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Why Shivraj Chouhan calling Jyotiraditya Scindia ‘Vibhishan’ might not be a compliment

Welcoming Scindia into BJP, former MP CM Shivraj Chouhan called him ‘Vibhishan’, who would help them pull down Kamal Nath’s Congress govt.

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New Delhi: The Madhya Pradesh BJP organised a gala welcome for Jyotiraditya Scindia at the party office in Bhopal Thursday, a day after the former Union minister joined the BJP.

At the event, former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in his address referred to Scindia as ‘Vibhishan’, Raavan’s younger brother, who betrayed him to join Ram’s army in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Chouhan said: “Kamal Nath, we will not sit in peace until we destroy your Lanka of terror and corruption. To destroy Lanka, one needs Vibhishan. Today, Jyotiraditya Scindia is with us.”

While many in the BJP are celebrating Scindia’s homecoming and giving him a ‘Trump-like welcome’, the comparison to Vibhishan has created ripples in political circles.

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Negative associations

In the Ramayana, Vibhishan, also known as Bibhishana, is Raavan’s brother. He is known to be peace-loving and comes out against his brother’s abduction of Ram’s wife, Sita. When Raavan refuses to listen to Vibhishan, the latter leaves Lanka, joins Ram’s army, and eventually helps Ram defeat his brother.

According to Sangit Ragi, political science professor at Delhi University, Vibhishan is depicted in the epic as someone very saintly. However, he noted that Vibhishan is not a common name, and Hindu families seldom name their son Vibhishan, because it has negative associations.

According to another scholar who did not want to be named, Vibhishan signifies betrayal. The scholar said: “Even in Sri Lanka, someone might name their son Raavan, but no one will name him Vibhishan.”

So, while Vibhishan fought to defeat evil, the manner in which he behaved to achieve just ends were dubious. He was a great asset to Ram’s army as he divulged all the secrets and tactics of Raavan’s army. Among the secrets Vibhishan divulged was the secret path to the temple of Mata Nikumbala, the family deity of the Pulastya dynasty. It was there that Raavan’s son, Meghnad or Indrajit, was performing a yagna to defeat Ram. Ram’s brother Lakshman immediately went inside and destroyed the yagna, denying him the blessings of their kul-devi.

However, the most crucial tactic/secret that Vibhishan told Ram was the way to defeat Raavan himself — by aiming at his navel, where the nectar of immortality was stored. Ram pulled out an arrow, took aim and shot it at Raavan. The arrow found its mark and instantly killed the demon king.

After the battle, Ram went back to Ayodhya with Sita and named Vibhishan the king of Lanka. However, the tag of betraying his brother is not something Vibhishan has been able to shake off.

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  1. Oh! What a major revelation! What is new? Anyone who had read (not just heard from others) knows this. Probably, the knowledge of mythology is scanty in the present generation.

  2. The Ramayana is a racist story of invaders from Uttar Pradesh taking over large parts of southern India with the help of various Vibhishans. That this tale of northern Indian imperialism is still seen as a reference point for religion, ethics or morality speaks very poorly of mainstream Hindu society itself. Time to recognise that Ravan was only defending his territory against the trespasser Ram. For too long the real identity of the heroes and villains of this propaganda passing off as a ‘religious epic’ have been deliberately obfuscated.

    • This is a racist, nonsensical attempt to impose 19th century Western concepts of race into a completely different part of the world, from thousands of years ago. Rama and Ravens belonged to the same Vedic culture, religion, and sociopolitical structure. Ravana kidnapped Rama’s wife, and therefore Rama had to get her back. This isn’t “imperialism” at all, a meaningless term when applied to a culture when kings were frequently at war with one another. You are the only one obfuscating things with your racist revisionist propaganda, Sagar.

  3. The way mythology describes Vibhisana, Joytiraditya appears to be Vihishan to Ravan Rahul rather than Kamal Nath! They studied together, have been friends for years and started political career together and Rahhul was always the big brother. So hopefully, the aim now may be not just to hit Kamal Nath but eventually, to destroy Ravan’s lanka in Delhi!!

  4. Bania Janatha Party converted today’s Indian politics into commercial one like with money buying lawmakers to topple the democratically elected government. Buying a lawmaker like buying soap in the market or buying a cattle in the Shandy.

  5. Now please tell what happened after Vibhishana became the King ? How did he rule ? Who were is descendants ? Did he ever meet Ram again ? Did he visit India later ?

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