Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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26/11 accused Tahawwur Rana to be extradited, but main players remain protected in Pakistan

The real story of the Mumbai attack remains how terrorists—and a national state which backed them—got away with mass killing.

Arrest of Mirwaiz Mohammad Farooq’s killers can uncover the lies behind Kashmiri jihadism

Few leaders have blamed jihadist groups and their sponsors in Pakistan for their crimes. Ensuring the truth is told will be critical to securing the peace in Kashmir.

Pakistan Army won’t bounce back easily this time. Imran Khan shattering its illusion of power

After last week’s attacks by Khan’s supporters on the homes of top Pakistani officials, many are beginning to wonder if the military can remain the hegemon that guides the nation.

More than Imran, it’s jihadist influence on Pakistan army that’s Gen Asim Munir’s headache

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, action against a political leader has inspired an impromptu mini-intifada against the military itself.

How a quiet Tamil Brahmin from Madurai became an accountant for Hezbollah

Fighting extradition to the US, Nagarajan Sundar Poongulam has claimed that as a practising Hindu, he would not have supported a jihadist organisation like Hezbollah.

Anand Mohan’s release shows criminals still call the shots in Bihar, just as centuries ago

Anand Mohan's release engineered by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to aid his RJD allies illustrates the influence of gangsterism in Bihar politics.

Poonch killing of Indian soldiers shows jihad will increase India-Pakistan war risk

There have been dozens of terrorist attacks in Jammu & Kashmir's Pir Panjal since 2021. It shows how unstable the peace on the Line of Control is.

Bhagalpur to Prayagraj, why India has a dangerous love-affair with police encounters

Exceptions that might be justified in the small wars of Punjab, Kashmir have become part of the normal fabric of policing. The emergency has become the everyday.

Sikhs trained in kung fu — British India’s secret weapon to deal with Shanghai’s gangsters

Hong Kong’s Sikh police 'acquired a reputation amongst the British officers for their loyalty and martial prowess in service to the Empire'. This led to Shanghai seeking them out.

The cost of being an Indian spy. What happened to Ravindra Kaushik, R&AW’s Black Tiger

R&AW agent Ravindra Kaushik infiltrated Pakistani Army, India is yet to recognise his effort

On Camera


The Apple Vision Pro | Picture credit: Apple

Steve Jobs’ TV dream died with him – until Apple revived...

The Apple Vision Pro’s impressive screen technology employs two layers of curved glass to generate a 3D layer, supported by dual 4K and microLED technology.
Representative image | Photo: PTI

Make it easier for nominees & heirs to access money left...

Panel set up in May 2022 has recommended ways in which RBI's regulated entities can improve customer service, including easing KYC norms & removing limits on UPI transactions.


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh meets German Federal Minister of Defence Boris Pistorius at Manekshaw Centre in New Delhi | ANI

Submarine deal, defence manufacturing hub: Rajnath pitches ‘Make-in-India’ to German counterpart

With German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius in town, India has told the European nation it is welcome to set up factories here for manufacture of military equipment, it is learnt.
Illustration by Prajna Ghosh | ThePrint

Manipur saw ‘free’ India’s 1st flag hoisted. Now it’s BJP’s biggest...

There are 3 things you never do in a small northeastern state: undermine local leaders, divide and rule, push homogenisation.