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Sudhir Chaudhary’s jihad rant on Zee News just got hit with eggs, petrol and some beauty

When Zee News’ Sudhir Chaudhury broadcast a ‘jihad flow-chart’, little did he realise that it would lead to a fantastic Twitter comeback from Muslims.

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If Sudhir Chaudhary peddled 13 kinds of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ jihad on Zee News to demonise the Muslim community, it offered him several more — from ‘husn jihad’ to ‘chai jihad’ and ‘egg jihad’.

In his primetime show Wednesday evening, Zee News’ Sudhir Chaudhary used a ‘flow-chart’ to describe to his viewers the various kinds of ‘jihad’.

It’s another matter that the ‘flow-chart’ itself was plagiarised from a five-year-old post from a Facebook page, Boycott Hallal In India, which posts conspiracy theories. But who cares for facts when fake news and bigotry can garner rich dividends in TRPs. Certainly not Times Now or Republic TV.

Apart from being called out for his apparent ‘Radio Rwanda levels of dog whistling’, Chaudhary’s show on ‘zameen jihad’ also invited, aptly, calls for his prosecution under Section 153A, for creating enmity between communities.

While the show was apparently about encroachment of government land, the channel joined the dots into a grand Islamic conspiracy to marginalise the majority community — the Hindus.

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Schooled in jihad

It was not long before Sudhir Chaudhury got properly schooled in the different types of ‘jihads’. Thursday saw #HusnJihad trending on Twitter, and quickly scaling to the top of the charts.

The acerbic vitriol from the day before, and the Delhi riots as well as vicious prime time debates, was countered by netizens posting their own pictures, making sure they tagged Chaudhary.

Muslims pushed back with intelligent, funny and smart comebacks. What emerged was a confident community willing to engage but not ready to be used as communal fodder.

Unlike what some — Chaudhary included — would like you to believe, the trend was led by Muslim women, whose freedom and agency within the community has recently been questioned a lot.

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Turning the narrative around

Like Chaudhary’s flow chart, #HusnJihad soon made way for #PetrolJihad, #EggJihad, #DubaiJihad, #ChaiJihad and not be left behind, the panacea for all ills — hate, communalism, bigotry and even lumpen journalism — #FoodJihad.

Wit and clean humour emerged as the weapon of choice for Muslims being abused for electoral gains. It was only apt that the community chose to turn the narrative around and own it.

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Some valuable takeaways for Chaudhary

When #HusnJihad started trending

Muslim Twitter thirst traps were not to be left behind

Since Kashmir and Kashmiris have been the favourite punching bag of Chaudhary, their picture was but obvious

With Muslim men lately earning the sobriquet of wife-deserters (when PM Narendra Modi had to finally step in to help his sisters through the triple talaq bill), some couples shared their love with Chaudhary

The beard, the dreaded moustacheless beard was not to be left behind. Some even doubled the fun for Chaudhary

Soon other trends started picking up too.

Perhaps in a veiled dig at Chai Pe Charcha, some shared #ChaiJihad

Dubai, a Muslim majority state, where Chaudhary was a recent traveller, found mention in #DubaiJihad.

For the Giriraj Singh fans, there was #EggJihad

Others went for #PetrolJihad

And how can we forget ‘love jihad’, the substance of so many prime time debates. So it was time for Twitterati to remind Chaudhary of his Pakistan association

With CAA in the news, how could #CitizenshipJihad be left behind

Since it was all about schooling Chaudhary, there was also some #DegreeJihad.

The bad taste that Chaudhary’s show may have left in our mouth was soon forgotten with the witty retorts to his show. While the show producers may have thought of pushing the Muslims to the wall, the community along with others pushed back and finally owned Chaudhary.

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  1. The print the wire ndtv Barkha ravish Vinod dua raj sardesai abhisaar all are real secular news anchors they are the real PATTALKAAR GHATIYA KUTTEY LEFTIST SAALEY raNDiTV

    • Serious issues are trivilized only in comedy movies like that Eng movie “Dictator”, in which the hero Alladin is the Admiral- General of an Arab state Wadiya and engages in spoof after spoof to ridicule totalitarian mindset. However the Jihadi agenda perpetrated by Pak and some of its agents in India is not funny. We in India cannot tolerate this and use it to play politics without harming our sociopolitical well being. All of the jihad mentioned in Sudhir Chowdhry’s flow chart are bang on and are established empirically. We can no longer remain like an ostrich buried in sand…

  2. Jo ish desh ko pyar kare woo sacha deshwasi hai. bakee sab jihadi aur atankwadi hai.aur sudhir choudhry jase sacha deshwasi par F.I.R DARGE NAHI HONY CHHAIYA

  3. Jo ish desh ko pyar kare woo sacha deshwasi hai. bakee sab jihadi aur atankwadi hai.aur sudhir choudhry jase sacha deshwasi par F.I.R DARGE NAHI HONY CHHAIYA

  4. Sudhir is paid news reporter by ruling Party, that why he presion tihar jail. And protest is Indian public right it’s for any Cast.
    It’s seen clearly protests is going on from 60-80 days no casualty but when kapil Mishra given statement and misguided people they turn this into riot. This is clearly shown understand by all Media but no one said to take serious action against Kapil. This is dangerous to Nation for Long term benefits. That all party will change 100% after a time but people may suffer by their statement and misguidance of common All Indians.

  5. Hello ThePrint
    I Just remembered Dialogue from film MY NAME IS KHAN

    Here It is LIKE “” My name is Hussain and I am terrorist””.

