Thursday, 7 July, 2022
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Topic: Wall Street

‘This is love, I need you’: Top Wall Street man’s secrets become public in sexual assault case

Private-equity billionaire Leon Black is fighting to defend his reputation after a former model, who’s about 30 years younger than the father of four, accused him of assaulting her.

How Wall Street giants are being hit by India’s brutal Covid wave

India’s Covid crisis has exposed a little-discussed vulnerability for companies that have spent decades outsourcing functions to the country.

Wall Street investing is changing like never before after what Reddit did

WallStreetBets’ members, or ‘100s of mini Mike Tysons’, together yielded enough power to cause billions of dollars in losses to established financial firms.

Who will surrender first, how will politicians react — next in the GameStop showdown

What has been colourfully and accurately labelled as the 'uprising of the little guys' reflects the confluence of information platforms, data, and easy-to-use products and trading apps.

The GameStop story — how a group of investors on Reddit gave Wall Street a wild week

What was a dying, outdated company just a year ago became a highly valued stock within a matter of days, turning GameStop into a case study on short trading.

China censors viral speech on Beijing’s influence on Joe Biden, Wall Street

In the speech, Di Dongsheng, a professor of international relations at Renmin University, talks about China having 'old friends' in Wall Street.

To invest in Chinese stocks, Wall Street should be ready to work on China time

With the incoming Biden administration, there might be compromises in implementation of the US bill banning Chinese firms. But Wall Street shouldn’t feel optimistic.

Bitcoin or gold — the debate is heating up in Wall Street

If mainstream investors move just a small portion of gold holdings into the $350 billion Bitcoin industry, it would be a game-changer for diversification strategies on Wall Street.

From tech to cannabis, US stocks post biggest weekly gains in 8 months ahead of Biden’s win

A Biden win and a split government seemed poised to lead to a rise in fiscal stimulus, while damping investor concerns about higher taxes and much tighter regulation.

Surprisingly, April was Wall Street’s best month in decades

Weeks of increasingly dire real-economy figures and Covid news didn’t move the US market in a big way.

On Camera


Mahendra Singh Dhoni sporting an Army insignia on his glove during the India-South Africa

MS Dhoni is the rainbow of Indian cricket, a cult figure who inspires youth across nation

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s honest self-assessment always put the interests of Indian cricket ahead of any desire to build a ‘legacy’ for himself.
Illustration by Soham Sen

Keep calm and carry on: Unlike wheat, rice isn’t hot yet

The world is worried that India might restrict exports of rice after wheat, pushing prices higher and worsening global food security.


Nepali Gorkhas to be recruited in Indian Army through Agnipath scheme, here is how

Similar to terms for Indian soldiers, the Nepalis would be inducted for 4 years, after which only 25 per cent would be retained.

Moral, political & ideological questions on Maharashtra: 1st is simplest to answer, 3rd trickiest

What is Shiv Sena’s ideology? We might say it’s been a convenient mix of extreme ethnic chauvinism & unforgiving Hindutva. Within the second, the party retained space to manoeuvre.