Tuesday, 20 February, 2018

Global Pulse


Global Pulse: The Syrian war might trigger direct conflict between the US and Russia

The Syrian Civil War is now reaching a point where direct conflict — between the US and Russia, the US and Turkey, and Iran and Israel — isn't far off.
Venezuela protests

Global Pulse: With outbreaks in violence, starvation & migration, the Venezuela crisis is worse

Venezuela is in the middle of terrible humanitarian crisis, and governments in Latin America are at a loss on how to respond.
Winter Olympics

Global Pulse: The Winter Olympics have begun in South Korea

The widely-anticipated sports event is another installment of diplomacy for the Korean peninsula, as both countries will be appearing as one contingent.
Kim Yo Jong

Global Pulse: Kim Jong Un’s sister is all set to meet US Vice President...

Kim Jong Un has decided to use an unconventional weapon from his arsenal, the smile of his sister.
Uhuru Kenyatta

Global Pulse: A crackdown on the Kenyan media puts their democracy in danger

The President, Uhuru Kenyatta, has implemented a media crackdown and has been trying to change election legislation.
Abdulla Yameen

Global Pulse: Crisis in the Maldives as former President and two Justices arrested

Abdulla Yameen, the president of the Maldives, declared a state of emergency on Monday and sent troops to the Supreme Court.
Theresa May

Global Pulse: China won’t let its women wash their dirty #MeToo linen in public

Also, when the Saudi Crown Prince visits the UK in the coming weeks, Theresa May must ensure that Britain does not trade away its principles and values.

Global Pulse: The upcoming Russian election is a sham that shouldn’t be legitimised

In a widely criticized move, Poland's increasingly authoritarian right-wing government has criminalized the term "death camps", as well as any suggestion of "the Polish nation/state" being complicit in Nazi crimes.

Global Pulse: It looks like Berlusconi is going to be back in power in...

Ireland will hold a referendum on abortion in May, in which the people will be asked whether they want to repeal of retain the the ban on abortions.
Milos Zeman

Global Pulse: Thailand’s postponed elections shows the junta wants to keep a grip on...

The United States has been fighting an endless war in Afghanistan, with not foreseeable conclusion to the conflict. The Thai junta is doing its best to cling to power in the country, and the Czech Republic is only the latest country to embark on right-wing journey in Europe. 
Mirage 2000 formation

Get IAF back to full strength before thinking about integrating the services

The IAF is not fundamentally opposed to theatre command or an empowered CDS. There needs to be better understanding between the three services. Having broadly...
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta.

TalkPoint: Is it impossible to fix India’s disastrous PSU banks?

Experts weigh in on the astounding 11,000 crore fraud in Punjab National Bank and how it reflects on the state of public sector banks in India.
Illustration by Peali Dezine on bank privatisation

If Modi wants a real legacy, he must undo Indira Gandhi’s disastrous bank nationalisation

From Jimmy Nagarwala’s Rs 60 lakh from SBI to Nirav Modi’s Rs 11,000 crore-plus from PNB, India has a 47-year record of scams in govt banks. Why do all govts still love them?

Gujarat Elections 2017