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India’s aid to quake-hit Turkey helps victims but also schools Ankara about global realities

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50 word edit/50-word edit Opinion

The government’s aid for earthquake-hit Turkey demonstrates compassion—and a sharp grasp of geopolitics. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has claimed leadership of the Muslim world by targeting India on Kashmir and backing anti-West causes. India’s assistance helps victims, but also schools Ankara—and Islamabad—about the realities of global power.

Congress’ 3-question-a-day attack on Modi govt shows they’ve learnt opposition politics

Congress party’s three-questions-a-day salvo at Narendra Modi-led government over Hindenburg Research’s allegations against Adani Group is a throwback to Ram Jethmalani’s ten-queries-a-day quiz on Bofors deal in 1987. Their merits aside, Congress has finally learnt to play opposition politics. Government has no reasons to hide away from discussions in Parliament.

BJP making mockery of Delhi Mayoral elections, must respect people’s verdict

Repeated adjournments of Mayoral poll in Delhi are a mockery of public mandate. BJP must take the blame for stymying civic governance. Party’s insistence on allowing nominated members to vote disregarding legal provisions is unjustified. It must respect people’s verdict in AAP’s favour and not behave like a sore loser.