Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal | PTI
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In the hullaballoo about the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘betrayal’ during Delhi riots and its ‘shocking’ U-turn in the case of Kanhaiya Kumar, everyone lost sight of a move with long-term significance. The Aam Aadmi Party is the first non-BJP party to make a successful transition to Narendra Modi’s New India. It has not just made peace with the political reality of Hindutva-style nationalism, but Kejriwal has also spotted a new opportunity in the political market.

The growing demand for political Hindutva has opened up room for a second supplier that can compete with the BJP in packaging and delivering the same stuff better. That is how the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is now going to position itself.

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A pattern of action, or inaction

The AAP’s political moves since its spectacular electoral victory in Delhi assembly election have confirmed its new path. Granting sanction to try Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and Anirban Das and others for sedition was a calculated political decision. The AAP spokesperson’s attempt to pass it off as a routine administrative sanction makes multiple demands on one’s credulity. One, this was no ordinary sanction for criminal prosecution, but for sedition, which is a political charge. Two, the case flies in the face of the Supreme Court’s directions about what should not be charged under sedition. Three, the Delhi government’s own legal adviser had reportedly found the case flimsy and advised the government not to grant sanction. And, finally, if it was a routine matter, why was the Delhi government sitting on it for more than a year?

Clearly, Arvind Kejriwal has decided that being seen as a sympathiser of Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid is a political liability for the party’s nationalist image and could come in the way of its expansion. In this light, the party’s seemingly odd stand welcoming the scrapping of Article 370 and dissolution of the state of Jammu and Kashmir makes greater sense. Notwithstanding some gestures to diversity and federalism, the AAP is going to operate within the four walls of homogenising nationalism that seeks unity in uniformity. If anything, its nationalism could be ‘harder’ and more reckless than that of the BJP.

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Delhi’s ruling party’s conduct during the recent violence shows another facet of its political positioning. Its studied silence on secularism and distance from Shaheen Bagh during the election campaign could be seen as a smart electoral tactic. But its deliberate inaction during the city’s worst Hindu-Muslim violence since Partition shows a carefully chosen political line. Harsh Mander, with his long experience of handling and monitoring communal violence, lists a series of things that the AAP government could have done and chose not to. The party that won a historic mandate in the city was nowhere to be seen trying to bring peace on the ground or giving confidence to the victims.

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The Kejriwal government did not use its administrative apparatus to limit the damage and dragged its feet in carrying out rescue and relief operations. Far from proactively doing whatever it could for the victims, it seemed relieved that it did not need to get into this mess. This was not administrative ineptitude, but lack of political will. Or rather, it was a studied political stance that steered cleared of annoying the Hindu majority.

To be sure, the AAP is not an anti-Muslim party, not yet. But its willingness to stand up for the minorities will be circumscribed by what the prevailing majority sentiment is willing to allow. Like the Congress or the Samajwadi Party, the AAP knows that the Muslims in Delhi have no option except to vote for it. It is anxious not to lose Hindu votes by being seen as pro-Muslim. This is in line with the party’s readiness not just to accept the Ayodhya verdict but also welcome it.

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Median voter theory

Based on all this, it would be wrong to dub the AAP as ‘Team B’ of the BJP. Such labelling insinuates that the AAP would electorally help the BJP. Far from it, the AAP could prove to be a keen, even fierce, competitor for the BJP in some parts of the country.

Ideological proximity does not lead to friendly matches; more often than not, it results in an intense, bitter and personalised fight. In all likelihood, the AAP will eschew any overall political perspective, avoid taking the BJP on secularism and democracy and focus its critique only on governance-related matters. We need to look for other labels for its ideological positioning. ‘Soft-Hindutva’ is a correct but inadequate description. The party’s hard nationalism may be more central to its positioning. Those looking for a challenge to the neo-liberal model of economics in this party may be in for a disappointment when they confront its economic policy or rather its absence. Soft Hindutva, hard nationalism, woolly economics and hard-core populism could be a better description for brand AAP.

