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Enough of mann ki baat Modiji. Covid-19 war is the time to take some questions

Leaders like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have held press briefings related to the coronavirus pandemic while PM Modi has only delivered speeches.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has delivered around five speeches in this coronavirus season, all centred around sharing his ‘mann ki baat‘, which is also the name of his radio show based on the same format —monologues. Not once, however, has he bothered to take questions, clarify doubts or make a conversation out of it.

What is new about this, one might ask. That has always been Narendra Modi’s style — preachy soliloquies, and no intent whatsoever to ensure a two-sided engagement. The difference, however, is that this is a crisis of unprecedented proportion. One, to which the world leaders across democracies are reacting by addressing their people, answering questions and allowing exchanges — from US President Donald Trump to United Kingdom’s Boris Johnson.

Narendra Modi, however, still resolutely refuses to answer questions  — of his voters, of the media and even his party workers.

For a prime minister who is likening the coronavirus pandemic to a ‘war’ to merely reduce it to another opportunity to showcase his oratory prowess and preach is frankly condescending, narcissistic and undemocratic.

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Learn from world leaders 

Modi isn’t wrong. This is indeed a war-like situation — with the enemy being common and equally challenging for all. People are scared, worried and unsure.

What the best and worst of leaders in democracies across the globe need to do at this point is to allay their fears, clarify concerns and ensure the government is accessible.

US President Donald Trump reacted pathetically to the virus initially, mocking it and playing it down. And yet, since the gravity of the situation hit him, Trump has been holding briefings every single day with his Covid-19 taskforce, and taking questions from an aggressive media.

Boris Johnson stopped his briefings after testing positive for the virus himself. Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, meanwhile, may not be holding regular briefings but is giving interviews.

A pandemic is a time where masses look at leaders for clarity. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson had some of the most heated press conferences and parliament sessions as reporters and MPs shot questions on lapses, plans and impact. There were potshots taken at times by these leaders, but for most of it, answers offered clarity on what the governments are thinking. These leaders have paraded their entourage of top scientists and doctors in addressing the burning questions of their people. India, however, continues to be an exception.

Modi is busy asking people to come out on their balconies to clang plates and clap, or light candles and diyas. Because he knows his voters will lap it all up and in fact, love him even more for these histrionics.

There is something to be said about trying to bring hope to a despairing situation and rally people together through such entertainment, but this most certainly does not mean that the democratically elected Prime Minister of a country as diverse and complex as India should get away by never answering questions.

India, in fact, has done a reasonably commendable job of managing this unimaginable and unexpected calamity. But then again, this cannot mean Narendra Modi can show such disdain towards the media and his people that he refuses to take queries even once.

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Modi’s trademark style-monologues

This, however, is hardly new. The Prime Minister, even in his last tenure, has always believed in merely putting his point across, conveniently and compulsively — through his monthly radio show, campaign speeches, his tweets and other social media messages as well as addresses to the nation.

His past interviews — mostly during election season or when he wanted to put a message across — have been painfully curated and carefully monitored.

So, when you suddenly want to demonetise currency, surprise everybody by addressing the nation at 8 pm, but don’t bother to answer any questions.

Modi has a known dislike for the media, particularly what he sees as the ‘Khan Market Gang’. Thus, in his six years as prime minister, Modi hasn’t bothered to hold a single press conference. The rare one he did, Amit Shah had to answer the questions.

Trump doesn’t like all of the media either, and makes that evident, but still engages with them. The point of politics is this — to engage with everyone irrespective of preference, and Modi certainly knows politics better than Trump.

This is an unparalleled crisis. It is a phase of historic significance. Modi needs to reorient himself. His voters may and perhaps will continue voting for him, but he needs to rise above being an electoral politician to being a leader who is unafraid to answer questions and upholding democracy.

As the cliche goes, exceptional circumstances call for exceptional measures. And given that Modi never believes in answering questions, let his exceptional measure at this point be to do that.

Views are personal.

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  1. Ok the print.. You are clearly highly paid. You don’t deserve to be a journalist if you can’t even write any sort of article from a neutral point of view. Don’t wanna waste my time with you further

  2. Requirement of two-way communication in Indian democracy flows from following three things.

    1. Govt is formed to serve people.
    2. Govt is formed by political leaders where “Trust But Verify” principle is applicable.
    3. Satyameva Jayate (Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood.) is motto of India for a good reason.

