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Your stress is most likely stressing your dog out too

Man's best friend is a sentient animal and a study shows that owners with higher stress levels tended to have dogs with higher stress levels too.

Did your lost wallet have a lot of cash? You are more likely to get it back

Where a family photo, an image of a puppy, a baby or an elderly couple were included, the chances of the wallet being returned improved.

How the periodic table went from classic design to a rap song

The periodic table, which was an attempt to organise the collection of the elements, has seen many colourful and informative versions created over the years.

Don’t ask women the period question. Ever

Women in many cultures have been denied equal access to public spaces and career opportunities for one reason: having a uterus.

What makes radicals die for their cause? This is what brain scans found

Terrorist groups recruit new members throughout the world by capitalising on the feeling of social exclusion.

Coup researchers show why Sudan’s violent crackdown on protestors will only escalate

When the risk of a coup is high, governments engage in more targeted killings of civilians in capital cities, as well as the surrounding district.
New York Times mail building |

What New York Times did isn’t absurd. Era of political cartoons is over thanks to memes

In 2019, an ugly internet meme can have just as much clout – if not more – than a sophisticated political cartoon.

How to build a business that lasts more than 200 years – lessons from Japan

A key part of the success of shinese firms is maintaining high social standing in Japan amid a changing business environment.
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Antibiotic resistance is not new – it existed long before people used drugs to kill bacteria

If resistance is already out there, drug development can offer only temporary relief. The challenge then is to avoid its spread.
Human evolution gallery at Indian Museum in Kolkata

Humans (or something similar) were always destined to walk the Earth

The broad “rules” for evolution would remain the same no matter how many times we replayed the tape.

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Representational image | Beef steak | Pixabay

Meat-lover who wants to save the planet? 3D printed steaks are your solution

It can take up to 15,000 litres of water to produce a single kilogram of beef. But there is now a growing amount of interest in meat alternatives.
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This is what Modi govt wants 3 loss-making insurance firms to do to turn profitable

The Modi govt has attached conditions for its capital infusion into OlCL, NICL and UIICL, focussing on profitability and improving customer service.


Sig Sauer

Indian Army to order second batch of 72,000 Sig 716 assault rifles from US

The new rifles will replace the existing Indian Small Arms System (Insas) rifles used by the forces and manufactured locally by the Ordnance Factories Board.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Uttar Pradesh is India’s broken heartland, break it into 4 or 5 states

Uttar Pradesh, our largest state by population and most powerful, is also the worst governed. A state with 1-in-6 Indians has no hope because of its size.