So, there is nothing shocking about what the AAP has done. The party seems to be following the textbook model of the Median Voter theory. In a market of votes, the political party that chases the opinions and preferences of the middling (“the median”) voter best is the winner. If the average voter’s mood shifts to the Right, the party must also shift that much to the Right. And vice versa. That is exactly what the AAP is doing in the most single-minded, undistracted, pursuit of votes. The Sangh Parivar has decisively shifted the mid-point of public opinion to the Right. The AAP is shuffling its feet quickly to align with this new mid-point of majoritarian nationalism. The shocking thing is that political analysts still get shocked by what this party does, still get rattled by yet another U-turn. Like beauty, betrayal also lies in the eyes of the beholder.

We should be grateful to Arvind Kejriwal for giving a fitting reply to his secular fans and setting to rest an avoidable excitement and dispute about the meaning of the AAP’s victory. He has also illuminated the distinction between political alternatives and alternative politics. It is too early to say if the political positioning he has unveiled would work for his party outside Delhi. But one thing is clear: it may be an ally for dislodging Modi, but not for reclaiming the republic.

The author is the national president of Swaraj India. Views are personal.

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  1. Just as Bharathiya Janatha Party transformed itself into Bharathiya Janatha Khangress with Modi as Nehru (3.0) after Vajpayee’s Nehru ( 2.0).
    The formula for ruling India successfully was established by the Indian Political Service (which created the Akali Movement, the Depressed Classes movement, the Draavid movement and the Indian National Congress) in the 1920s.

    The Indian Navy Mutiny in 1946 evoked memories of the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 which was put down by British Forces brought to India from elsewhere at at a time when a Britain enormously debilitated by Adolf and Tojo faced a mutiny from their own war weary soldiers who wanted to go home forthwith. As the British had executed or otherwise marginalized all the real freedom fighters, India fell from a panic stricken Attlee’s fumbling hands into the lap of the British made PANGOLIN*s who have ruled India as the India in accordance with the precepts of the Indian Political Department which had come to an end with its archives at Calcutta, including the History and the rationale behind India’s Constitution, laws and regulations, were set ablaze under the personal supervision of Vallabhai Patel. lest Indians learn the truth about their new Kleptocrats from indisputable Histoircal documents.

    *Note on PANGOLIN from my archives
    This was a systematic, vicious and brilliant plan that the British (Indian Political Service) devised in the Viceregal period following the supercession of the East India Company by the Crown (1858). Delayed by the opposition of Lord Roberts and Curzon, The unrest under Chelmsford added to the reprisal unleashed by Lord Reading.
    After the 1857 mutiny, having had every Brahmin man, woman and child that they could lay hands in the erstwhile Bengal Presidency, Central Provinces, and United Provinces massacred by way of reprisal by their Madrassi, Pathan and Sikh soldiers, the British put together their plan to subjugate India and began the implementation from 1921; Confiscation of Savarna Commonwealth (Temples, treasure etc) in 1923 and expulsion of the Brahmanas from the courts and de recognizing their judicial authority. Distribution of agricultural lands on which guru kulas and temples were dependent to the ryots, Commencement of Daalit Movement (Phule, Ambedkar etc) in the West. Commencement of Draavid movement (EVR Naiker etc) in the South. Subversion of the Sikhs through Kartar and Karag (Sialkot) to commence the Akali movement in the North. Self emasculating pacifism and worship of alien religions and ideologies such as communism (Alan Octavian Hume, Indian National Congress, Gandhi, Nehru) etc etc. This and the pampering of the Deen e Kitabi (Christians and Moslems) as well as Daalits was enshrined in the Indian Constitution condemning India to a perpetual low intensity civil war. They solidified this by confiscating the commonwealth, including temples, educational institutions, gymnasiums, lands, water bodies, religious freedoms and dispossessing their hereditary law and education giving priesthood so that they would become rootless.

    The PANGOLIN*s extended the same policies to residual India including the unfortunate, formerly well governed, Princely States (Vijayanagar Viceregalities or Palegars and Maratha Governorates) such as Mysore, Travancore, Puri, Kohlapur, etc.
    The Government of India Act (1935) which was modified by Sir Maurice Gwyer for Nehru and Ambedkar to plagiarize into the Indian Constitution, and into which they embroidered ideas that they borrowed from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, such as “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” and “Four legs good, two legs bad”