    In an electoral democracy regular govt is required to have open two-way communication both formal & informal with various stake holders/representatives (opposition leaders, people, press, state-leaders, industries etc.). It is only when hard questions are asked, we know truth and this help us avoid mistakes and govt is made accountable.


  3. Peoples Democracy is “Government by Discussion”, that can address many things that India has experienced in the last 6 years. See following for yourself things that have been experience by India and there was no TWO-WAY communication with people or opposition or questions & answer with press.

    Take a stock of things that happened in last 6 years since 2014 when Modi became PM of India and not much was done to stop downward slide of India.

    1. Social media became platform for political tribalism
    2. Social media became source of fake news
    3. Fake news and communal virus led to lynching and then law &order emergency
    4. Demonetization led cash emergency which created conditions of economic emergency
    5. Ignoring banks NPA and fraud lead to financial crisis
    6. Financial crisis led to economic crisis that created job crisis
    7. Coronavirus pandemic along with economic crisis & job crisis created social emergency

    What we have is NOT growth & harmony BUT misery, polarization, hunger, deaths in short bigger disaster.

    NOW instead of later remembering Health Care Workers Who Died in the War against Coronavirus by erecting a symbolic status etc., it is BEST to supply Health Care Workers with required Personal Protective Equipment’s NOW. It is also govt’s DUTY to provide these PPE. We know govt ignored all WHO alerts &warning in January & February & even very late after declaration of pandemic by WHO.

    India need a good leader and not one who acts like a Big Boss. Remember in his maiden Independence Day address on Aug, 2014 Modi said “My beloved countrymen! I have come here not as a’ Pradhan Mantri’ (PM) but a ‘Pradhan Sewak’ (Prime Servant). We need a govt & leader who will ATLEAST have TWO-WAY communication instead of acting Big Boss.

  4. Actually, you don’t need to hold regular press conferences provided there is another forum. The British Parliament, for instance, has a weekly “Questions for the PM” during which members from all sides get a chance to direct questions at the PM. (There are many clips available on Youtube.) We have nothing like that and anyway, Modi’s contempt for parliament is well-known. In this he is following in the footsteps of Indira Gandhi who too made no attempt to hide her contempt for parliament. But when there is no forum at all to hold the PM to account, then there is a problem. The Modi-bhakts predictably will not see there is a problem.

    To be fair, this is a problem that predates Modi. In nine and a half years, Manmohan Singh held only three press conferences. But even that is better than Modi’s record of zero. We really need to put pressure to ensure that the Prime Minister holds regular press conferences.

  5. How many interviews did MMS give during his tenure? Or how many have the ‘Power behind the PM’ namely Mrs Gandhi or Mr Rahul Gandhi give during the 10 years of UPA rule?

    • So the flaws and foibles of MMS justify the unaccountable, authoritarian behaviour of the great Gujarathi ?

  6. I feel PM Modi may as well agree to a press conference if the journalists come prepared. For instance, they should be generally aware of the information disseminated during daily press briefings on corona by the officials. Repeating questions answers to which are already in public domain is simply wastage of time.
    I have seen journalists questioning Modi on the Gujrat riot even 8- 10 years after the happening. By this time, Modi had replied to so many queries on the subject, was questioned by the CBI for 9- 10 hours at a stretch, so many commissions (many working under the UPA) had exonerated Modi. Etc etc. What further could Modi add to the issue? All the same journalists, even the reputed ones, will raise same questions. Who can tolerate that?
    Having said that I look forward to a press conference by Modi and his team. Ideally, Modi should direct one of his team members to attend the question and then supplement same with his observations.

    • Doubt it. Modi is not an educated man who can answer the pointed questions of the press. The Great Gujarathi knows the limitations of being a Delhi University graduate !

      • “Modi is not educated” what an awfully arrogant statement! Equating education to degree, preferably from the West. We have seen how so called educated have lead the nation. BTW Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Mr Rahul Gandhi, Mr Devi Gowda, Ms Mamata Banerjee et AL are all Harvard trained Nobel Prize contenders!

        • But they all have basic education. Do u see any world leader with this low qualification In this changing world, when all leaders are well educated, we are the only nation, who has a 10th pass as PM. Even Trump has the expertise of running a successful business

          • No wonder the USA is in the situation that it is in. Dismissing the corinavirus as flu, not heeding to the advice of medical experts, promoting drugs that have not been tested. Trump’s behavior is erratic and does not follow any logic. The competency of an individual as the head of a country cannot simply by assessed by running a successful business.

