Friday, 2 December, 2022
TopicHong Kong protests

Topic: Hong Kong protests

How one of Bruce Lee’s philosophies is inspiring the Hong Kong protests

The Hong Kong protests have crossed the 100-day mark, and also transformed into a struggle for greater democratic rights on the island.

Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam withdraws controversial bill allowing extraditions to China

The move follows weeks of clashes between pro-democracy protesters and Hong Kong police, including this weekend's demonstrations that saw activists lob petrol bombs and set bonfires in the streets.

Why Indian jewellers are worried by the growing protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is India’s biggest gems & jewellery market and shipments have declined 6.6% from a year earlier to $3.2 billion in the first four months FY20.

G7 leaders back pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, China hits back for ‘meddling’ in its matters

Beijing: A livid China on Tuesday cried foul and expressed "strong dissatisfaction" with a joint statement issued by the G7 leaders reminding Beijing of...

Hong Kong court bans protests at airport after clashes cripple flights

Police were called to Hong Kong International Airport Tuesday after some demonstrators assaulted a man who they claimed was an undercover officer from the Mainland.

Hong Kong protests: China says PLA could be deployed if city-state asks

Hong Kong has been in the grips of protests since June, when the administration sought to introduce a law to extradite suspected criminals to China.

Donald the ‘dictator’ flexes his muscles, and the shroud of secrecy around the royal baby

The best cartoons of the day, chosen by editors at ThePrint.

UK’s magical next prime minister, and Trump turns dove on Iran

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Nayantara Sahgal says ‘storytelling’ has overrun reality, S.Y. Quraishi on simultaneous elections

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Hong Kong leader suspends controversial ‘extradition’ bill but protests continue

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong to join protests and US Chamber of Commerce urges Trump to end trade war with China.

On Camera


File photo of Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan | ANI

Arif Mohammad Khan vs Kerala govt isn’t a new faceoff. Old cases show Governor wears two hats

Under UGC provisions, a search committee is appointed to find suitable candidates for the V-C post. Governors make their selection from among these names.

51 cow universities, old pension scheme, jobs — what RSS affiliates want from 2023 Budget

Welfare schemes and ‘self-reliance’ figure high on Sangh organisations’ wishlists for finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman ahead of the Budget, which she will present on 1 February.


A soldier with 'Arjun', a black kite trained to down enemy drones, during the Yudh Abhyas exercise being held in Auli, Uttarakhand | Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

It’s a plane, no it’s a bird! Army’s training eagles & falcons to swoop down on hostile drones

The birds are also being trained for surveillance at Remount Veterinary Corps Centre in Meerut, with cameras fitted to their heads to record videos.

A Gujarat gamble: A likely reason Rahul is not giving Modi a fight this assembly election

I'd rather not buy idea that Rahul's holding his fire until 2024. More likely, Congress believes Karnataka offers best chance of winning a Gujarat-sized state if Gujarat is too challenging.