Saturday, 29 January, 2022

Topic: Hyderabad

India’s first Ikea store in Hyderabad will offer samosas & ‘vegetable meatballs’

From installing furniture at people's home to serving food catering to Indian taste, Ikea is doing it all to succeed in India. 

How it took more than 12 years for world’s biggest furniture retailer to open a store in India

Ikea’s 12 year-long wait is marked by an intensive & extensive mapping of the Indian market along with overcoming investment barriers.

With grasp of local preferences, Ikea shows how to tap into international markets

World's largest furniture retailer to open its first Indian store in Hyderabad minus its famed pork-and-beef Swedish meatballs.

India’s first Ikea store is ready to welcome 60 lakh costumers

Ikea invested over Rs 1000 crore in the Hyderabad store which is the first of 25 that are to come.

ISRO to assemble 27 satellites in 3 years with the help of 3 new vendors

In a bid to increase capacity building activities, Spacecraft Assembly Integration and Testing by ISRO is a big cut.

BJP wants to revoke Article 370, ironically Sardar Patel was its architect

Until late 1947, Patel was open to Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan if Pakistanis would tell Nizam of Hyderabad to join India.

Why foreign investors don’t put their money in north Indian states

Regardless of a flurry of investment summits across north India, no major northern state attracts any meaningful share of FDI.

For CPI(M), political resolution is key to its tactical and electoral line

The ongoing Party Congress of CPI(M) in Hyderabad will decide whether to keep doors for an understanding with the Congress open or not.

Yechury’s future in CPI(M) might hinge on secret ballot

Bengal unit, which backs Yechury’s line of a poll pact with Congress, is asking for a secret ballot although there is no precedent for it in the party.

TalkPoint: Mecca Masjid blast – is there a pattern to ‘Hindu terror’ acquittals or has justice prevailed?

Experts weigh in on the acquittal of the ten persons accused of 2007 bombing of the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad. The incident was considered to be another case of alleged 'Hindu terror.'

On Camera


Padma Awards 2022 brought back controversies, politics and the question of its relevance

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya declined Padma Bhushan and Ghulam Nabi Azad drew jibes from Congress leaders for accepting the award from Modi govt. But such controversies are not new.
V. Anantha Nageswaran

Who is V Anantha Nageswaran, new chief economic advisor? IIM-A grad, academic, PM’s ex-advisor

Nageswaran, who has taught at various B-schools in India and Singapore, takes charge days before the tabling of the Economic Survey and the Union Budget.


Representational image of Indian Navy ships | Photo: Commons

India carrying out more warship patrols than ever to catch China in crowded global seas

Estimated 125 foreign naval vessels are in the Indian Ocean at any given time, roughly 3 times the number deployed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks when the US invaded Afghanistan.

Let them eat communalism: Yogi’s poll pitch may work but heartland’s jobless fury endangers India

While UP’s unemployed are angry, Yogi’s call for a choice between Jinnah and Sardar Patel, more than seven decades after they both died, is the new ‘let them eat cake’.