Boeing says Indian Army’s six new Apache choppers will be the ‘most lethal’

The Apache attack helicopter. Representational image. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pakistan confirms deal for four Russian Mi 35 helicopters; Indian Air Force to get first batch in 2019

The Apache attack helicopters ordered by the Indian Army are the ‘most lethal in the world’ and preparations are on to deliver them at the earliest, the manufacturer of the choppers Boeing has said.

The six Apache helicopters for the army will be an addition to 22 attack choppers already ordered by the Indian Air Force, and will boost India’s capability to take down both air and ground enemy targets with precision.

Speaking about the requirements specified by the Indian Army, Boeing India head Pratyush Kumar said that while the delivery schedule has not been finalised yet, advance preparations will be carried out to train crew and maintenance personnel before the choppers are delivered to India. The air force will receive its first Apache chopper in the first quarter of 2019, Boeing said.

“This is the most capable, most lethal attack chopper in the world and we are happy that after the air force, the Army will now have access to this war fighting machine. It has the most lethal set of rockets and missiles, is highly networked and has the most sophisticated fire control system,” Kumar told ThePrint.

India has been in a hurry to get attack choppers, given recent acquisitions by Pakistan and China. Pakistan has announced that it is getting four Mi-35 attack choppers from Russia, which has traditionally supplied these helicopters to India.

Watch: Pratyush Kumar explains the Indian Army Apache deal and fire power coming its way.



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