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Delhi schools

Delhi’s air pollution is probably making you sad

There is now good evidence of a direct link between air quality and overall mental health and happiness.

Scientists got it wrong, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day

Lacking a regular breakfast routine kept our ancient ancestors lean, and modern day research says it could even lead to weight loss.

Children spending more time staring at TV, phone, iPad screens could be at risk

More screen time means a higher likelihood of your child developing obesity, low physical fitness, anxiety and depression.
A screenshot from the Gillette ad | YouTube

Gillette has it right, advertisers can’t just celebrate masculinity & ignore #MeToo

No advertising campaign challenging stereotypes about girls and women has ever been this controversial.

Introducing biotech trees to help stop disappearing forests is easier said that done

Releasing genetically engineered trees into forests to counter threats to forest health represents a new frontier in biotechnology. 

World’s oldest clove? What the find in Sri Lanka says about early spice trade

Archaeologists believe they have unearthed the world's oldest clove from an ancient port town on Sri Lanka's north-west coast, dating back to around 200BC.
Iranian women watch as a girl clicks selfie at the Chehel Sotun palace in Isfahan, Iran

Hijab not simply about religion, Muslim women wear it for several reasons

While Muslim religious texts are not entirely clear on the question of veiling, Muslim women embrace Hijab as a part of their ethnic identity.
A matchstick

Phosphorus: 350 years after its discovery, this vital element is running out

Looking for gold, an alchemist in the 17th Century discovered phosphorous from a most unusual source, urine. Now, centuries later, we face a critical shortage of the element.

Here’s a guide to smart workouts and good health

You can't beat ageing, but you can beat bad health.
Representational image | Pexel

We need to treat our body the way responsible dog owners treat their dog

Exercise and activity are important parts of living the lives humans are meant to live from an evolutionary standpoint.

On Camera

Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala | Commons

Padmanabhaswamy verdict can reduce the rich temple to go to Communists with a begging bowl

The Supreme Court has also ordered a 25-year audit of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Even scam-tainted promoters or companies have not had to face such long-term audits.

After luring Google & Facebook, Mukesh Ambani plans to build a global digital company

Mukesh Ambani unveiled a slew of services from Jio, including a 5G network as early as next year and a mega video-streaming platform.


The new SiG 716 G2 rifles in use with the Indian Army | By special arrangement

Rifles, missiles, ammunition, drones — armed forces on shopping spree amid LAC tensions

Unprecedented emergency powers given to armed forces under the capital budget, for purchases of new equipment and systems, are likely to ease bottlenecks.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Uttar Pradesh is India’s broken heartland, break it into 4 or 5 states

Uttar Pradesh, our largest state by population and most powerful, is also the worst governed. A state with 1-in-6 Indians has no hope because of its size.