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A week after hymn controversy, US temple cancels T.M. Krishna concert

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Organisers announce decision on Facebook; Krishna had been targeted by Hindu outfits in Tamil Nadu for singing Christian hymns.

Bengaluru: A prominent temple in the United States has cancelled a concert featuring noted Carnatic singer T.M. Krishna, a week after he, along with other prominent musicians, were the target of Hindu groups that had threatened them for singing Christian hymns.

The concert was to be held at the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple in Maryland, one of the largest in the US, on 9 September.  The organisers communicated the cancellation of the event on social media.

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“T.M. Krishna’s concert scheduled for September 9th is cancelled,” was the statement that the organisers put out on Facebook. They have not provided any reasons for the decision.

Krishna, a Magsaysay award winner, said he didn’t want to comment when reached by ThePrint.

 ‘A song on Allah, Christ every month’

Krishna had responded to the controversy by promising to release a Carnatic song on Allah and Jesus every month.

“As Carnatic musicians, we have fed these extreme Hindutva groups and we should learn to transcend them. We also need to break the monolithic idea that the RSS and the BJP are the custodians of Hindu culture. What they are doing is goondaism at its worst and we need to stop such bullying. That is why I said that I will release a song on Jesus and Allah every month. This is the best way to challenge them,” Krishna had told ThePrint then.

The row broke out after Ramanathan Seetharaman, self-proclaimed founder of the Coimbatore-based Hindu group, Rashtriya Sanathana Seva Sangam, targeted Krishna and vocalists O.S. Arun and Nithyashree Mahadevan, accusing them of promoting conversion through singing Christian hymns.

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It began after Arun announced that he was to participate in a Christian event, Yesuvin Sangama Sangeetham, scheduled for later this week. He subsequently pulled out of it.

Trolls target singer

Once the organisers put out the statement on Facebook, trolls on social media began to attack the singer.  Many of the responses to the organisers’ statement lauded them for the decision.

“This is what we hoped for when we approached you through your Facebook page. All our time and energy is well worth it now. I can’t help but applaud your management team for their Dhārmic grounding by cancelling the concert of a patently Hinduphobic and Brahminphobic third-rate singer who thought he could mess around with our Thyagaraja Swami and Annamacharya,” reads one post.

“Very happy to hear this.. Hope sabhas in India follow this and boycott this individual,” reads another reply.

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  1. I would like all the commentators to answer the following questions:
    (1) Listen to Abdul Karim Khan on youtube who has sung “Rama nee samanamevaru”, the Thyagaraja’s kriti in praise of Rama. In your view has he done anything different from T M Krishna?
    (2) There are lots of singers who sing in praise of Christ and Indian Goda (such a well known K J Yesudas). There are less-known people in Christian missionary schools who have composed fantastic songs on Jesus Christ in carnatic ragas. Were they all to be blamed for singing on various beliefs? Did they hurt any believers by singing those?
    (3) There are saints (Kabir?) who has composed on Hindu Gods, who was originally a muslim. So, did all his compositions to be excluded from the “thukkada” section of the “carnatic” concerts ?
    (4) There are atheists on carnatic stage who sing on Hindu Gods and make money and living. Is that perfectly acceptable to your idea of what is allowed on “carnatic” stage?
    Answer these questions and then try to form your opinions. If you still have something to say, feel free to share your thoughts.

  2. Many here have suggested that TM Krishna meddled with the lyrics of songs devoted to a Hindu deity. Can one of them please post a link of the recording where TM Krishna has done this, along with a link to the original? (Actually, I do not know if substituting the name of one god for another is enough reason to be offended, but I would like to understand what offended people.) Maybe, we all can still enjoy the concert at the Afghan Church in Mumbai:

  3. The word secularism applies only to Hindus. The problem with us is we are too accommodating to the extent even if we are hurt. This is the precise reason for the spate Hindus are in at present. Secularism has become a fancy word. Why should we appease other religion at the cost of ours? Yes, we should mutually respect other religion and give respect for them and the buck stops there.
    This word secularism was coined by the likes of Nehru, the commies and the fake gandhis for their own political benefit.
    The artists should not muddy our cultural heritage for their petty gains.

  4. Bloody all these controversial Artis (ashamed to say they are artist) mint lot of money because of composition of Thayagaraja and Purandharadhasar and trinity of Carnatic Music. This legends never thought about such ruthless and blended ideas on changing Hindu Dharma. These People took money from Christian NGO’s. Now put blame on BJP and RSS. Bloody, anything they say on so called secularism, but you can’t give up your culture. Jai Hind

  5. Let TM Krishna meddle with Islamic or Christian composers and they will issue Fatwa against him. He expects to become famous by meddling with our great composers who reflected their bakhti and devotion towards our Gods who are connected with our scriptures.Diluting their lyrics amounts to denigrating them and hurting the sentiments of millions of rasikas and musicians.Krishna is arrogant and has a hatred against his own community.All sab has globally should ban him.

