Thursday, 11 August, 2022
TopicPlastic waste

Topic: Plastic waste

Govt’s new rules for plastic packaging: Recycle upto 50% of single-use plastic in 3 yrs

Guidelines on single-use plastic waste management sets annual recycling targets for producers, importers & brand-owners. The fines for those who fail won't absolve them from meeting targets.

Delhi artist uses plastic in artwork, diverts 250 kg waste from landfills

Artist Manveer Singh said he used to do landscape and live paintings but it wasn't enough for him. He felt he had to do something for nature and not just use it as inspiration.

Pay for the product, not packaging — how a Chilean startup is innovating smart packaging

Santiago-based startup, Algramo, aims to drive the refill revolution & has worked with global consumer goods companies Unilever, Purin and Walmart.

Want to end plastic pollution? First support local zero-waste businesses

Governments and businesses are increasingly realising that recycling is not enough to address plastic pollution. More action is needed at the upstream level.

By 2050 there may be more plastic than fish in the sea. This 10-step plan can change that

Experts say 90% of coral reefs could soon be dead, waves of mass marine extinction may be unleashed & seas may be left overheated, acidified and lacking oxygen.

Human-made materials now weigh as much as all living biomass, say scientists

Earth’s biosphere now weighs a little less than 1.2 trillion tonnes, trees on land making up most of it. It was something like double that before humans started clearing forests.

A Norwegian startup wants to build affordable housing from 100% recycled plastic

In 2021, the first factory producing elements such as partitions for walls, ceilings and floors from recycled plastic will be built in Kenya.

Pollute oceans and it’ll come back at us like it did in Andhra, Telangana: Manpreet Badal

We don't seem to have learnt the lesson from cyclones Ockhi and Amphan and continue to dump toxic wastes in the Indian Ocean. Our punishment this time could be severe.

How solutions found for space garbage could help fix the plastic problem on Earth

Agencies advise capturing space waste with harpoons, nets or robotic arms and bring it it back to Earth in one piece, a process that can be replicated to gather plastic in the ocean.

Your garbage can now make music. A Brazilian company shows the way

The world produces more than 400 million tonnes of plastics every year, of which 14-18 per cent is being formally recycled & more than half ends up in landfills.

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File photo of Sterlite copper unit at Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu | By special arrangement

Shut since 2018 violence, TN Sterlite plant’s closure cost economy Rs 14,749 cr, says study

Copper plant in Thoothukudi was closed after protests turned violent & police firing left 13 people dead. Job losses one of major impacts, says study by NGO CUTS International.


Representational image | Indian Army soldiers during the Army Day Parade at Cariappa Parade Ground in New Delhi | ANI Photo

Army looks to reduce troops by 2 lakh, deployment in Kashmir could be rejigged

The Army, which faces a shortage of about 1.35 lakh personnel, is aiming to reduce its strength from 12.8 lakh to around 10.8 lakh.

In Kashmir 3 years on, 3 positive changes, 3 things that should’ve happened & 3 that got worse

Kashmir as a crisis has fallen off our headlines and from the top of our collective minds. Which is precisely the most important change for the better.