Monday, 24 January, 2022
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Topic: Angela Merkel

It’ll get worse before it gets better – Merkel warns of tough times as Covid crisis worsens

Chancellor Angela Merkel thanked Germans for their sacrifices but said more would be needed as all indications were that things will become more difficult.

How marathon, ‘cranky’ negotiations gave Europe its $860 billion Covid stimulus plan

The plan that Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron had come up with would mean a historic step forward for the European project if they could pull it off.

Quantum chemist Angela Merkel has finally become Europe’s leader

There's consensus in Berlin that Merkel's connection with European integration is cerebral, not emotional. Covid seems to have changed that.

With Europe caught in crises, Merkel’s final act will also have to be her biggest

Merkel plays a key role in passing a EU-wide stimulus package that would see the bloc issue as much as 750 billion euros in joint debt to be used by pandemic-hit nations.

Angela Merkel doesn’t use war imagery for Covid. In fact, she hardly uses metaphors

Macron said his nation was at war with an invisible enemy. Trump says he is a ‘wartime president’. Johnson has spoken of the virus as an ‘enemy’. But not Germans.

For Germany, reopening the economy is proving harder than shutting it down

Chancellor Merkel has been taking a cautious approach to relaxing Covid-19 restrictions, but small to medium businesses can't wait to reopen as tourist season approaches.

Angela Merkel is in isolation to save herself. But pressure mounts on her to save Europe

History may judge Angela Merkel less on her custody of Europe’s powerhouse economy than on what she does to help its weakest members through Covid-19.

Why Angela Merkel quarantining herself is a blow to Europe’s fight against coronavirus

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be regularly tested in the coming days and perform her duties from home.

India’s namaste is ready to make a world comeback due to coronavirus

After Gandhi and yoga, namaste must become India’s next main export. In the age of pandemics and novel coronaviruses, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

India and US done with hate-filled alpha males Trump & Modi. The future is female

The world needs women leaders because alpha males such as Modi and Trump, high on nationalism and machismo, lack the foresight to run a democratic country.

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Liberals mourning India Gate flame must also recall some dark aspects of the colonial Army

The moving of the flame seems, to some, as part of an ongoing extinguishing of the Indian Army’s heritage of secularism, decency and righteousness.

South-East Asia’s SMEs are underperforming. Their ‘digital revolution’ depends on fintech

Digitisation of South-East Asia's economy during the pandemic is uneven. The growth in digital services has favoured individual consumers, not SMEs.


File photo of Scorpene-class submarine 'INS Vela', at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai | ANI

Kamov choppers, submarine torpedoes among deals defence ministry will review this week

Ministry is reviewing all procurement under the ‘Buy (Global)’ category, under which equipment is bought directly from foreign manufacturers, amid govt's 'Atmanirbhar' push.

Modi vs non-BJP CMs: When most popular isn’t all-powerful & why Centre-state ties will worsen

Modi’s inability to win many states, and the huge popularity his rivals enjoy there, is pushing Indian politics in a more robustly federal direction.