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MP BJP gets extra social, to have separate FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Insta heads in each district

With polls due in late 2023, BJP wants to boost social media outreach by using different strategy for each platform. It'll also have a social media in-charge for each seat.

Representational image of BJP flags | ANI
Representational image of BJP flags | ANI

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party in Madhya Pradesh has appointed different social media in-charges at the district level for each of the four major social media platforms — Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram — a move that is primarily aimed at better voter outreach.

Abhishek Sharma, the leader in-charge of the MP BJP’s social media, said the party so far had only one person in charge of it in each of the state’s 57 districts.  

“There are four key social media platforms and each appeals to a slightly different type of user,” Sharma said. “So far, our social media plan took all of the platforms together while devising strategies. But Facebook in itself is a major platform, while the penetration of WhatsApp is at the booth level. Instagram appeals to the youth. So we decided to have separate in-charges for each of these platforms,” he said. 

Each person will work in tandem with the state’s social media in-charge for better coordination, Sharma added. Madhya Pradesh’s next assembly elections are to be held towards the end of 2023.

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Social media head for each seat too

The BJP has also decided to have a social media in-charge for each assembly constituency in the state, Sharma said.

According to the party sources, if the experiment proves to be successful, the BJP may follow suit in other states too. 

“The way social media has been expanding every single day, it is becoming quite difficult for one person to handle all the platforms,” said a senior party leader. “The task of the social media in-charge will be to monitor all activities on, say, Instagram or WhatsApp and update every activity of the party. This is a new experiment and might be replicated in other states too.” 

According to a source, BJP’s central leadership had asked the Madhya Pradesh unit to bolster its social media presence. It also felt that a uniform strategy couldn’t work for all four platforms. 

“This decision was taken after a lot of research,” a party functionary said. 

The move will also help the districts to identify separate influencers for each of these platforms, another source said. 

“So far we have been using the same influencers to reach out to the users of all the platforms and it hasn’t been effective,” a party leader said. “Now that these in-charges have been appointed, they will work individually and look for separate influencers.”

Sources said Madhya Pradesh BJP president V.D. Sharma has been pushing for better social media reach, and has held several meetings with the party’s social media strategy team. 

The state unit has also actively used WhatsApp groups and Facebook pages in the past to approach people with its poll narrative. 

(Edited by Uttara Ramaswamy)

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