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Don’t club Kathua, Unnao with religion. God-fearing men across all religions rape

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Had the girl been a Hindu and not a Muslim, perhaps those men would have captured, imprisoned, raped, and finally killed her in exactly the same way.

From Europe and America the news has come of Christian priests raping young boys inside Catholic churches. I haven’t investigated how prevalent it is in other Muslim countries, but I have often read in the newspapers of Bangladesh about Imams raping children in mosques, of a teacher at a madrasa raping a four, five, or six-year-old girl student inside the madrasa.

Now I’ve been told that some people brought an eight-year-old girl into a temple in Jammu and gang-raped her. One of the accused is Sanji Ram, who had the responsibility for looking after the temple. His relatives as well as two police officers, their friends, kept the eight-year-old girl imprisoned inside the temple and raped her. The girl used to take horses out to graze in Jammu. When one of her horses was lost, she went looking for it in the jungle, which is when the gang of rapists captured her and imprisoned her in the temple. After raping her for several days in succession, the valiant heroes smashed the girl’s head in with a rock and murdered her.

Had the girl been a Hindu and not a Muslim, perhaps those men would have captured, imprisoned, raped, and finally killed her in exactly the same way. Both the poor and the rich know that killing the poor usually reduces the chances of trouble. I don’t believe that those men would have allowed the girl to walk unscathed in the jungle had she been a Hindu.

A rape takes place in India every 14 minutes. Hindu men rape Hindu women every day. They don’t spare anyone, from old women to one-year-old children. Muslim men rape in the same way. They don’t spare any women of any age. Those who rape are usually not interested in the name, address and religion of those they are raping. They’re only concerned with the body. Or they only consider the ‘valiance’. There is no lack of people in the world who think barbarity is bravery.

Raping the women of the enemy is nothing new. Like elephants, horses, land and houses of the enemy, their women too are considered property.

Subjugating the adversary by raping the women is an age-old practice. After killing the Jewish people in Arab lands, Prophet Mohammad had distributed the Jewish women amongst his militant companions for their pleasure. Pakistani soldiers raped two hundred thousand women in the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Both the troops and their victims were Muslims, but resistance was a bigger factor than religion. The Pakistanis looted and pillaged the homes of Bengalis and set them on fire, and raped the women. The war provided an opportunity.

To be honest, there is no war between Hindus and Muslims in India. It is true that some people are trying to provoke a conflict, but the conflict has not reached the proportion where Hindus will rape Muslim women in droves or vice versa. Hindu men have raped Hindu women a hundred times more than they raped Muslim women. It’s the same story with Muslim men. It is not as though either of them has vowed to rape women of the other religion alone. They do it when they get the opportunity.

Had Hindu men never raped Hindu women, I would have assumed the Hindu males of Kathua raped the eight-year-old girl because she was a Muslim. If Muslim men only raped Hindu women, I would have concluded that the war between Hindus and Muslims is increasing.

But society still has Muslims like Imdadul Rashidi, who did not want to start a riot by attacking his son’s Hindu murderers. There are still Hindus like Yashpal Saxena who prefer to forgive the Muslim murderers of his son rather than avenge his death. The Indian subcontinent needs Hindus like Yashpal Saxena and Muslims like Imdadul Rashidi.

In Uttar Pradesh, an 18-year-old woman has accused an MLA named Kuldip Singh Sengar and his brother of raping her. As many of us know, rape is not sexual intercourse, it is muscle power, male power.

It has not yet been proven whether MLA Kuldip Sengar has raped the woman from Unnao. But he did not rape the woman because he is a BJP MLA. He did it because he is a man. The powerful make arrangements to cover their tracks. And it is not a custom to punish the powerful.

The Kathua rape is being called communal, and it is being said that the rape in Unnao took place only because it was a BJP MLA. I believe that the rapists in both cases did what they did because they are men.

A patriarchal society has taught men that women are nothing but objects of gratification. Therefore there is no crime in gratifying themselves with women’s bodies in any way they please – no matter what their religion or age, what their caste or their lineage, rich or poor. And men have the right to humiliate them, to torture them, to crush them. Which is why men rape them. One rape every 14 minutes.

Rapes will continue unhindered in temples, mosques, churches and pagodas because the custodians of these ‘holy’ places are all God-fearing men. God-fearing men do not consider raping girls a sin as they are well-aware that everything – notwithstanding Ishwar or Allah or Bhagaban or their respective religions – is undeniably misogynous.

Taslima Nasreen is a celebrated author and commentator.

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  1. Thee MSM mafia has no doubt won the present round of the propaganda war. Tasleema could be brainwashed into the rape narrative of the Jihadi Forces of Kashmir , intent on Islamizing Jammu region with Rapist Rohingyas from Bangladesh – Burma.
    A rapist , Irfan wani is now heading the probe , after rejecting the first post-mortem report which rejected Rape. All the accused are demanding NARCO test & all the investigators are avoiding it. Isn’t it strange that those presiding over one of Independendent India’s first ethnic cleansing , should be accusing the victims of plotting for ethnic cleansing of Bakarwalas ???. The Sheduled caste community of Jammu have not been given Kashmiri Citizenship, yet the Rapist Rohingyas are being given not only Kashmiri citizenship but also Indian citizenship / adhar card, ration cards, perhaps Voting rights. Ware wah ! Such stupidity Hindus posses , no wonder Islamists continue to wage jihad , lovejihad, ethnic cleansing & yet Continue to blame Hindus of Communalism. Sehbash MK Gandhi , you permitted Partition & on top of it you permitted the remnants of Indian Muslims to stay back to wage second third rounds of Jihad & Partitions. How much time is left for Hindus before we are fully submerged in Jihad of the third millennium.

