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Representational image| A Hindu temple is seen over a city wall in Uttar Pradesh| Photo: Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg

Hindutva rise must be pinned on historians who told us Hindus, Muslims lived peacefully once

Imperialism, for India’s ‘secular’ historians, was destructive only when Europeans did it. When Asians did it, it was a cultural exchange programme.
More than 700 police and CRPF personnel have been deployed in the Tappal village

‘Youths with covered faces’ lay siege to Aligarh village as Twinkle murder takes communal turn

Prime suspects Zahid and Aslam, accused of killing Aligarh two-year-old Twinkle over a money-related feud with her family, have been arrested.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Are political iftars all about empty symbolism in India?

The Congress, BSP and SP skipped their iftar parties this year, while the BJP and AAP showed surprising bonhomie by attending one together.
Voters wait in line at a polling station in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh | T. Narayan | Bloomberg

What Muslims in India say about Balakot, national security, ISIS and Kashmir

Muslims are highly confused as their religious identity is seen as an anti-thesis to the nation’s security.
Representational photo of Indian Muslims

Indian liberal Muslims need to watch out for a dangerous strain of Islam terrorising S. Asia

Leaders of the Muslim community in India have the primary duty to confront and defeat the malign Wahhabi-Salafi influence on Indian Muslims.
A gathering of Muslim women offering prayers

Indian liberals want to support everything Muslim, but that’s not the way to equal rights

Equal rights for Muslim or Hindu women cannot be earned from within the ambit of religion, it requires one to move out of the structure of organised religion.
Sri Lankan soldiers inspect the damage inside St. Sebastian's Church where a bomb blast took place in Negombo, Sri Lanka

From Easter attacks to the uncivil war: Inaction marks Sri Lanka’s bloody history

Sri Lanka must investigate why warnings were not heeded and assure citizens that such horror will not come back.
Voters in Bulandshahr | PTI

BJP is emerging as second-most preferred political choice for Muslim voters in India

Muslim voters know elections are not fought in TV studios & their voting pattern shows that.
File image of students protesting in front of the gate of AMU | PTI

Joblessness or Jinnah — in Aligarh, it’s Aligarh Muslim University that has polarised polls

Recent controversies involving AMU have split Aligarh, with Hindu youth blaming the university for myriad problems and students & Muslim youth defending it.

The untold story of Gurugram violence on Muslims — media & liquor are the main ‘culprits’

Villagers said action of some drunkards was blown out of proportion and that it was never a communal issue.

On Camera

Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath waters Parijaat sapling ahead of the inception of Bhoomi Pujan for the construction of Ram Temple. | PTI

After Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura will be easier. It’s PoK that poses big challenge for BJP

Ayodhya is the beginning of a new Hindu renaissance movement. India must channelise this energy to foster unity and work for economic resurgence.
File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

These are the 18 sectors that have been identified as ‘strategic’ for India by Modi govt

According to the plan, in strategic sectors, there will be a maximum of four public sector units and a minimum of one unit operating. The govt plans to exit the rest. 


Indian Army personnel | Representational image | ANI

This is the 3-stage system Army movies go through in India to prevent an Ekta Kapoor ‘XXX’

MoD wrote to Censor Board last month emphasising that web series based on military subjects also require a no-objection certification, just like movies & TV serials do.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi govt’s NEP is out of touch with reality, Indian voters want English-medium education

State leaders with their ear to the ground, like Nitish, Mamata and Yogi, have shown that the push for native language education is not what voters want.