    • Mr. Trumperandra Modi needs to learn from a humble man in Mr. PINARAYI VIJAYAN.
      He was a political mess but shone through as a star by holding a press conference every day without fail.
      Kerala did manage to ball the coronavirus cat & will do so again with least deaths.
      Because they have a leader & this nation does not.

  7. Modi will never conduct any Press meets, it looks he has some phobia in answering uncomfortable questions.. If you observe the Karan Thapar interviews you can understand..

    • If questions are asked for getting information, Modi would happily explain. The problem occurs when the questioner has some motive to malign Modi. Even if answers are given correctly, such jernos pick a word or half sentence and by twisting and spinning give it a meaning that was not at all Modi’s view. Moreover, many jernos simply don’t respect Modi and are always looking for opportunities to engineer controversies. Modi has experienced a lot with these jernos and now he knows how to keep them at an arms length.

      • Is Modi running a feudal family? This is a democratic country and here the PM has to answer th question from media; if he believes in constitution.

  8. Who cares.People trust him ..He came back as PM with more seats..You guys can sulk for more years..

    • Yes. People blindly trust him and he takes advantage of them making them bakras. Hope you continue to be a sheep.

  9. Trump and Boria bottled the initial stages so they deserve the “heated” questions and briefings. They dont have any other option but to face the media. The situation over there is very bad. The same cannot be said about Modi

    • With 1.7lakh cases & counting…. it certainly seems that you spoke too early.
      Mr. Modi is hiding behind the Ambani’s & Adani’s & we are left with a ghasthly image of a child trying to pull the cloth over his dead mother to wake her up.
      Wake up India from your slumber. We have an Emperor with no clothes!

  10. Was there a question the author wanted to ask the govt and that did not get answered from the concerned ministry? Did the author find any of the answers wanting? If there are any, one could discuss how to get answers and from who.
    There was no questions raised in this article other than the author’s opinion that needs to be “press conferences” .

  11. Agreed to what the writer is saying. Modi is trying hard he is discussing with probably all leaders, doing what might be best for the country..
    You expect him talk like trump.? Is it US? Will the massss understand him?
    Here still the basic problem of the masses is to somehow get two Meals in a day.
    I suggest you to give suggestions instead of criticising him.
    He is a man of heart, taken steps which no other country has taken. Think about it

  12. The author seemsto just point out the difference between modi and other prime minister no matter how important that difference is.. its like comparing mumbai and pune and saying mumbai is older metro than the other… Yes its a difference but it has got nothing to do with their efficiency and effectiveness.

  13. Not pleased with the tone and tenor of the article. Whats comes out is that Modi has to be ridiculed for whatever he does, it just so silly. There are many ways to respond to a crisis, PM’s Modi’s is one and in the Indian political, social and cultural context , think this is the best. The examples quoted don’t have 1.3 billion people to look at, just a fraction of that. I think PM Modi and his govt is doing its best at the moment, he’s connecting with people, plenty of measures have been taken already . Taking a few questions from journalists at this point is a waste of time, does not add to the solution. In the name of democracy, pls don’t start spreading false hoods and negatives narratives. I think the problem is with us because Modi is not acting the way we him to, which we have come to expect from everyone. Pls remember, he’s different and we like him.

    • “Taking a few questions from journalists at this point is a waste of time”

      That is called accountability Mr Aniraj. The elected leaders of all democracies do that. But then, Indians like you want an authoritarian leader of a cult that you want to be supplicants of. Wonder if there is any difference between you and followers of the Swami Nithyananda cult.

      Pathetic !

        • Mr. Modi is neither nor capable. He is an Emperor with no clothes! India is in a mess!

      • His accountability is to public not to some baised journalist. Besides, if you follow properly there is regular communication from Health secretary. – the appropriate person to talk about. Speaks to pharma companies,doctors and relevant people the kind of flawless governance they are seeing, no redtape. But the most important skill set the leaders requires is taking tough decision and people should follow it. And this lockdown shows what an impeccable leader he is.

  14. The dichotomy in the views of armchair critics is not lost when on earlier occassions they used to rant about one man running the show and now craving for media interview of the PM even after regular briefings from the Jt. Secy of MoHFW alongside , ICMR HEAD SCIENTIST and secretary from the home ministry takes place on a daily basis. Indian liberals are not only a staggered lot but a confused lot. Indian liberals are their own undoing! It would have done so much good for the authors own audience if she could explain how the press briefings of the US President helped the US fight the virus. On the contrary, it regularly provides the mainstream media fodder to keep its flame burning there. Maybe that is after all the only intention here. The author should also turn her attention to the serious lapses being committed by some states which are not even putting out daily bulletins and with doubtful stats .

