Sunday, 26 June, 2022

Vanessa Dezem


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Gail is the largest state-owned natural gas processing and distribution company in India.

Natural gas set to be the next major commodity to trade below zero

While the oil market has a broad, if fragile, alliance of producers to rescue prices, the gas market lacks a coordinated approach, leaving oversupply unchecked.


Nirmala Sitharaman being sworn in as defence minister by President Ram Nath Kovind

The biggest challenges Nirmala Sitharaman will face as India’s new Defence Minister

Sitharaman, who is only the second woman defence minister in India's history, is expected to work closely with the Finance Minister to take key industry-related decisions

With Agnipath, Modi govt’s shock & awe doctrine may have misfired a vital reform, yet again

Modi govt's biggest flaw has been its disinclination to accept limitations of electoral majorities. This ruined land acquisition and farm reform, stalled labour codes.