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Global Pulse: Hezbollah is Iran’s partner in crime, Thailand’s ex-PM missing

A crisp roundup of the international news and views.
File image of Donald Trump | Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Global Pulse: Does Trump needs diagnosis, Denmark’s prince stopped at bar

A roundup of stories from across the world.

Global Pulse: Macron’s ratings plummet, rebelling through music in Kabul

A roundup of the biggest news headlines from across the world.

Global Pulse: Military personnel sue Trump, immortalising Syria’s ‘disappeared’  

Five active duty transgender service members have filed a lawsuit against Trump’s ban on allowing the community to serve in the military.

Global pulse: Rwanda’s visionary despot goes to polls, Trump’s disturbing candour

Before Rwanda goes to polls, the country's visionary-cum-tyrant president agrees that the results are a foregone conclusion.

Global Pulse: US to probe Chinese trade practices, are Brexit talks a British trap?

After wanting greater cooperation with China, Trump now prepares to investigate Beijing's trade practices.
A file image of Donald Trump | Commons

Global Pulse: Trump wants less diverse campuses, Jordan’s marry-your-rapist law to end

The Trump administration could sue universities for affirmative action.

USIBC India teams quits en masse, new trade promotion body to be set up

First event on Wednesday, CISCO chairman John Chambers to speak with top Indian officials Manu Pubby

Global Pulse: Trump-Putin bromance ends badly, US senate wants sanctions on Pak and Afghan women reclaim their names

TRUMP-PUTIN DALLIANCE COMES TO A BITTER END “We waited for quite a long time that, perhaps, something will change for the better, we held out hope that the situation would somehow change,” Vladimir Putin said as he announced that the American diplomatic mission in Russia must reduce its staff by 755 employees. From hoping that a Trump presidency would change everything to this announcement reminiscent of the Cold War years, Putin’s hostile response to the new American sanctions could be entirely built on his own frustration. The two leaders met only earlier this month in a meeting which culminated in Trump praising Putin and Moscow declaring that the stage had been set for improved US-Russia relations. But with Trump set to sign the legislation imposing sanctions on Moscow, the Kremlin seems to have realised that there may always remain significant gaps between what Trump says and what he can deliver. 'CALL ME BY MY NAME', AFGHAN WOMEN...

On Camera

What about Dalit priest at Ayodhya Ram Mandir? Even Communist intellectuals won’t demand it

It is being said that the Ram Mandir will be more significant than the Vatican of Rome and the Mecca of Saudi Arabia. But will it change the status of Dalits and Shudras?
File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

These are the 18 sectors that have been identified as ‘strategic’ for India by Modi govt

According to the plan, in strategic sectors, there will be a maximum of four public sector units and a minimum of one unit operating. The govt plans to exit the rest. 


Indian Army personnel | Representational image | ANI

This is the 3-stage system Army movies go through in India to prevent an Ekta Kapoor ‘XXX’

MoD wrote to Censor Board last month emphasising that web series based on military subjects also require a no-objection certification, just like movies & TV serials do.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi govt’s NEP is out of touch with reality, Indian voters want English-medium education

State leaders with their ear to the ground, like Nitish, Mamata and Yogi, have shown that the push for native language education is not what voters want.