  15. The problem with answering questions is that one may not have any answers.. and when you project yourself as the answer to all questions, it will look really bad.

    Take for example, Modi’s outreach to the opposition.. Sonia Gandhi has given him some valid suggestions.. they include not building the central Vista.. not giving ads.. avoiding foreign travel.. and passing the money saved to the poor.. I’m sure he regrets asking!!

    What answer will Modi give when asked why 5 weeks were lost in giving orders for PPE for health care professionals?! He’ll have to admit a mistake, something everyone makes except Modi!

    It’s so much easier to ask for taalis and diyas!!

  16. Till now government used lock down to use Modi and spread his brand. The party IT cell would have already counted the number of people clapped and light up lamps. It is rather Modi centric all the way. During world war Churchill was heading Coalition government and he formed a war cabinet to work out strategy. Within coalition sone leaders got scared the way German were capturing one after another European nation. They almost forced him to sign peace treaty with Germany against his move to attack Hitler forces via Sea. Even the draft resolution was got ready for his signature. Thanks to UK king he advised him to get people’s opinion and which made him to travel in underground train and talk to them what they thought, all of them were against surrender before Hither and thereafter he refused succumb to threats of some coalition leaders threat and attached German forces to win the battle with the support of allied forces. PM has linked the Covid with war and he must for Covid Cabinet to fight the virus. The cabinet should have experts from different areas including taking care of finance, economy, health and so on.

    • Your history might be good, but not totally aware of current situation. So please don’t just leave in history

  17. The author is paid to churn out a certain number of articles per month. This being the target, you can expect such infantile rants. The author has not explained what good have the press conferences of Trump and Johnson done for fight against COVID. Are those two countries fairing better or worse than India?

  18. Where are you come from Tuhi? Italy? US? France? Or From your fatherland China?
    Dear Print just read comments.

    Now your stock of Alcohol also over in your homes.
    So coming days more frustrating for all of you librandus.

  19. All Ruhi wants and understand as a responsible citizen of a democracy is to exercise his right to criticise the government without any fear. Moreover, it’s evident from her point of view and his choice of discussions that she considers criticism for rectification to be the sole duty of the citizens. Also, appreciating someone is so mainstream for them. This situation can be generalised for many out there. Your introduction should include critical political propagandist instead of constructive criticism of political moves and also Anti BJP. Also, start reading about how well the person is controlling the situation despite being a developing nation. I think so after the Modi governments work it’s evident that you’ve started thinking of ourselves as the elite developed nation! Coherence on the topic is null void. You need to practice more and start writing the articles on the basis of facts and not your personal opinions.

  20. Role of leader as this juncture is to motivate and create self confidence among people , which PM is doing just devoting half and over it. Rest time is doing meeting with CM and other administration how to overcome this situation.I am totally disagree with your article and thought.

  21. WTF is this article ? I”ve had enough of ‘the print’ bullshit. I’m not a die hard modi fan, but the article is highly irrational.

  22. Ruhi seems to have been severely infected with SJ (Shivam Vij-Jyoti Malhotra) kind of virus. She appears with Shekhar in the Hindi version of Cut the Clutter and knows what is happening in India and around the world and how Shekhar is presenting a balanced position on the issue. There is no need for Modi to do daily briefings, just because Trump or Boris Johnson does it. Modi has shown exemplary leadership qualities in the tough times and he is guiding the country on a right path. And the world has acknowledged that as well. A unnecessary article- It is almost a Pavlovian instinct for The Print team though

  23. Two purely symbolic acts, performed on a subcontinental scale, have come and gone, without helping save a single affected person’s life. Wockhardt hospital in central Bombay has become a containment zone. Jaslok Hospital is affected. These are tough times, that call for tough questions and straight answers. A communication style that is winning Governor Andrew Cuomo national and international applause.

  24. Dear Ruhi, you have no idea what you are talking. Have you commanded even 130 personnel, you would have understood the problem to tackle 130 billion. The PM doesn’t give interview, doesn’t mean he is sitting idle at home and visualising how to nail other’down. Be a positive writer, you will succeed in life. Regards and Jai Hind.

    • We have had enough of ex servicemen, army types telling others how to think, giving lectures on patriotism, blindly supporting the govt etc. Please collect your pension and keep quiet.