  6. After reading the comments, most of which apparently are put up by brahmins, I feel that they have not learnt their lesson. I did not want to comment on this non issue, but the tone and tenor of these comments are disgusting.

  7. TM Krishna Sir, pl tel me, is it a Guru Parampara to sing Allah
    & on christ in carnatic music style ? How many such type of music delivered by Sri Tyagaraja, Sri Muthuswamy Dexitar and Sri Shyama Sastri ? Is there any other Vaggeyakara delivered such type of devotional songs.? If Such type of singing may gives u moksha, pl go on. You have every right to singh in your way. Till today, we have great respect on you to listen such a cellestrial music from u marvelled us. Thanks and think once again before singing such type of music.

  8. Dikshithar composed the note swaram on English notes. Thyagaraja bhagavathar composed “ramincu vaare varu ra” on English notes. We celebrate both. Alai payudhe was used in a commercial movie which we all loved.

    We have 33,000 gods in Hinduism, most of whom we don’t know or don’t believe in. But a song on Jesus or Allah set to Kalyani rubs us the wrong way? Just how insecure and petty are we!?

    We should be happy that Carnatic music is being spread far and wide. Like yoga. Keep at it TMK sir.

  9. Dikshithar composed the note swaram on English notes. Thyagaraja bhagavathar composed “ramincu vaare varu ra” on English notes. We celebrate both. Alai payudhe was used in a commercial movie which we all loved.

    We have 33,000 gods in Hinduism, most of whom we don’t know or don’t believe in. But a song on Jesus or Allah set to Kalyani rubs us the wrong way? Just how insecure and petty are we!?

    We should be happy that Carnatic music is being spread far and wide. Like yoga. Keep at it TMK sir.

  10. Sometime back kamatchi Vilakku replica bore the Christ in place of the Hindu deity. Now the Carnatic music sung in praise of Christ. Already a group is claiming the Tamils are originally Christians. Slowly the entire Hindu population will be brainwashed to believe them . High time we stop their masquerading Hinduism.

  11. Sure…this is how we can bring some discipline in Hindu religion. We need not hurt anybody. but simple boycott of such celebrities shall give an indication that the Hindus can not be taken for granted. Yes! their participation in songs praising Allah, Jesus shall matter to the growth of Hinduism (protection of the Hinduism). Its trivial at a deep level. But unless we give some signal in ten – fifteen years nothing will be there for Hindus to build on. Further, they shall be boycotted in December concerts and Thiruvayaru utsavam aswell apart from other programs in India.

  12. Calling the genuine anguish of Hindus as a ‘troll activity’ is the outcome of having an extremely narrow outlook with a small mind. For bigots like you, we Hindus must not voice our opinion under any circumstance. The moment we do, we are branded ‘extreme right wing’ and such crap. If you have real guts or if you are truly ‘secular’ ask this joker TMK to go and sing Bhajans in a church or a mosque and then see the consequences. You are trying to project a mediocre singer as someone who is talented and creative… come on, get a life folks.. I thank the organising committee of that event for taking this bold step to cancel this rogue’s concert. Hindus elsewhere, please boycott this cheap fellow TMK and make him understand that he is there because of us and not the other way.

  13. Yes.This reminds me the target of Dhandabani Desikar in 1930-1940 period by Hindu radicals for singing Tamil songs .
    It culminates into formation of Tamil Isaiah Sangham by great eminent personalities such as Sir Mutual Chettiar etc.
    Carnatic music is no doubt one of the best contribution by great eminent personalities and it is definitely soul stirring music.
    But why it should not expand to help other communities to obtain soul stirring experience, as every living is potentially Devine as described by Saint Vivekanada.

  14. Don’t try to monopolize Carnatic music with any religion,if Hindus used it first good,id Christians and Muslims using it now its also good,Carnatic music is not private asset of any religion ,since music has no religion… But truly condemn plagiarism

    • True! No issues if they use with their own songs. We are not against it. We are against Hindus singing songs on Jesus. understand that

      • Dear Sir,Why so?
        Isn’t Hindusim is an inclusive religion that accommodates every faith system?
        Even atheists who reject all Gods can be Hindu.
        So, one does not become less Hindu by singing devotional songs on other Gods.

  15. Music is not monopoly of any religion,if Hindus used it first it’s good,if christians or Muslims are using it now its more good.Dont try to monopolize Carnatic music on the basis of religion, music has no religion..

