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A woman studies the moon's surface | Representational image | ThisIsEngineering | Pexels

There is water on the Moon trapped in glass, much more accessible than thought, says NASA

Hydration on the Moon was first observed at the lunar South Pole by the Chandrayaan-1 mission in 2008. New findings now observe H2O in sunlit parts.
Representational image | Julien Harneis | Flickr

New industries in ‘over-exploited’ areas won’t get NOC to extract groundwater, govt proposes

The draft guidelines to regulate groundwater propose levying Rs 1 lakh environment compensation charge, and hefty penalties of up to Rs 10 lakh for violations.

Najafgarh jheel to nala — How Delhi and Gurugram ruined their second-largest waterbody

The Najafgarh jheel is the second largest water body in Delhi NCR after the Yamuna. But due to encroachment, sewage, canals, and negligence, it has shrunk from 220 km2 to just 7 km2.
File photo | Indian Railways | Piqsels

How this IAS officer got India’s first water train to save Gujarat’s Rajkot from drought

CK Koshy was the Relief Commissioner of Gujarat when drought struck in 1986. This is the story of how he brought water to hundreds of villages.
Representational image | Julien Harneis | Flickr

Bihar has provided over 4 lakh ‘Nal Se Jal’ connections in April-June period of election year

Despite lockdown, Bihar has provided the second highest number of functional tap water connections to rural households, behind Telangana.
People rush to fill their vessels from a water tanker in Chennai | File photo: PTI

Pune to Bengaluru: Indians opt for pay-and-plug solutions when govt fails

In The Gated Republic, Shankkar Aiyar writes about why Indians don’t want to depend on the government and 'babudom' for the most basic of necessities.
Expenditure secretary T. V. Somanathan | ThePrint

Link Aadhaar to ration cards, hike property tax — how states can increase borrowing limit

Expenditure Secretary T.V. Somanathan said the Centre's conditions to increase the borrowing limit for states are long-pending reforms aimed at ensuring debt sustainability.
Representational image | Julien Harneis | Flickr

Tap water quality best in Mumbai, most unsafe in Delhi, finds Bureau of Indian Standards

Mumbai tops the ranking for tap water quality while Delhi is at the bottom, with 11 out of 11 samples failing on 19 parameters.
Residents fill empty vessels for drinking from a Delhi Jal Board tanker in New Delhi

Ram Vilas Paswan says tap water in Delhi ‘not drinkable at all’

Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan said Delhi's tap water is sub-standard and in India’s tap water isn’t certified.
Drought in India

India could soon have ‘water refugees’ migrating to other countries

'Waterman' Rajendra Singh, who won the Magsaysay award for his work in water management, says 72% of India's underground aquifers have dried up.

On Camera

Why French President Macron’s clash of civilisations with Islam is misguided

Macron seems oblivious to a deepening problem at home: The old French model, which claimed to be superior to all social systems, is unsuited to an increasingly multi-ethnic society.

Revival in demand & business activity push Indian economy’s animal spirits up in September

Economists attributed the recovery to pent-up demand after a strict lockdown imposed in March hit the consumption of goods and services.


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh addressing the biannual Army Commanders Conference in New Delhi Wednesday | Indian Army

China lacks ‘honest intent’, be prepared for any eventuality, Rajnath Singh tells Army

Speaking in Delhi, the Defence Minister told military commanders that the government will strongly back reforms in the armed forces including setting up of theatre commands.
Illustration: Soham Sen/ThePrint

Trump or Biden? Doesn’t matter to India-US ties as they’re in a full, strategic embrace

Pompeo & Esper’s visit to India for the 2+2 talks is proof that old hypocrisies are history, and supreme national interest has again driven a strategic choice.