Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

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Twitter trolls have an idea for Elon Musk & seating dispute nixes Prashant Kishor-Congress saga

The best cartoons of the day, chosen by the editors at ThePrint.

PK not joining Congress is telling—Gandhis’ leadership doesn’t have the will to fix its house

ThePrint view on the most important issues, instantly.

‘Did China gain leverage over the town square’ — Bezos takes swipe at Musk-Twitter deal

In a series of tweets, Bezos drew attention to the EV giant’s close ties with China, the world’s biggest electric vehicle market and home to Tesla’s first overseas factory.

Musk is the only solution I trust, says Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey after takeover

The Twitter founder also said the company ‘has been his sole issue and biggest regret’.

Billionaire Elon Musk buys social media giant Twitter for $44 billion

Musk, one of Twitter’s most-watched users with more than 83 million followers, began amassing a stake of about 9% in January.

Twitter is seriously considering billionaire Elon Musk’s buy-out bid

After investing in the micro-blogging site, the SpaceX chief held Twitter needed to be transformed as a private company.

Taliban ban TikTok in Afghanistan as part of moral policing drive

The Taliban cabinet has also decided to block the popular South Korean PUBG battlegrounds game and bar Afghan television channels from airing 'immoral' content.

Why Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover offer is not about free expression

Musk’s greater involvement in Twitter is worrisome due to his track record as a self-proclaimed 'free-speech absolutist' who hasn’t always acted as a free speech advocate.

Why Elon Musk is wrong about Twitter being better off if it goes private

Whether Twitter will become a better platform for free speech as a private company is debatable. But it would make it perform worse as a business.

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for $41 bn at $54.20 per share

Just days ago, Musk had rejected an offer to join the social media company's board – a move that would have impeded a possible takeover bid.

On Camera


Golden Temple

What Akal Takht must know about harmonium and music before banishing it from Golden Temple

In an era where India’s past and ‘purity’ are constantly being dug up and debated, the humble harmonium has become the latest victim.

World’s $300 trillion in debt. Here’s what it means for services like health, education

To meet debt payments, at least 100 countries will have to reduce spending on essential services, the IMF estimates.


Boeing's F/A-18 Super Hornet pulls off its first successful launch from a ski-jump at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, US | Photo credit: Boeing

2 American Super Hornets in India as Boeing looks to showcase fighters for Navy deal

Navy looking at about 26 multi-role deck-based fighters for its aircraft carrier. Visit by Super Hornets comes close on heels of similar trip by competitor Rafale M of Dassault Aviation.

Mandir or Masjid? New surveys not needed, just acceptance of truth & move towards reconciliation

That temples were destroyed and mosques built is undisputed history. The past can’t be changed, but we can’t deny the wrongs of the past either before we consider reconciliation.