‘Rahul’s koshish Vs Modi’s sajish’: Congress says Gandhi paying for Bharat Jodo, Adani row

‘Rahul’s koshish Vs Modi’s sajish’: Congress says Gandhi paying for Bharat Jodo, Adani row

Jairam Ramesh says BJP 'scared' after 15 parties came together to seek JPC after Rahul's speech on Adani in Parliament. Adds that yatra infused excitement in Congress cadre.


Congress leaders Jairam Ramesh and Abhishek Manu Singhvi address the press conference at AICC headquarters on Friday. | ANI

New Delhi: The Congress party Friday termed Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification from the Lok Sabha as a price he had to pay for the “Adani mega scam” and for the success of the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

It further said that the fight was now between Rahul’s ‘koshish’ (effort) versus PM Modi’s ‘saajish’ (conspiracy).

“It’s clear that the BJP is agitated, scared and tense about the Bharat Jodo Yatra. It’s because the Yatra infused excitement in our cadre and showed a way for the future,” Congress general secretary (communications) Jairam Ramesh said.

Addressing a press briefing at the Congress headquarters in Delhi, Ramesh along with Congress MP Abhishek Manu Singhvi reiterated that Rahul’s conviction by a Surat court and his subsequent disqualification as MP are both legal as well as political issues.

“For months, the BJP was trying to defame the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Rahulji has had to pay the price for the success of the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Since 2014, Rahulji has been raising his voice against the policies of the Modi government, inside and outside Parliament. The other thing he’s had to pay the price for now is the Adani mega scam. It’s now become Rahul Gandhi’s koshish on one side and on the other side it’s the PM’s saajish,” Ramesh said.

He also said that the opposition unity on the Adani issue had irked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

“Since his 50 minute speech in Parliament, the way 15 parties came together since 5 February to call for a JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee), has scared the BJP. Rahul Gandhi is paying the price because the BJP wants to distract people from the Adani issue,” he said.

Singhvi, who is an eminent lawyer, also pointed out some more inconsistencies with the legal aspects of the case.

Referring to a case against Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan, Singhvi said that the Supreme Court had flagged the alacrity with which the government had sought bypoll after his disqualification from the assembly.

“A few months ago in a case of another political leader from Uttar Pradesh, belonging to a leading party of the state, the SC, when an immediate by-election was sought to be announced post disqualification of that person, immediately, without waiting for the person to exhaust all legal remedies, the SC deferred the by-election but said ‘look with what alacrity you’ve proceeded’,” he said.

Singhvi further said that the issue of jurisdiction — a court in Gujarat hearing the matter of a speech in Karnataka — was brought up by Rahul’s lawyers in court.

“Admittedly no investigation was done because there was a tearing hurry to go ahead in a place without any jurisdiction at all,” he said.

The Rajya Sabha MP also pointed out “curious” behaviour from the complainant Purnesh Modi, saying that he’d gone to the high court to stay proceedings on his own case after the magistrate refused to summon Rahul for a second time in March 2022.

Later, Ramesh, in a tweet, pointed out that the case was revived 9 days after Rahul gave his speech in Parliament in February.

(Edited by Tony Rai)

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