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Dr Dangs Lab adopts new technology for high-quality diagnostics, faster results for patients

Dr Dangs Lab adopts new technology for high-quality diagnostics, faster results for patients
Dr. Dangs Lab

New Delhi [India], June 16 (ANI): As part of efforts to enhance diagnostic capabilities to strengthen disease management for the residents of Delhi-NCR, Dr Dangs Lab is set to install Roche Diagnostics next-generation first-in-class Cobas® Pro integrated solutions, becoming the first lab in the region to “introduce the technology ensuring high-quality, accurate, and faster test results for all patients”.

“This collaboration of Dr Dangs Lab with Roche shall be an important landmark in the providing of quality diagnostics, as well as helping enhance the accuracy and speed of test results for the people of Delhi-NCR. Dr Dangs Lab has always been highly sensitive to the needs of its patients and hence remains cognizant at all times of the tremendous role that efficient and high-quality diagnostics play in the receiving of prompt and accurate treatment,” said Dr Arjun Dang, chief executive officer of the Lab.

Talking about the steps taken to enhance the patient experience, the CEO said that using Cobas Pro will enable them to provide “high impact and timely results for the patients”.

Narendra Varde, Managing Director, Roche Diagnostics India and Neighboring Markets, said that it is “essential that India has access to reliable and accurate testing solutions”.

“We at Roche Diagnostics take accountability to do what’s right and deliver value fast. In keeping with these values, our next-generation Cobas® pro integrated analyser marks a significant milestone in driving efficiency through laboratory workflow while continuing Roche’s long tradition as a leader in lab consolidation. This technology has set a new benchmark for robustness and efficiency, by addressing some key challenges in lab management while at the same time enhancing patient delivery. We congratulate Dr Dangs Lab for taking this leap in improving the speed and reliability of treatment decisions for patients,” Varde said.

A release said that using the Cobas® Pro integrated solution has enabled Dr Dangs Lab, one of India’s leading diagnostic labs, to further enhance testing in the realms of endocrinology, immunology, and metabolic diseases.

“The new system combines clinical chemistry, immunoassay, and ISE diagnostic testing on a single platform. Cobas® Pro allows for up to 2,200 tests per hour from a single integrated unit doubling the processing capacity to cater to more patients across Delhi-NCR. High throughput Immunoassays also help immensely in delivering timely results to physicians and patients across a number of therapeutic areas, all of which are vital to clinical decision-making,” it said.

“Additionally, with the new automated maintenance that runs in the background, Cobas Pro reduces the hands-on maintenance time of the technicians to less than 10 minutes per day which is 80 per cent less than previous generation systems.This offers them more time to focus on producing patient results with greater care,” it added. (ANI)

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