Monday, 24 January, 2022
TopicIndian farmers

Topic: Indian farmers

Long before farmers’ tractor parade, Babri Masjid movement also waded into Republic Day row

The non-observance and/or boycott call of Republic Day by a coalition of Muslim organisations in 1987 can't be compared with the farmers’ tractor parade of 2021. But there is a link.

Can India actually afford MSP for farmers? It’s a question of political will

If there is one moment to bust the myth about MSP being unviable, it is now, when lakhs of farmers are preparing to march to the capital on Republic Day.

Research shows intermediaries’ role is misunderstood. Local market realities more at play

Researchers associated with Pennsylvania University’s India study centre looked at agricultural markets of Bihar, Odisha and Punjab. They found that intermediaries are a rational response to the dominant structure of Indian farming.

Don’t get caught up in MSP battle. India must move to end inequality in WTO laws

With measures like MSP, India has been carefully treading the thin line between food and livelihood security and practices classified as 'trade distorting' under the WTO law.

Farmers adopt advanced tech, raise productivity when they have mobile phones: Study

Researchers looked at data from two programmes launched by the Indian government in mid-2000s to find a positive impact from increased access to information.

Indian farmers are given band-aid and ad hoc solutions, they need more robust reforms

The term 'vote bank' is often used in two very different ways. In the first sense, it refers to a large majority, united by...

Improve farm inputs, equip panchayats to verify buyers and make new farm laws work

In my project to evolve the PURA policy with former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, we travelled and met farmers from across India. Four points emerged.

Farmers’ problem is income, more than prices. Solution lies in setting up factories

If fewer hands were employed on farms, incomes per head would rise, and farmers would be less worried about assured product prices.

Thatcher or Anna moment? Why Modi’s choice on farmers’ protest will shape future politics

Modi can retreat like Manmohan Singh did under pressure from the Anna Hazare movement, or push farm reforms in Margaret Thatcher's style.

How Modi govt’s farm reform laws could help turn India into ‘a food-export powerhouse’

Analysts and industry experts say the new rules would make it easier to sell crops, bring more stable income for farmers & increased production would boost exports and revenue.

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Liberals mourning India Gate flame must also recall some dark aspects of the colonial Army

The moving of the flame seems, to some, as part of an ongoing extinguishing of the Indian Army’s heritage of secularism, decency and righteousness.
Representational image for trade from China | Photo: Bloomberg

What conflict? India’s imports from China soar to almost $100 bn, led by smartphones, machinery

According to China's official data, its exports to India reached $97.52 billion in 2021, while total two-way bilateral trade touched $125.66 billion.


File photo of Scorpene-class submarine 'INS Vela', at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai | ANI

Kamov choppers, submarine torpedoes among deals defence ministry will review this week

Ministry is reviewing all procurement under the ‘Buy (Global)’ category, under which equipment is bought directly from foreign manufacturers, amid govt's 'Atmanirbhar' push.

Modi vs non-BJP CMs: When most popular isn’t all-powerful & why Centre-state ties will worsen

Modi’s inability to win many states, and the huge popularity his rivals enjoy there, is pushing Indian politics in a more robustly federal direction.