Voters in Chhattisgarh stand in line to cast their ballots | PTI
File image Voters in Chhattisgarh stand in line to cast their ballots | PTI
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A majority of the polls predict BJP victories in MP and Chhattisgarh, with the Congress to comfortably take Rajasthan.

New Delhi: Telangana and Rajasthan, which voted today, rounded off the crucial election season that saw three other states go to the polls — Mizoram, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

With the results to be announced on 11 December, opinion polls are divided on the prospects of both the national parties — the Congress and the BJP — with predictions ranging from outright BJP victories to a strong Congress showing.

Here is a look at what opinion polls predict for the five elections, dubbed the semi-final to the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Madhya Pradesh 

The polls differ greatly with regard to the results here. The Congress is likely to get 122 seats in the 230-member Assembly, while the BJP will bag 108 seats, says the analysis by ABP-CVoter.

The Times Now opinion poll, however, predicts that the BJP is likely to form the government with 142, with the Congress to get 77. Others are expected to bag 11 seats. According to News Nation, the Congress is likely to get 107-111 seats, while the BJP will get 109-113 seats and others will get 12 assembly seats.


This is one of the states where there is a consensus of sorts on the results. According to the opinion polls conducted in November by the ABP News-C Voter, Graphnile, India TV-CNX, Times Now and News Nation, the Congress is expected to have a comfortable win in 200-member Rajasthan assembly.

However, since these polls were held a few days before campaigning ended, it is possible that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rallies may have made a difference in the state.

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The BJP will win 47 seats, surpassing the majority mark in the 90-member assembly, according to the Times Now-Warroom Strategies. Congress, it predicts, will get 33 seats while others will bag 10.

According to News Nation, BJP will get 46 seats, Congress will win 39 seats and others will bag 5 seats. The India TV-CNX has said that the BJP will win 50, Congress will get 30 seats and others will get 10 Assembly constituencies. ABP News-CSDS too has predicted a win for the BJP in Chhattisgarh with 56 seats, while the Congress, it said, will get 25 seats and others will win in four seats.


According to the C Voter’s opinion poll, the Congress-alliance would win 64 seats out of the 117 assembly constituencies, while the incumbent TRS would win 42 seats, and others will bag 13 seats.

According to the opinion poll conducted by the Team Flash and VDA Associates, TRS will get 85, Congress will bag 18 seats, AIMIM will bag seven and BJP will get only 5 seats.


No party is projected to win a majority in the 40-member Mizoram assembly.

C-Voter has predicted a hung Assembly in the election, with the regional powerhouse the Mizo National Front projected to win 17 seats, the incumbent Congress second with 12 seats, and the newly-formed Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) a total of nine seats.

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