  2. You gave examples of mass rapes from Arab and Bangladesh, what about 1984, 2002 and Meerut incidences.

  3. “To be honest, there is no war between Hindus and Muslims in India. It is true that some people are trying to provoke a conflict, but the conflict has not reached the proportion where Hindus will rape Muslim women in droves or vice versa”

    I’m sorry Ms Nasreen, but THIS is not the time to say, “it’s not a big deal because Hindus are not raping Muslims in droves”. One case is bad enough. that it happened to one girl is the end of our limits. That, the girl has died and her religion cost her her life is the absolute pits. So, please dont go around saying Hindu men rape Hindu women, anyway. Or Muslims and Christians do. This was a religious problem, and it needs to STOP NOW. I am ashamed as a Hindu that this happened. I am horrified that my religion led to this. There are only 8 guilty here, and Hindu Dharma will take care of their punishment, if the Indian state does not do it. But please dont be in denial that there is a religious problem here. That people took out protest marches brazenly showed how weak India’s state has become that noone fears the law, that people believe they’ll get away with by forwarding the cause of the Pandits, and that there are still people in this country who are not horrified by this. This is a very worrying state of affairs for my country, and I have every right to feel disgusted about these Hindu men who raped a 8 yr old girl. Rape had a religion here. And I expect Hindus to hold fellow Hindus to the highest standards of behaviour. That, Indians rape their own, does not make this OKAY.

  4. These rapes have shaken the conscience of the nation and the common man.It was the last straw and the red line that was crossed and that made people from all walks of life stand up and say Enough is Enough. Instead of condemning the heiniuos act, the author has no LAJJA by saying “After raping her for several days in succession, the valiant heroes smashed the girl’s head in with a rock and murdered her.”SHAME ON YOU TASLIMA. You are calling the rapists as valiant heroes.How can you say this even sarcastically?
    Those rapist were animals nay even worse than animals,beasts, monsters,creatures of the worst forms.They should be hanged in public and given a punishment that in future any person thinking of committing such an act, a fear should go through his spine at the very thought of the consequences for committing this crime.Even for the rape accused girl of unnao, taslima says “men have the right to humiliate them, to torture them, to crush them”.SHAME ON YOU AGAIN TASLIMA.What woman would want go public that she has been raped and her father was killed in police custody. Even after that when she did not get justice, she tried to self immolate herself.
    You appear to have lost your mind and need to be put in mental asylum OR maybe you are sending signals to join the BJP.

  5. Seriously, she is dying to get asylum in India ? Bhakts are you listening ? Please arrange one when you can give it to Adnan Sami why can’t her ? She has one year left. Coming 2019 if the government changes she will be off deaf years.

  6. This article Hits at root cause..reader should see from there..not specific to this case where it seems religion was one of the reason except what she has mentioned in the article.

  7. its not the communal rapes that are horrifying me, it is the consistency of rapes happening to minors in our country as of late. 9 year old, 8 year old, 2 year old, 8 months year old baby. i cant imagine how is it even possible for a person to commit such a crime for honor. i can understand pedophilia being a disease in where pedophiles are monitored by police and restricted from entering certain areas. but how can you foresee such a hideous rate of pedophilia occuring in our country. have we indians become sick? do we not shiver when we attempt to commit such a reched crime. they are angels gifted to us by God and we rape them. so innocent, so pure. i am really ashamed of being an indian right now. disgusting.

  8. When rape has used a tool to scare a community and drive them away, to subjugate them failing to mention it in 1000 word itself is a crime. In this case, the rape is systematic, and the author forgot to mention there are rallies for the rapist, the evidence is being torched, BJP goons are standing for the rapist.

  9. So rightly illustrated from an illustrated Bangali daughter at the right time calm down the zealots of both communities. I read the genesis of the word sex derived from six.Six cops were deployed in a chuch in London to avoid sex act within the church & chrch complex. But it happened so.People started mocking over six deployed alerted cops to stop from being happened.So word sex formed to signify its so strong urge from male &female towards each other.
    Anyway we must try to minimize it at any cost.Rapists raping as their fancy having so guts & strengths whatever sources be must be punished very very harshly. Even by hanging.

  10. Surprising thing about this article is that it is published in ThePrint! Otherwise, no one could agree more with the contents, even if the writer is Taslima. The unfortunate girl happened to be a ‘muslim’ (no one bothered to specifically mention bakarwal, a nomadic tribe in J&K though), the rapists become Hindu nationalists (instead of criminals and as though one rapes shoutng I am a Hindu and a nationalist!!) and since BJP is a part of the government in J&K and more so, Modi is the Prime Minister, it is rabidly communal and has nation torn apart on communal lines. Any girl under such circumstances anywhere in the country would have sadly and unfortunately suffered the same fate would not suit the left liberal agenda. Good that Modi finally spoke against the crime and two ministers resigned so that politics will stop soon and law will take its own course. Of course, the media will now forget this and look to pounce on next such’ communal’ incident in Modi’s India. The world must know how India has become communal under that rabid Hindutva nationalist Narendra Modi compared to halcyon days under UPA!!

  11. In the case of Asifa from Kathua, there is a history of tension between the nomadic tribe to which she belonged and the Hindu population, over land rights. So a crime that would have been abhorrent anywhere in the world does have a communal aspect to it. That is also borne out by the way many local people have sought to protect and shield the perpetrators. A combination of a fine, unafraid investigation by the police and a delayed but then intense media storm has ensured the resignation of two ministers. 2. As for Unnao, it is again an aspect of the power dominant castes have exercise over Dalits, based on land ownership and economic clout. To be a woman in India is to be often at risk, other factors combine to make it even more so.

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