American caravans. Meanwhile, the UK has decided to stop being a haven for Russian oligarchs, and Trump could run over Korean unity.

Global Pulse: Netanyahu’s latest display might heavily impact Iran and the nuclear deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has used visual aids to drive his points home in the past, but Monday's televised appearance might end up having a far greater impact than what he usually does. 
US Supreme Court

Global Pulse: The US Supreme Court is jittery at the thought of Justice Kennedy resigning

The US Supreme Court is threatened by rumours of Justice Kennedy's retirement and Israel has made shocking revelations about Iran's nuclear programme that could deal a deathly blow to the reputation of American intelligence gathering. The famous character of Apu in "The Simpsons" is acknowledged as stereotypical.
White House

Global Pulse: A brutal stand-up set at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner scandalised guests 

Comedian Michelle Wolf's performance at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner has sparked a debate on free speech, polarising opinion among journalists and the political establishment
Narendra Modi

Superbrand Narendra Modi: Cast in Titanium, not merely coated with Teflon

He’s our most polarising leader, deeply hated by many but equally loved by more, especially the young. To extrapolate BJP’s struggles in Gujarat and Karnataka to 2019 is fatally complacent.