Monday, 5 December, 2022

Topic: Jihad

India condemns Pakistan’s statements calling for jihad, inciting violence over Kashmir

Referring to "highly irresponsible statements" by Pakistani leadership on matters internal to India, the govt said Islamabad has been using terrorism as a state policy against India.

Jihadi groups in balkanised Syria have found the perfect place to train for global attacks

ISIS Caliphate may be over, but its ideology lives in Syria. And that helps jihadi groups recruit, thrive and plan attacks from Sri Lanka to Bangladesh.

Pakistan shut 13 terror camps after pressure, but get it to listen to news about economy

The financial constraints due to continued support for jihadis is something that Pakistan will not be able to ignore.

India was of little value to ISIS. That’s all set to change now

Global jihad organisations like ISIS and al-Qaeda now believe they have a more ready audience in India for their brand of radicalisation.

What’s different about the Sri Lanka attacks? The rise of third party terrorism

In this new form of terrorism, terrorists, targets or both have little to do with the politics of the country where the attacks take place.

Imran Khan said Pakistan doesn’t have use for militant groups. Take it with pinch of salt

Nawaz Sharif said the same thing about Jihadi militants in Pakistan as Imran Khan. Only one of them was removed from office.

Pakistan still abides by the Musharraf playbook when accused of harbouring terrorists

General Bajwa could be sincere and Imran Khan might be liberal, but complete turnaround of Pakistan on terrorism is highly unlikely.

It is more dangerous for Pakistan if Pulwama was planned to sabotage military chief Bajwa

There is a real possibility that Pulwama attack took place to mar the peace legacy Gen. Bajwa wants to achieve for himself in Pakistan.

Imran Khan is sitting on a Jihadi time bomb, demanding evidence over Pulwama a mere excuse

Most countries recognise the Pakistani pattern of behaviour, which explains the almost-universal demand for action against Masood Azhar.

Opera on former Pak PM Benazir Bhutto to premiere in Pittsburgh next year

Here’s what’s happening across the border: Journalist arrested for possessing hate literature gets bail, and indigenous Kalash community’s practice figures in UNESCO list of ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin | File photo | ANI

Who in India is profitting from Russian oil? Not the common man but private companies

India has paid Russia nearly $20 billion for oil in just seven months, more than what it paid in the last ten years combined. It has only reaped higher profits of a few Indian companies.
Representational Image.| Pixabay

Rupee to hover near weaker side of 81/dollar, bond yields await RBI’s monetary policy decision

The rupee ended last week at 81.3175 per dollar but underperformed its Asian peers due to strong demand for the greenback from corporates.


Russian President Vladimir Putin with Chinese President Xi Jinping. (Photo Credit - Reuters)

In western arms sanctions on Russia, China’s arms industry could stand to gain

The arms export embargoes on Moscow could create an opportunity for Beijing to supply arms to countries like Myanmar, which are heavily dependent on Russian arms.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Gujarat election is anything but dull. BJP’s political neurosis about AAP is the hidden headline

Gujarat is the only state where Modi is directly in contention. Even if he wins, the team that runs him closest has much to gain.