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Representational image | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Want to raise perfect children in India? You can’t & you’ll never win mother of the year

You can be a tiger mom, a cheetah mom, a WhatsApp mom, or a drone mom, but there is no perfect recipe for motherhood.
Representational image of women in saris

NCW is reviewing cyber crime laws, says existing IT Act doesn’t adequately help women

The women's commission is reviewing the existing laws on guardianship, occupational safety & health, besides provisions of IT Act.
UNCCD executive general Ibrahim Thiaw along with other members at the UN COP-14 | Twitter: @UNCCD

First Gender Caucus at UN convention discusses women’s issues linked to land

The Gender Caucus was part of the 14th Conference of Parties to UNCCD and included discussions on land tenure, drought and sandstorms.
A day laborer carries a bundle of harvested sugercane in Taloda, Maharashtra

Health card, medical audit, SOP for doctors — Maharashtra bid to save cane labourers’ wombs

A Maharashtra govt-appointed panel formed to probe rampant hysterectomies among cane labourers in Marathwada’s Beed has submitted its report.
A woman in New Delhi | Representational image | PTI

Where’s your hijab — the question I face the most as a Muslim woman online

Covering my head is a conversation I’ve never had with family or friends. The hijab debate only happens with strangers trying to counter me politically.
IAS officers

In IAS training academy, women civil servants are seen by male colleagues as husband-hunters

Women IAS officers were seen as seeking spouses among their own kind, because no one would marry them now that they were in the IAS.
Women in Bangladesh | Representational image | Jeff Holt, Bloomberg

Bangladesh dropping ‘virgin’ in marriage form isn’t enough. Just look at rest of the form

What Bangladesh needs is a uniform civil code. Cursory changes in patriarchal laws will only give women cursory human rights.
A view of the crowd of commuters at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus on World Population Day (WPD), in Mumbai | Mitesh Bhuvad/PTI

If Modi govt wants to control population, it must target high fertility rates in these states

Challenge for India lies in how it can effectively chart a unique path in ensuring sustainable and equitable development for its billion-plus people.
BJP MLA Vikram Saini | Photo: Screengrab from the Viral Video

Why we can’t blame just BJP MLA Saini for lusting after fair Kashmiri women

Saini and the hundreds of men jumping in joy on social media have got it wrong. There was nothing stopping them from marrying Kashmiri women until now anyway.
File photo of Aparna Sen | Facebook

Does women’s liberation mean adultery? How Aparna Sen differed from Satyajit Ray

Ray’s 1980 film Pikoo and Sen’s 1983 film Paroma treated adultery very differently and only one was unapologetic about it.

On Camera

People wearing masks in a park in Shanghai, China | Qilai Shen | Bloomberg

Asians will become the new Muslims — how coronavirus will change our world like 9/11

To control another Covid-19 outbreak, solutions like body screening, temperature guns, sanitising kits will become a permanent part of our lives.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Is there a risk of Modi govt using Covid-19 to curb media and freedoms or is it necessary?

Surveillance is becoming a key concern during the Covid-19 crisis. The Supreme Court has also directed media to publish the official version of the developments.


The consignment in Maldives

IAF airlifts 6.2 tonnes of essential medicines, hospital consumables to Maldives

The consignment was airlifted to Male by an Indian Air Force C-130 aircraft, as part of 'Operation Sanjeevani'.

Modi’s India isn’t Mao’s China. Silly forecasts assume we’ll let corona kill millions of us

There are many scary scenarios about how badly we Indians may be affected or how many killed by Covid-19. But they presume we will do nothing to influence our fates.