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Telangana chief ministerand TRS party president K Chandersheker Rao flashes victory sign at a rally in Secunderabad on December 2, 2018 | PTI

4 MLCs from Congress move to join TRS

With only 6 members in the 40-member council in Telangana legislative council, losing 4 members will be a major setback for Congress. 
K Chandrashekhar Rao

Telangana chief minister KCR appoints son KT Rama Rao as TRS working president

With KCR back in power for a second term, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi intends to play a more central role in national politics.
TRS president K Chandrashekar Rao during his swearing-in ceremony | PTI

KCR becomes Telangana chief minister for second consecutive term

His party Telangana Rashtra Samithi won 88 seats in the 119-member assembly.
Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief K Chandrasekhar Rao garlands the statue of 'Telangana Talli' after his party won the state Assembly elections

KCR’s Telangana Rashtra Samithi set to form govt in Telangana with thumping majority

The TRS has secured a two-thirds majority and will form its second government in the youngest state in the country.

Is TRS’ game-changing Rythu Bandhu answer to India’s farm woes or just a sop in disguise?

The TRS enjoyed a landslide victory in Telangana state election Tuesday by winning a two-thirds majority. Many are linking the victory to TRS' Rythu Bandhu scheme, which is India's ‘first ever farmer investment support’ policy. Rythu Bandhu includes a grant of Rs 8,000 per acre annually to all Telangana farmers with land titles. ThePrint asks: Is TRS’ game-changing Rythu Bandhu answer to India’s farm woes or just a sop in disguise? Rythu Bandhu a much-superior policy than even loan waivers Ashok Gulati Chair professor for agriculture, ICRIER Farmers are under immense distress – there are no two ways about this fact. If the current government continues to deny this, they are living in a world of their own. One way to deal with this distress is to announce higher MSPs, as the government has done. But market prices are way below MSPs indicating that the government does not have the paraphernalia to procure all these crops at higher...
Rahul Gandhi

Amid heartland surge, Telangana dampens Congress enthusiasm for 2019 grand alliance

There’s a clear message for Congress from Telangana — vote-share arithmetic does not always translate into poll victory.

KCR turns down BJP’s alliance offer, and PM Modi’s surprise birthday gift for Sonia Gandhi

The best cartoons of the day, chosen by editors at ThePrint.
Writings on the Wall

Welcome to Freebiestan, also known as KCR’s Telangana

We aren’t being funny. Just reading the ‘Writings on the Wall’ in Telangana, where KCR has redefined handouts and welfare. Yet, it’ll take him more to win.
K. Chandrashekar Rao at an event in Hyderabad | Facebook

A stiff test for ruling TRS as Telangana votes for second time in its history today

A Congress-led alliance has queered the pitch for the ruling TRS, as the AIMIM and the BJP look to make further inroads.
K Chandrashekhar Rao

TRS the biggest gainer in Telangana’s party-hopping politics

Several politicians from TDP and Congress have switched over to KCR's party, giving it a much-needed foothold in the anti-TRS parts of Telangana. 

On Camera

IAS poll observer: With Modi breaking rules, should EC give him special security treatment?

The Election Commission has suspended an IAS officer who had inspected PM Narendra Modi’s chopper in Odisha’s Sambalpur Tuesday.


Satellite images suggest that China is testing and weaponising its naval platforms for space denial

China is now testing laser ASAT weapons from its naval ships

China has already tested missile & EMP anti-satellite weapons from the ground. Now it’s using icebreaker ships in the Yellow Sea/Bohai Sea area.
National interest

Imran Khan’s ‘support’ for Modi shows BJP has walked into its own Pakistan trap

Modi & the BJP hope to return to power by exploiting the fear of Pakistan. Imran Khan has turned the tables and become a factor dividing Indian public opinion.