    • Colonel Saab: Having seen the decimation of the Indian economy under the Great Gujarathi, a pogrom in Gujarat, government approved Hindu Muslim riots in Delhi, lynchings of innocent Muslims, Godse worship, a frontal attack on the poor through demonetisation, a completely catastrophic GST implementation, increased political instability in the country, appointment of thugs like Adityanath to high posts and a ceding of power to unelected bodies like the RSS, many Indian would want to question the performance of the Delhi University graduate. Of course, as a member of the cult of the Great Gujarathi, you may continue to salute him. that is your prerogative Coloned Saab !

  25. Modi is a saint for having faced a media Lynch mob for 20 years and emerged unscathed. He saw through their game and started direct communication with the people, cutting out the biased and distorting news traders. By doing this successfully, the media was exposed for the Lutyens cabal they were, and no one were missing them. Showing a mirror to them is not a pretty sight, and so you have journalists crying in the wilderness, missed by none and unwanted. Sometimes they put up some antics for attention like the author of this rag. But they will have to realise that ‘hate Modi Syndrome’ will never work, as the public do not believe the main stream media.

  26. You think you could manage better than PM, for your ignorance, PM already proactively lockdown the nation for prevention from the disease. Another point, PM doing all sorts of thing positively. So don’t blame stay home and safe and stop spreading propaganda

  27. Poor Article.

    This is main reason i never read any article from you “THE PRINT”.

    Please compare the number of patients in INDIA vs others.
    Thats the leadership of Our Mr.PM i.e “Mr Narendra Damodar Modi”.

    Grow up

    • I find it hard to square the logic of your comment:

      “Poor Article.
      This is main reason i never read any article from you “THE PRINT” .”

      But you clearly read The Print don’t you Sir ? And even take the trouble of commenting on what you imperiously call “poor article”

      Perhaps you would be better off reading the RSS screed Organizer or any one of the many publications put out by your saffron fellow travellers !

  28. MoHFW are regularly holding press conference and answering all the media questions. Do you guys not consider those to be the words of the Govt.?

  29. Ruhiji,
    It’s a bodge job: whilst Corona may have provided the perfect setting for Modi bashing, there is too much competition out there: your colleagues in the profession had the heads up already.

    You must know that in developed countries ‘Science’ sells; antics don’t.
    India still live in villages, and has a predominant lower middle, and middle class. Antics sell in India, so do God, cow poo, religion, emotions and such stuff. And politicians do know this well.

    Journos are getting pi$$ed off as they don’t get a chance to trap Modi. You guys ought to think up some ingenious ways to get to Modi; stop venting.

    That having been said, I ain’t a great fan of Modi.

  30. Those seeking dialogue need to prove themselves worthy of a dialogue.
    IF ” we will ask questions” gets reduces to undignified behavior, and the level that the other person in dialogue cannot or would not stoop down to, then the dialogue ends.
    One gains respect only if one can give respect, otherwise one just gets consigned to the dust bin.
    How to deal with elders is a reflection of up-bringing.
    One may not agree with one’s father but that disagreement cannot be reduce to a disrespectful exchange, which the father may tolerate, but the Prime Minister need not.
    In making headlines do maintain that dignity, it is reflection on the maker of the headline.
    Finally if it just comes to an abusing match be sure Modi will beat all the media put together, hands down.
    His speeches on the floor of the LS, do give adequate hint of what he is capable of.
    Some media wants him facing the question with one hand tied, and he will not oblige.

  31. We Indians are suckers for theatrics and so is our Prime Minister.

    People drew parallels with what other European countries were doing to support health workers by clapping from their balconies, but what everyone doesn’t understand is that those actions were not directed or instructed by their theatrical govts. It was done voluntarily.

    Also the point of the first exercise was to show solidarity and support to healthcare workers fighting Corona pandemic, people didn’t realise that the numbers during that exercise were in the hundreds, 200s if I remember. Making it pretty useless at best.

    Comparing our thali thamashe with what European countries were doing when their healthcare systems were swamped with new cases, just shows our capacity for reasoning as a society and our ability to blindly follow leaders.

    Anybody who not in support of such thamasha is deemed anti-social and a congi. It saddens me to see the society’s love for theatrics in a time when true solidarity is needed.

    I have my own friends who were all out playing Beethoven’s symphonies on thali when prime minister called for it but had no empathy towards their neighbours when they were found to be Corona positive, they were seen as infiltrators in their communities and abused people who travelled abroad(but many had their own family member returning during the lockdown).

    This is the never ending hypocrisy we are we will know for. Thank you for the article RUHIJI.