    • If you don’t know the context, please don’t comment with your half baked or non existent knowledge. Understand the entire context first and then comment.

  16. TM Krishna is a good singer. Unfortunately, he has been corrupted by ” secular and progressive” minds. His endeavor to take carnatic music to masses is great,but he doesn’t realize that one cannot thrust a complex music system like carnatic to masses. He can instead teach carnatic music to interested people regardless of their background. He always laments that brahmins monopolize carnatic music. Utter nonsense! What is wrong even if brahmins monopolize. Don’t they have their rights? Did brahmins usurp the music from anyone? carnatic music has given him all the fame and he can very well sing for anyone as it is his right. Replacing Hindu gods with Jesus or Allah is outrageous and must be condemned. He can very well sing original songs on any subject, but not plagiarism. Carnatic music is much more than sruti and laya. It is about devotion or bhakti which can be experienced only with original song. Rest is crass commercial.
    The plagiarism must be stopped even if it means boycotting the singers! Today, I received a WhatsApp video that eulogized Jesus as protector of Bharat mata by replacing words in our national anthem and national song! Disgusting!

  17. In Mr. Subramaniya swamy style of making statement, Mr. TMK is a mentally ill patient and needs medical attention. Hope this boycott trend is followed by sabhas in chennai during marghazi too.. Atleast, there should be heavy drop out in attendance for his sabha concert.

    • Your comment matters. Every comment matters.
      Minority opinion should not be stifled.
      It is not clear if the real issue is plagiarism or aiding religious conversion.
      As of now, there are only unproven rumors.
      Looks by majority people here are going by sentiments and not logic.

  18. US cancelled.tmkrishnans
    Concert. Yes all are.worried
    He will start with .other song
    And he will have.his opinion
    Why to didpleas a musician
    Perfect decission

  19. Krishna is vocal & practical in handling the unequal music of our times, with an idealism that deserves our compliments. Let his musical/moral courage be lauded, as we are living in the times of cacophonous din

  20. It’s good that the Organizers cancelled the concert. TMK is cancer to people. Organizers in TN also should boycott this person

  21. This fellow is so egoistic even to forget his basics. He is not interested in the carnatic music but on fame name and money.

  22. Clearly this issue of various gods in and out of this or that kind of music has gone to dogs. Someone mentioned Annamcharya….. I humbly write here a few words of one of his precious precious compositions. Look it up geniuses…kadagi enugu mida gayunendokate, pudami shubakamu mida boleyunendokate…. Sing on Krishna… A very small member of musician is going to be with you. Sangita jnana is not everybody’s cup of tea.

  23. Hats off to the organizers. All the three singers must be boycotted every where . Saint Thygaraja’s compositions are being modified and sold by these singers. It is plagiarism indeed and it is also a grave disrespect to the saint .

  24. Hello Team The Print, first of all, one big mistake is there in your reporting of the above incident. You have said these artists have been targeted for singing Christian (Carnatic) songs; but kindly note that this creates a religious extremism kind of picture; they have been criticized & condemned not for singing Christian songs, but for blindly copying existing Carnatic songs on Krishna & Rama, replacing Hindu Gods with Jesus… in fact we Hindus listen & enjoy many of the Christian albums & songs by Yesudas, KS Chitra & the lik. We Hindus have no problem if they sing normal Christian songs or in albums; but please avoid existing Carnatic songs & Carnatic music… bcoz that amounts to unwanted copying of Hindu culture.

  25. TM Krishna is a total idiot,he has no respect for our culture or traditions,rasikas should boycott his programmes,carnatic music is the music of saints like thyagaraja,dikshithar and can never be the music of anyone else.

  26. Well done temple authorities. Hindus suffered 1000’s of years because of shameless sellouts like .T.M.Krishna, kamal Hassan, Prakashraj erc.,

  27. With due respect to Sri .T.M.krishna and his friends who think they are the torch berars of Secularism in our country,let them sing bhajans/songs on Allaha/Christ every day.But let them not meddle with our great composer’s krities for God’s sake with Allah/Christ or with anything else.

  28. This singer needs mental maturity. He unnecessarily creates disharmony. It seems he wants to pose himself a ‘revolutionary’. If he applies sense, he will realise that how other religions shamelessly exploits Hindu religious hyms etc for conversion. He is after cheap popularity.

  29. I applaud the organisers for having taken the bold decision to cancel. People like Krishna who misuse the freedom that Sanatana Dharma provides must be taught a lesson.

  30. Vocalist TM, come out of cocoon, you have successfully spoiled the spirit of art and music, you are more danger than cancer. Those who taught you, might be seeing your actions with shame.