  6. Dear
    The Print
    Troll as you can

    every Indian know about jihad and radical islamic terrorism
    Thanks Sudhir Chaudhary to expose this radical terrorism religion

    • Every Indian knows who Sudhir Choudhary is! He is same person who went to tihar jail in fraud case.

    • Brother, i would request you to do research at personal level about islam and “zihad”. Media can make anyone hero/zero. If you do some research i am sure that it will reduce your hatred towards islam/muslims

  7. Lol the author is so triggered hahaha his name is enough to understand why he is so so triggered

  8. Individually muslims may be peace loving. But muslims in India are radicalized by certain parties including Lefties. Country needs moderate and progressive muslims. For eg Kazikistan, Indonesia, Malaysia , UAE. etc. Actually muslims require good leaders not like MIM always asking for more like Oliver Twist.

    • I do not have any doubt that most of the Muslims in India are peace-loving and certainly different from radicalised lot which is in minority. However, it is a fact that silent majority is either quiet or threatened or in silent concurrence with these radicalised elements. Majority of these peace-loving Muslims will not criticise these radical elements and that creates a doubt in the mind of all right-thinking people. Now, long term repercussions of Shaheen Bagh and Delhi riots are for all to see and visualise. Why only Muslims are found to destroy public property? The question is to be answered by Muslim intellectuals? How can you destroy something which has been paid out of your tax? Muslim leadership has to ponder over this.

      • Mr Virendra.. Please take a good look at the Delhi riot Videos where radical saffron hindutva terrorists openly destroyed public property while chanting Jai Shri Ram, including hindu police officers. Also hindus carried out godhra, Gujarat riots, babri masjid demolition, Samjhauta express, Charminar blasts, malegaon boasts, Sadhvi Pragya, gen. Purohit, Yogi’s hate speeches, kapil mishra.. Babu bajrangi.. All done by peace loving hindus. Would you care to ponder upon and introspect rather than spit out shit from your mouth

      • Yes it is always the right thinking majorities silenced by the radicalized minority but both sides of the bread is burnt. Forget chamcha mediawalay even our Home Minister speaks the language of jihadis without using that word. What is DHARMAYUDH?. JIHAD in capital letters. Both sides must & should fight to stop this nonsense on both sides when it comes to terrorism both Islamic & Hindu.

  9. Sudhir is just doing his work. If you do not agree that is absolutely ok. His show was based on facts and your comments are based on feelings….so get some facts before questioning the credentials or intention of the person. If you do not have facts to justify you feelings…the best approach would be to keep mum ….do not try to influence the Muslims negatively. Let’s behave with maturity and stop playing the Hindu vs muslim game…..#love and respect all

      • RSS is not jihadi organization it is watchdog on Muslim culture wanting muslim country in India. AIMIM is so scared of it that they think RSS is the obstacle to their agenda of converting India into Pakistan. That is why muslims are shouting calling it dangerous.

    • Good joke Madhu. Sudhir Chaudhary’s show is based on “facts” it seems. Yes as much as fox news in the US or daily mail in the UK. Their audience is the lowest common denominator. People like you basically.

    • It is his facts that landed him in Tohar Jail. He is so factual that he wasn’t given entry in Shaheen Bagh.

  10. I am really wondering how can Shekhar Kapoor tolerate such nuisance and non-sense on his news portal. We all know how Jihad is not misused, but rather it is used by muslims in every extreme steps they take. How Islam and Quran are polluting the minds of muslims in all over the world, you can see from the history of Islamic expansion and how right from Muhammad Paigambar they started the blood baths of his own family members. I would like to tell this reporter, that he must get rid of the extremism his community if nurturing against all. Quran was not written by Muhammad Paigambar, rather it was written by his followers many years after he died. So what is the authenticity of such scripts, which could have easily got polluted, hence we see so many hatred being propagated against non-believers of Allah. Start looking at it objectively and you will learn to ignore Sudhir Chaudhary as well.

    • Everybody is threatened with legal action of some sort from IT/ED/CBI. Whether its media, judiciary, election commission, nobody has a choice but to tow the govt line.

    • Never comment with null knowledge when you don’t know any thing about Islam, your reply is just based upon some googled data posted from person of islamophobia.

    • Quran wasn’t written by mohammad S. A.W followers. Just correcting the mistake bro. Nothing else peace✌

  11. ‘’Individual Muslims can have great qualities, but the influence of religion pervades the social development of her followers. There is no stronger regressive force in the world. Far from dying, Islam is a militant belief that wants people to convert. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, producing unrestrained warriors at every step, And if Christianity was not protected by the strong arms of science, the science against which it (Islam) has been struggling in vain, civilisation of modern Europe can fall as the civilisation of ancient Rome has fallen.’’ Winston Churchill released in his book “The River War” in 1899

    • Science, I believe you are a history student from RSS college. Please check the facts and you will be factually correct, like the moon , big bang, black sea, day and night, etc.

    • Did someone read what Churchill had to tell about India or Indians ? Are we just quoting the man who caused the Bengal famine with his policy? Boss if you want to selectively demonise Muslims please do so by quoting someone more acceptable.

  12. Instead of doing jihad on infidels, Muslims should start jihad on ignorance, illiteracy and other social disease prevailing among Muslims.

    • After doing PhD or any degree, you people are looking for (Money) job. but we people have it.
      Ignorance! Well, I know you are totally ignornt about the fact that you don’t have any credibility when we are discussing about practical knowledge and thought. Like ?

      • If you have credibility why you do not use it for the upliftment of your society. Why you do not use your knowledge or credibility to change the reality on the ground so that the Muslim community is perceived in a better way all around the world.

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