Representational image of school children wearing masks | Photo: ANI via Reuters
Representational image of school children wearing masks | Photo: ANI via Reuters
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New Delhi: Prime time debates Sunday saw some panicked updates on the ever-increasing cases of coronavirus across the globe. However, some anchors were more interested in the floor test ‘mystery’ in Madhya Pradesh where the Congress government may have to prove its majority Monday.

On Zee News’ ‘Taak Thok Ke’, anchor Aditi Tyagi raised some obvious questions related to the floor test. Tyagi asked, “Will the Kamal Nath government pass the test? If BJP has a Maharaj now, how will Kamal Nath save his government? Has the ruling government or the opposition insulted the nation by this move?”

Tyagi’s last question was rather alarmist although pertinent, “Should the MLAs coming from resorts take the coronavirus test before the floor test?”

Aaj Tak anchor Chitra Tripathi’s remarks were very straightforward: “The SAARC nations conference discussed various strategies on how to combat the coronavirus outbreak”. Tyagi asked her panel members, “How important is this conference and what’s going to come out of it?”

Rajiv Dogra, former diplomat, was obviously diplomatic, “The more important point here is that such a meeting happened in the first place. It wasn’t able to happen for a while. This is a start.”

NDTV India brought a ground report from a police training school in Dwarka. This training school has been converted into an isolation centre for coronavirus patients. However, people living in these centres were opposed to this move.

On India TV’s ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, anchor Rajat Sharma was in conversation with Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

Sharma said, “For the past 5 years, the Prime Minister has worked so hard on India’s reputation abroad. However, some newspapers now claim that Muslims are being persecuted in this country.”

Singh replied, “These are the same people who are trying to create panic and fear among communities.”

“If anyone questions the PM’s integrity and intention then I am ready to give them the answer,” he added.

On India Today, anchor Pooja Shali found that Congress seemed to have no answers to its increasing woes. “Amid the political crisis in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress has been jolted again. This time in Gujarat.”

“Five Congress MLAs have resigned from their party. In fact, sources claim that more than 10 MLAs are expected to tender their resignations soons,” Shali added.

Republic TV took us four years into the future. As if the political turmoil and coronavirus weren’t enough to worry the country, anchor Arnab Goswami wondered out loud about who would be the opposition in 2024.

“All the power corridors and Lutyens bungalows are discussing in hushed voices, who will leave the Congress next. But that’s not the bigger question. The question here is who is going to be the challenge in 2024.”

You tell us, Arnab.

Times Now anchor Athar Khan was innovative in his questioning, “Kamal or Kamal Nath, who will shine in Madhya Pradesh tomorrow?”

“The mystery of the numbers continues,” Khan said.

Although, it didn’t seem that much of a mystery to Syed Zafar Islam, BJP spokesperson. Islam said, “Kamal Nath only matters for a few hours. He won’t survive after 3 o’clock tomorrow.”

“We will remove Nath and Kamal will be prominent in Madhya Pradesh tomorrow,” he promised.

NDTV 24×7 anchor Sarah Jacob gave updates on coronavirus cases. Jacob said, “The coronavirus cases in India have risen to 107.”

“Maharashtra has taken over from Kerala as the state with the maximum number of reported cases. As of right now, 31 cases have been reported in Maharashtra,” Jacob said.

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