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Shenzhen just made all its buses electric, and taxis are next

Shenzhen aims to electrify its entire taxi fleet by 2020.
Olive Ridley turtle | Commons

Odisha govt plans to ban fishing to save Olive Ridley turtles

The Odisha government said it will impose a ban fishing ban within 20 Km from the coast from November, 2018 to May, 2019.
1,200 people collected at the Aravali Biodiversity Park to protest against NHAI's decision to construct an expressway cutting through the park | Nandita Singh/

Gurugram’s own Chipko movement: 1,200 residents protest to protect Aravali Biodiversity Park

Protesters up in arms against NHAI decision to build six-lane highway cutting through eastern part of park.

China to ban eco-unfriendly vehicles at the Mount Everest base camp in Tibet

Locals will be employed as tour guides and drivers of new electric golf-style buggies to and from the camp.
Illustration by Peali Dezine

Economics can fix global climate problem that fuel-efficient engines can’t

Setting aside escapist solutions, we should understand why corrective action has not followed better understanding of the climate problem.

Saving the planet doesn’t mean killing economic growth

Cheap renewable energy means that poor countries will be able to follow a different, cleaner path to industrialisation without sacrificing living standards.
Supreme Court of India

SC orders demolition of structures in Faridabad’s Kant Enclave over ‘irreversible damage’

The court orders developer R. Kant & Co. to deposit Rs 5 crore towards Aravalli Rehabilitation Fund within a month for damaged areas.
Biodegradable containers by BIO-LUTIONS | official website

These green warriors are making spoons out of waste, and cutlery you can eat

These are innovations needed desperately in India, which generates an estimated 1 lakh metric tonnes of solid waste daily New Delhi: Imagine a takeout where you can eat the box once you are done with the meal. The alternative would be throwing it away with the comforting knowledge that it won’t fester in our oceans for decades, choking marine life, or poison the food chain of our strays. A host of companies across India are churning out green tableware and packaging containers made from waste, a welcome intervention for a country that generates an estimated 1 lakh metric tonnes of solid waste daily and doesn’t have a disposal system capable of handling it. Other companies, meanwhile, seek to tackle the problem from the other end, tapping food products to make cutlery that is edible. BIO-LUTIONS, a Germany-based company with operations on the ourskirts of Bengaluru, derives products like trays, boxes and other kinds of packaging from...
A pedestrian is silhouetted as traffic moves along a road shrouded in smog in New Delhi

Delhi commuters pollute the most & Kejriwal’s missing buses add to the problem: Report

The national capital ranks the worst among 14 cities in terms of how much urban transportation contributes to air pollution, says a CSE report.

Global deforestation is accelerating and nature is alerting us this is urgent

Despite mounting efforts to protect tropical forests, deforestation is reaching a scale of global catastrophe.

On Camera

Congress headquarters

One in three people at Congress rallies may not have voted for the party: Lokniti-CSDS

Survey data from BJP and Congress rallies during 2019 election suggest that huge crowds are deceiving and don’t translate into votes in favour.

Does Congress have a future in India after 2019 Lok Sabha election results?

The Congress party faced a crushing defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections at the hands of Narendra Modi-led BJP.


An AN-32 aircraft of the Indian Air Force

IAF workhorse AN-32 gets a fuel that’s green and creates jobs for tribals

The IAF will now run its AN-32 transport aircraft on a blended bio-fuel partly derived from trees. It plans to widen the experiment over the next two years.
Graphic by Soham Sen | ThePrint

The Mandal-Mandir era is over, make way for Modi

BJP's Mandir politics has subsumed Mandal under Modi-Shah and created a pan-Hindu vote. Modi's challenger has to invent a new politics.