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healthy diet

An app that nudges people to eat their veggies only works with a human touch

Face-to-face and hands-on training matters just as much as the quality of our software and interface – maybe even more.
Kids on smartphones

Your worry over kids’ excessive smartphone use is more justified than ever before

Sleep deprivation among teens spiked after 2012 – just as smartphone use became common.
File photo of a community of sex workers

Why sex workers are opposing a bill that aims to protect them

Sex worker groups say if the anti-trafficking bill becomes a law, they will likely face more harassment from the police and will lose business.

In 100 years, we may not need soil to grow our food

We may not need to rely on soil to achieve adequate & quality food for as many as 20 billion people in the future.
Indian kids

How where you’re born influences the person you become

Although genetics certainly matter, the way you behave isn’t hardwired. Parenting too plays a role.
Kahlil Gibran

Why Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet made him the third most-sold poet after Shakespeare, Laozi

Gibran's The Prophet, first published in 1923, seemingly speaks to various generations: from those experiencing the Depression, to the 1960s counter culture, into the 21st century.

Forget science, reality of gene-edited babies can disrupt our tenuous social structures

A global dialogue is needed to reach a consensus on genetic technologies, keeping in mind scientific and social ramifications.

In zero gravity, this is how poorly your brain will function

Gravity remains at the top of the science agenda and how reduced gravity affects the astronauts’ health – especially their brains.
Plastified human body specimen

We have weaker bones than our hunter-gatherer ancestors. This is what you can do about it

Advancing technology has made our lives sedentary. It has an impact on our body and, specifically, our bones.
Screengrab from YouTube

150 years since it was written, Louisa May Alcott’s book Little Women still strikes a chord

It is scheduled for yet another major Hollywood adaptation in 2019, starring Meryl Streep, Emma Watson and Saoirse Ronan.

On Camera

People wearing masks in a park in Shanghai, China | Qilai Shen | Bloomberg

Asians will become the new Muslims — how coronavirus will change our world like 9/11

To control another Covid-19 outbreak, solutions like body screening, temperature guns, sanitising kits will become a permanent part of our lives.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Is there a risk of Modi govt using Covid-19 to curb media and freedoms or is it necessary?

Surveillance is becoming a key concern during the Covid-19 crisis. The Supreme Court has also directed media to publish the official version of the developments.


Indian Navy on board a naval ship

Navy gets battle-ready for Covid-19 with low-cost temperature sensor, oxygen supply system

The naval dockyard in Mumbai has designed a hand-held temperature sensor while a Portable Multi-feed Oxygen Manifold was designed by personnel in Visakhapatnam.

Modi’s India isn’t Mao’s China. Silly forecasts assume we’ll let corona kill millions of us

There are many scary scenarios about how badly we Indians may be affected or how many killed by Covid-19. But they presume we will do nothing to influence our fates.