  31. Very happy to learn this. This rogue TM Krishna seems to be having illusions of grandeur. Perhaps compensating his lack of originality in music with these cheap tactics. Good addition to Kamalahasan.

    • Can’t agree more…Wonder why the media always bashes the Hindus and marginalizes/mocks at their sentiments even when genuine all the while addressing even small hurts of the so called minority community.

  32. There is a word called “plagiarism” in English. It is okay if Christians and Muslims sing Carnatic music and praising their gods. But the problem is, they take Songs written by famous Carnatic scholars for different devas and change the name of the deva to Yesu or Allah. This is called plagiarism. This must be stopped. The Christians or Krisha TM can write a new song for their gods, why to copy and delete Hindu Devas and replace with their gods?

    • Will anyone have doubt that ‘The Creator’ is only one and music is above religions and their names.How stupid and silly to create this discriminations !Okay now let us start naming the rays of the sun ! Rays that shine on a temple will be Hindu rays,on Mosque Muslim rays. etc etc Have I gone mad? May be these talks are making me mad!
      Tyagaraja was born in a Hindu family. Yesudas was born in a Christian family.It was not their choice. But the creator has blessed them both without any partiality on the basis of their religion.
      Music is devine. It has no religion Let us not be so mean shallow minded and silly.No true lover of music can criticise. T. M. Krishna for singing a Christian song. They are not lovers of music.They are fanatics

      • Ah, another ignorant, bleeding heart liberal. Do you have any idea of the change in the demographics that have happened in the North-East? Do you have any idea of the money that is coming for Christian NGOs? Do you have any clue about the sinister Joshua Project and its ongoing consequences? Are you aware of the one of the latest books from the Church literature that talks glowingly about its “success” in the North-East, viz., “Witnessing to Christ in North-East India” (edited by Marina Ngursangzeli and Michael Biehl, Regnum Books Intnl., 2016)? You are blissfully ignorant of all of this and making sanctimonious statements about the rays of the sun?!?! First educate yourself about the grave threat that Hinduism is facing in India. Have you asked yourself whether the exclusivist Abrahamic faiths will allow their in their religious singing songs about deities from other religions.

        Here are the data from OFFICIAL CENSUS reports about what is happening in the North-East: Christians were 0.83% of the population in 1901 and are now 16.94% in 2011; minus Assam and Tripura, the corresponding numbers change from 2.68% to 68.42%. According to official census, Christian population (a) in Arunachal Pradesh rose from 0.79% in 1971 to 30.26% in 2011; (b) in Manipur it was 2% in 1931, 12% in 1951, and 41% now; (c) in Meghalaya it was 6.16% in 1901 and 74.59% in 2011; (d) in Mizoram it was 0.05% in 1901, whereas in 2011 it was 87.16%; (e) in Nagaland the percentage increased from 0.59% in 1901 to 87.93% in 2011.

        This expansion has continued unabated since 1951. The tribal populations of Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland have now become almost entirely Christian.

        Fr George M Soares-Prabhu writes that the missionaries “perpetrated the massive genocides which ‘utterly destroyed’ the great cultures of pre-Colombian America and decimated its people” and “Christianity on the rampage in Asia, Africa and the Americas in the 16th century are much too little remembered.”

        For the whole of India, as per the 2011 census, Christians form 2.3% of the population. But this latter number hides the tectonic shifts in the population in that region because the 2.3% number is arrived at by dividing by our huge population.

        The changes in the North-East are due to the intense missionary activity aided by the astronomical sums that come to the Christian NGOs. What follows are OFFICIAL DATA from the Ministry of Home Affairs:

        During the period 2001-12, the total foreign contribution to NGOs was 1,03,724 crores; 70% of this money went to Christian NGOs. During 2010-11, 220 million dollars was received by just 6 Christian NGOs. No Christian NGO declares publicly the details of their expenditure. If these NGOs had nothing to hide, they would declare everything publicly and shut the critics up. But they don’t. Their silence speaks volumes.

        As far as the sinister Joshua project is concerned, lookup, “Evangelists Preparing for the Harvest-Tehelka Expose” by VK Shashikumar. For its ongoing consequences, see the investigative report, “How They Are Harvesting Poor Souls In Rural Bihar (Even Using Violence Against Children)” by Madhu Purnima Kishwar and Shantanu Kishwar.

        Shame on you, Jyotsna.

      • Will the churches sing hymns praising Krishna or Rama ? Why are we so desperate to please and appease them , to prove we are all embrassing ?? He is using devas mentioned by great bhaktas and translating it to Jesus and allah ! How can you agree with this?

  33. Trolls? The millions of deeply hurt and angry Hindus who responded against this sell-out to conversion vultures are trolls? Calling us trolls only shows how truly stupid you are!

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