Monday, 8 August, 2022

Topic: Delhi

Talk Point: Being an emergency measure, odd-even cannot have exemptions

The total number of cars moved off the roads during previous odd-evens was so small that pollution came down only by 7%.

Delhi government rolls back odd-even plan despite NGT nod

The move comes after the green court asked government not to give exemptions to women drivers, two-wheelers.

Odd or even, data shows road rationing just not effective

Experts call it an emergency measure, suggest long-terms solutions like augmenting public transport, to check air pollution in Delhi.

Bus karo: Delhi govt will hire 500 buses for odd-even, hasn’t bought one since 2010

As per Master Plan 2021, DTC is short by 10,000 buses. Congress didn’t buy after CWG, AAP promised 10,000, but floor height issue has stalled the process.

‘Smells like paint’: What international publications reported on Delhi’s smog

Media houses across the world have been reporting on the smog that has enveloped Delhi. Here's what they said.

Politics, with a dollop of Even-Oddium Sulphate

We haven’t lost it. No virus garbled this headline. Suck Delhi’s killer air, recall Vidya Balan’s immortal but unprintable human chemistry lesson from Ishqiya, and you will get it.

Red tape and lethargy ensure Delhi remains a gas chamber

Expert points out how systemic failure in checking air pollution is causing great damage to public health; Delhi can take a cue from LA to improve air quality

Innovation needed to end stubble burning, but Delhi does little to stop pollution in NCR

There is an urgent need to encourage innovation and educate farmers rather than taking punitive action against already stressed farmers. It is that time of...

Can’t terrorise farmers with laws to stop stubble-burning. Understand their problem first

The central government’s policy of not allowing Punjab to diversify is resulting in stubble burning which is causing damage to the health of people in faraway Delhi.

India’s rise in EODB rankings: Good for optics, great for hope

No matter your view of the usefulness of the rankings, you cannot deny that it’s positive news for India.

On Camera


Opposition leaders protest outside Parliament | Representative image | ANI

Confused, aimless—why Opposition parties live up to Ronen Sen’s ‘headless chicken’ remark

From ‘compromising national security’ to 'playing havoc' with institutions, the Opposition continues to attack Modi while failing to reflect on own actions.
A suspension pylon in Tamil Nadu | Commons

You thought power subsidy is a Delhi-Punjab problem? Check out Tamil Nadu’s power sector mess

RBI data shows Indian discoms owe power generation firms over Rs 4.5 lakh crore, almost a third of which is owed by Tamil Nadu, where power subsidy cost is twice that of food subsidy.


The Flying Dolphin — how a former Indian Navy submariner qualified as a commercial pilot 

Vivek Chaudhary retired from the Indian Navy in 2017 after serving on the  Short-Service Commission. After that, his dreams took flight. 

In Kashmir 3 years on, 3 positive changes, 3 things that should’ve happened & 3 that got worse

Kashmir as a crisis has fallen off our headlines and from the top of our collective minds. Which is precisely the most important change for the better.