  32. The difference is in people’s attitudes. If citizens demand answers, the leaders are compelled to provide them. If citizens are satisfied with Bollywood style melodrama, that’s all they will get.

  33. The writer herself albeit grudgingly admits that India has done a reasonable job in countering the pandemic. This means government strategy is working. What purpose will be served by another press conference when the govt is conducting daily press briefings.

  34. Ah! Yet Another Frustrated Modi Basher.

    Poor chap, the author that is. We can understand his pain. It must be really frustrating to hate a man and then watch him do the right thing, everytime.

    Boris and Trump? You are comparing our man Modi with those prime buffoons? One cannot stop preening everytime he sees a camera, the other has a perpetual bad hair day. Hope he recovers from the disease. Otherwise he will go down in history but perhaps not in the way he would have liked.

    Sorry dear article author, you are in a minority right now. And I fervently hope that the tribe of which you are a part, will forever remain in a minority. You can hate and spout nonsense to vent your frustrations. It is a democratic nation after all.

    Rant on. We have a nation to save and rebuild. No time for the likes of you.

  35. Madam it is internet age . Every thing about pandemic , why and how it spreads ,attacks , how to save yourselves individually and collectively is freely available ON NET. . People are searching these things on internet and following the necessary protective measures themselves. This thing is well reflected in the number of corona affected persons in India viz a viz other countries not withstanding the fact and level of medical facilities that were/are developed in our mother land. Self survival is the basic instinct since the time organic life started on this planet. Every specie on the planet is following the this according to its capacity . More over Modi is not a person having any specialist knowledge on medicines,or pandemics. He is the leader of masses and most of Indian think HE IS LEADING FROM THE FRONT. Some of the your tribe are still infected by the virus “Hate Modi “. and try to spread that virus here and there like the great Tabliqui are bent on spreading. The country and humanity is already stressed in fighting life-threatening virus. Stop spreading your politically motivated viruses. There will enough to write in Post Corona India and the Post corona World. Pray for you survive and see THAT WORLD also .. Keep standards of your profession a bit higher and above the ideals and aims of Tabliquis of the world.

  36. Does the Author know what this web link for? Why does this author expects Modi to brief? When Modi asked for Janata Curfew, whole nation followed it. [At least majority], When Modi asked for Lockdown , virtually all following it. Does this author think Government is not doing anything on quarantine, testing, isolation, education? PLEASE STOP PRESENTING OPIONATED ARTICLES THEY ARE NOT NEWS OR FACTS.

  37. There are daily briefings by health ministry officials and ICMR who take questions from reporters. Sadly reporters keep repeating same questions . SHRI MODIJI has ensured that professionals clear doubts of media . Unfortunately most of the reporters are out of their depth and used to sensationalism of news. Ruhi is clearly out of depth here and should join politics at the earliest.

  38. The reason is the citizens of India lacks the level of democratic maturity and self empowerment required to question the leader… Unlike Citizens of USA, UK. Indain are emotional foolls and live in imperial mindset (Raja Praja).

  39. Trump and Boris took questions and answered.. right? Now see the Covid-19 status of their countries. Modi did not waste time in boasting or giving silly answers. He took actions. Now see the Covid-19 status of our country in comparison to them. Ask yourself, which questions you would have asked. Same bullshit.. CAA, NRC, Anti-Muslim and even Godhra in Covid-19 national crisis time. Reform yourself first.

    • Giving a press conference means that you have to be ready with answers.. that puts pressure on you to the the right actions at the right time..

      That we have low infection numbers is due to many reasons, including the fact that the virus started to affect us much later.. it’s more to do with chance than effective action.. we had the benefit of seeing others get hit badly, and so got to take action before we were affected too badly.

      See the actions others have taken.. they are spending 10% of GDP.. the British government is paying salaries of the private sector! It is the pressure of having to face questions that forces PMs of UK and USA to take such measures.

      Modi on the other hand can go ahead with his unnecessary Central Vista plan, export ventilators, and so on, because he does not have to answer questions.

      Maybe if he had held press conferences, it might have been brought to his notice that PPEs orders were not placed 5 weeks ago, and we would not see so many doctors avde nurses being infected as is happening now. Perhaps the human tragedy of migrants workers walking so many kilometres could also have been avoided.

      Criticism can make you better, if you can face up to it!!

    • Motivation and self confidence is no cure to corona crisis. Centre should have closed international long back in Feb itself….delay on their part to take timely decision has magnified the problem.
      Further just coming at 8 pm every time and announcing decision without proper planning creates mess….. Similar to demonetization

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