Tuesday, 17 May, 2022
TopicPriya Ramani

Topic: Priya Ramani

MJ Akbar says Ramani damaged his ‘stellar reputation’, calls her charges baseless in court

Journalist Priya Ramani was the first among nearly 20 women to accuse MJ Akbar, a former editor, of sexual misconduct.

In #MeToo era, this colonial-era law also needs to be junked

By choosing to file a criminal defamation case only against Priya Ramani, M.J. Akbar makes no effort to hide his intentions.

10 lawyers appear for MJ Akbar as hearing in defamation case against Ramani starts

M.J. Akbar, accused of sexual harassment by 20 women journalists, resigned as MoS external affairs Wednesday.

Editors Guild pledges support to women journalists, asks Akbar to withdraw defamation case

Editors Guild says it will help complainants get legal aid if M.J. Akbar does not withdraw case against journalist Priya Ramani or files similar cases against others.

MJ Akbar: The brilliant editor who’s now seen as India’s most high-profile sexual predator

Star editor MJ Akbar now stands exposed by a series of brave women journalists for being a sexual predator.

#MeToo blow could prove mortal to MJ Akbar the politician

MJ Akbar will find it difficult, if not impossible, to return to mainstream politics even if he wins the defamation case.

Hang in there women, MJ Akbar is a victory, but the #MeToo fight is just starting

Now that Akbar is freed from shackles of political scrutiny, he can drag Priya Ramani’s name through the mud without dirtying BJP’s image.

Priya Ramani vs MJ Akbar must not stop public naming & shaming in India’s #Metoo

We Indians want to solve every social problem with a legal remedy, but that is pointless and counterproductive. Naming and shaming is far more effective. 

MJ Akbar sues Priya Ramani for criminal defamation over sexual harassment allegations

M.J. Akbar's plea accuses Priya Ramani of 'willfully, deliberately, intentionally and maliciously defaming the complainant'.

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By special arrangement

Desi defence start-up helps Army go off decades-long dependence on imported cold-weather gear

While AROO does research on the product, manufacturing is handled by another company with which it has a tie-up. The first set of AROO gear was delivered in second half of 2020.

How Congress is like the Ambassador & why Indian politics needs a brand new set of wheels

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