Wednesday, 19 January, 2022

Topic: India-Afghanistan

Taliban ‘conducting raids, door-to-door searches’ at vacant Indian Embassy, consulates

India’s Afghan missions were evacuated in light of perceived threat from terrorist organisations that are believed to have reared their heads again with the resurgence of Taliban.

India trained Afghan forces who joined Taliban govt. They can now be our ambassadors

India should not be timid to depend only on backchannel communications with a 'government' that may soon secure recognition from a sizeable number of countries.

Contingency plan in place to evacuate Indian officials & diplomats as Taliban enters Kabul

While it is unclear when Indian officials will be evacuated from Afghanistan, a fleet of Indian Air Force's C-17 Globemaster military transport aircraft is on standby to undertake evacuation missions.

Afghanistan urges world to act against Taliban ‘war crimes’, says ‘global security’ at stake

Kabul, which stressed the need for an immediate ceasefire, made the request during ‘Extended Troika’ talks in Doha. India has echoed Kabul’s call for a ‘ceasefire’ in Afghanistan. 

Don’t forget us as we fight Taliban, says Afghan leader who thwarted Indian mission attack

Ata Noor, former Balkh governor who defended Indian consulate against terrorists in 2016, tells ThePrint India should help Afghanistan in its fight against Taliban else it will become a safe haven again for terrorist groups.

‘Will pull India into a vortex’ — why Delhi is unlikely to heed ‘Afghan demand for air support’

While no active military aid is being discussed, ‘benign support’ like maintenance of equipment, training and spare parts has been under discussion between India and Afghanistan.

3 realpolitik lessons India learnt since Indo-Soviet treaty was signed 50 yrs ago

Qatar's invitation to India to participate in the Taliban talks this week is an indication India has learnt several lessons in realpolitik.

Five myths about Afghanistan that India must overcome, along with its timidity

From ‘graveyard of empires’ to the stage for Great Games, there are many enduring fictions about Afghanistan.

India shouldn’t wait and watch, must play more assertive role in Afghanistan, say experts

After Antony Blinken’s India visit, Shaharzad Akbar of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and Lisa Curtis of CNAS Indo-Pacific Security Program say Delhi must push for Afghan conflict being resolved through talks.

India right to wait till Taliban comes in full view. No need to rush into an ‘Afghan strategy’

A pro-Pakistan government in Afghanistan will be a disaster for India. Because China too will be controlling Kabul through Islamabad. But Delhi right to 'wait and watch'.

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What it will take to vaccinate the world against Covid

A Q&A with vaccine scientist Peter Hotez, author of 'Preventing the Next Pandemic', on developing a low-cost Covid vaccine, and why Omicron won’t be the end of the pandemic.
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Reliance buys robotics startup Addverb for Rs 1,000 crore to fuel tech ambitions

Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s richest person, is investing in technology as competition from rivals such as Amazon intensifies in India’s booming e-commerce market.


National Defence Academy | Twitter | Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff

Why was number of women cadets for NDA fixed at 19 in 2022, same as 2021, SC asks Centre

UPSC notification issued December 2021 says first phase of NDA exam for 2022 scheduled in April. Notification declares 19 women candidates will be chosen out of 400 successful ones.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Read my lips, I’m hurting, says Pakistan’s National Security Policy. What it means for India

The new policy is mostly chaff, but it reveals the most inward-looking Pakistan in 3 decades. It needs breathing space, and is realising loss of stature and friendship with US.