Monday, 23 May, 2022

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After Aligarh’s Aslam, ‘serial child rapist’ Sikandar goes on crime rampage while on bail

Sikander, the history-sheeter who got bail thrice despite murder conviction, was arrested by the Jaipur police last week after the two rapes.

Now world truly values Jaipur: How residents thanked us for getting UNESCO Heritage tag

It is the commitment that Jaipur residents have for their city that will finally safeguard its heritage.

Jai Singh wanted Jaipur to be a thriving commercial city, not military retreat of warlords

As Walled City of Jaipur makes it to UNESCO World Heritage Site list, Giles Tillotson’s Jaipur Nama offers a historical account of how the city was built.

Jaipur makes its way to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites

Jaipur is associated with living traditions in the form of crafts, which qualifies it for the World Heritage Site stamp.

5 unknowns who flashed bright in the IPL, but rushed back into obscurity

Before uncapped Indian players earned millions at IPL auctions, a few were picked out of the dark, shone for a little while, but disappeared quickly.

Indigo flight makes emergency landing in Kolkata after plane engulfed in mid-air smoke

The incident is the latest in a series of serious glitches in Airbus A320 Neo planes with Pratt & Whitney engines

BJP committed to building Ram temple in Ayodhya, says Amit Shah

BJP president exudes confidence of his party forming next govt at the Centre in 2019, with a majority higher than that of the present one.

Jaipur’s ‘smart voters’ complain the city is yet to catch up with them

Jaipur residents say city administration frittering public money to make superficial changes in the name of the smart cities programme.

Delhi High Court ruling saves Jaipur ‘royal family’ a lot of tax

Delhi HC rules that last maharaja of Jaipur had filed returns as ‘Hindu Undivided Family’. So, when the ancestral property is divided, it won’t attract taxes.

How a Tinder date in Jaipur ended in heartbreak and murder

The Tinder date was doomed from the start. They lived double lives and allegedly lied to each other.

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Inflation made luxury cars even more expensive but sales remain in fast lane. See Mercedes

For years, the luxury car market in India was biased towards the entry-level. But today, cars below Rs 40 lakh account for the smallest fraction of sales.

World’s $300 trillion in debt. Here’s what it means for services like health, education

To meet debt payments, at least 100 countries will have to reduce spending on essential services, the IMF estimates.


File photo of a defence personnel armed with a SiG 716 rifle near the Line of Control | Photo: Snehesh Alex Philip | ThePrint

India to ink ‘repeat order’ deal for 73,000 SiG 716 rifles from the US

In February 2019, 72,400 SiG 716 rifles of 7.62 x 51mm calibre were contracted from SIG Sauer Inc, USA, under government's 'Buy (Global) category', through fast track procedure.

Mandir or Masjid? New surveys not needed, just acceptance of truth & move towards reconciliation

That temples were destroyed and mosques built is undisputed history. The past can’t be changed, but we can’t deny the wrongs of the past either before we consider reconciliation.