Wednesday, 18 May, 2022
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Can the Hindi novel keep up with social media? Its new readers are signalling a revival

Critics must drop their haughtiness to accommodate new writers ushering in a new era where readers play judge, jury and executioner on social media.

‘You aren’t shutting down Rahul Gandhi, but my followers’: Congress leader lashes out at Twitter

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's account was locked a week ago, followed by the locking of several party leaders' accounts and Congress' official handle.

No plans to block any social media platform at present, Modi govt tells Rajya Sabha

MoS IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that while some users misuse social media to spread hatred, no social media platform or intermediary can 'destroy' India's democracy.

Dharamik, a stock market learning & trading solutions firm, centered on innovation

The firm, founded by Thakkar Dharamik, has a very engaging social media handle, with more than 2,77,000 followers on Instagram, and has trained more than 6,000 students.

As video of teary-eyed Bommai at pet’s funeral goes viral, netizens praise ‘dog lover’ CM

The newly-appointed Karnataka CM lost his pet Sunny, earlier this month. The video is of the dog's last rites being performed, where Bommai appears visibly upset and is seen wiping his eyes.

Judiciary cannot be controlled or else ‘rule of law’ will become illusory, CJI Ramana says

CJI N.V. Ramana cautioned judges against getting swayed by the emotional pitch of public opinion, and also said media trials cannot be a guiding factor in deciding cases.

The 13 times Twitter India faced action, questions in 41 days amid govt push for new IT rules

From the 'manipulated media' label to the toolkit controversy and compliance issues over new IT rules, Twitter India's relationship with Modi govt has been tense these past few months.

Don’t rush to cancel wokes in McCarthyist panic. Keep 5 things in mind

Wokes have been called illiberal, online lynch mobs, an intolerant new religion and 'souped-up' Communists.

A new globalisation is taking shape, and it’s good and bad news for India

Cross-border problems — climate change, terrorism, etc — in a more integrated world are forcing nations to come together, even as elements of traditional globalisation lose traction. 

42% Americans would give up TV, pet, car before giving up social media, survey shows

Survey by Paris-based The Reboot Foundation finds that over 70% of Americans would delete all their social media accounts for $10,000 or more while 20% would do it for $1 million.

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Representational image | Photo: Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg

Indian law needs to account for women, make finance inclusive

Indian women face multiple barriers in accessing finance in an equitable manner. Research suggests adding a gender lens to existing laws and financial products is crucial.
Vehicles at a petrol pump station in Bengaluru, on 4 March 2021 | Photo: Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg

Heatwave sends Indians into air-conditioned cars for relief, petrol sales soar

Petrol sales have gone up 14% during 1-15 May from the corresponding period in April, a considerable amount especially in comparison to other fuels.


Representational image of Pangong Tso | ThePrint

China building ‘bigger, broader’ 2nd bridge at Pangong Tso that can carry armoured columns

China's People's Liberation Army aims for multiple routes to counter any possible operations by the Indian forces on the southern banks of the Pangong Tso in the future.

How Congress is like the Ambassador & why Indian politics needs a brand new set of wheels

Like the car, nothing the party has done to reinvent itself has worked. Only way forward is to offer something looking towards the future, not in image of glorious past.