How this media panelist is working for women empowerment by calling for inclusive policies
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How this media panelist is working for women empowerment by calling for inclusive policies

Sujata Pandey, a media panelist who primarily works in Mumbai, left a lucrative corporate career to work for the betterment of women across the country.


Sujata Pandey | By special arrangement

For women to succeed at all levels, policies for women’s empowerment must be designed using a gender lens.

This is the core belief behind the work of renowned media panelist Sujata Pandey. She is a fierce advocate for women’s advancement and is known to hold nothing back when it comes to women’s empowerment.

Having left her lucrative corporate career, she is now showcasing and highlighting various issues that society is battling with, especially women.

Pandey is a media panelist, a women’s rights activist, political analyst, election commentator, and gender equality, advocate. She explores these agendas using crisp, informative and fact-based videos on her social media platforms.

She has bold opinions that are seldom voiced out. For instance, she believes that grassroots implementation and change in the lives of millions of Indian women cannot happen unless there is strong social, economic and political intervention.

Pandey has repeatedly pointed out that a comprehensive 360 degree approach is required to uplift women. She has also noted that the presence of women in the decision-making process is crucial for the nation, as it provides a deep insight into the centuries-old setback of women.

According to her, women at all levels are suffering in one form or the other and the ambiguous schemes of various governments focus only on one part and miss out on the other. For example, free education is an appreciated step but after that? Where should a woman gain the required skill set to navigate college or the workplace?

Works primarily from Mumbai

Pandey works primarily from Mumbai and also conducts cohesive research to formulate aggregated content and opinions. She is extremely eloquent in channeling her well-framed thoughts that also make the audience contemplate the issues.

She runs an online channel ‘Baat Badlav Ki’ and uses this medium to invite eminent personalities and thinkers to interact on the perils of society and the possible ways to fix them.

“To make substantial strides in women’s (almost 50 per cent of the nation’s population) empowerment, it is clear that a gender lens needs to be incorporated at every stage—from policy design to data collection for monitoring and evaluation. A stronger focus on policies where stakeholders’ incentives are aligned and those that impose lesser demands on state capacity, while giving greater visibility to women in decision-making can lead to better outcomes,” said Pandey about her work

She added: “Every policy that does not take into account these lenses is a lost opportunity to address the barriers that impact women’s economic empowerment; a lost opportunity to convert a developing nation into a developed one.”

To know more about Pandey and her work, visit her website. She can be also followed on Twitter: @imsujatapandey.