    A nation locked in the iron maiden of the British Judiciary, Bureaucracy, Police, garnished with self serving politicians, and raised on the gibbet of the Reservations-Extortion Constitution and laws to fall to 135 out of 172 countries (and below Sub-Saharan Africa) in the Global Human and Social Development Index (UNDP – 2016) and 143 rd out of 172 countries in internal Peace and Stability (UNDP – 2016) , home to 30% of the World’s poor (World Bank 2016) and with the highest number of Bomb Blast in the World 2016) pushing Iraq to a lowly second place with just half as many; in just 67 years. India ranks 107 out of 124 countries in corruption free law enforcement and personal security. And in 2018 achieved the distinction of ranking 81 on the list of corrupt countries, ranked from Least Corrupt downwards, and 182 in terms of Freedom of Speech !
    *Note: PANGOLIN: An enemy of India who believes in inequality under law, exceptions to the rule of law and persecution of some for the benefit of others. At present, the sole purpose of the Indian Republic, Constitutional or otherwise, is to pamper and provide for certain constitutionally preferred sections of society who the British found useful to hold and exploit India at the cost of those who the British hated and persecuted. The Pangolin is a creature that is unique to India and feeds on ants that are known in nature to be industrious and hard working if not quite as fruitful as bees who flee to better climes. (PANGOLIN is an acronym for the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other (alien) Religions-Communist Consensus that usurped the British Mantle and has worn it with elan to loot, plunder, and rape India since 1921 and re write History and laws to their exclusive benefit since 1947)

  2. Yogendra Yadav who was once the man Friday of Sonia and Rahul is today a bitter, frustrated man. He is a politician heading a party which people have rejected lock, stock and barrel. His hate for Modi has taken stretched itself so much that now he supports those who want azadi from India. Harsh Mander, for who he has so much affection and obviously so, is one of the worst offender of the Delhi riots episode. He has been shown on national TV, making provocative speeches and urging the crowd at Shaheen Baug to rebel. His exact words were ” We can’t trust the Supreme Court after the Ayodhya verdict and will have to take to streets” . So it 8s obvious that Harsh Mandar, Yogendra Yadav and their gang does not believe in the SC. So whenever things don’t happen as per this gangs liking they will disrespect SC verdict, take to streets, burn public property, kill people and what not. And on top of that when law catches up with them they start chestbeating and spread lies through publications like Indian Express, The Print, TOI and many other media where Congress has its loyal followers. Can the govt of the day expected to keep quiet on this ? iIB officer Ankit Mishra was killed in the house belonging to AAP MLA. On the terrace of that house, petrol bombs, acid cans, nails and metal used in bomb making were found. Why is Yogendra Yadav quite on this ? Linking everything to BJP is a no brainer, it’s just plain laziness. I wish Harsh Mandar spends all his life in jail so he will know what it means to provoke people against the nation. And for Yogendra Yadav, he is neither here nor there. No one listened to him when he was in the Congress and no one listens to Jim now. Perhaps he can’t read writing on the wall “Anti nationals are not liked by most Indians”.

    • To
      the IT Cell

      Why would a hindu ever want azadi from India? No video tape, no audio tape, no propaganda–give me the motive. Agar politics k liye koi aisa kare to usse ghatiya politician koi hoga nahi kyun ki vote to nahi juta-chappal jarur milega km se km 80% desh bhakt bharat se. Haan garv se sina chowda krne waale sahadwani Fekuchand ki tarah koi bole to jarur dal m kuch kala hai. Par yahan to ek hindu hi bol raha ki hinduo se azaadi chahiye yani vote se bhi azadi. Is hisab se to humare sarebaki neta maha desh bhakt hain kyunki bhar bhar k pyar hinduo k liye or desh k liye ugalte hain. par vikash khud ka krter hain.

      Motive kya tha b Kanahiya ka ye bta. Tu chilla k dekh Azadi koi dekhe ga bhi nahi. jo dekhega kahega pagal hai. Ye waisa hi hua ki ek chiti pahad ko rasta se hatne k liye bol rahi ho. Bharat itna vishal hai ki chaCha Feku bhi chahe na kuch nahi kr paye ga. Khud barbad ho jaiga> Bharat aabad rahega. Pure desh ko keh raha ki Kanahiya yani chiti pahad k liye khatra hai. Kaise bhai? samjhao. Le hum bhi bol diye bharat tere tukde honge. Kya ho gaya kuch nahi. Aag lagana or logo ko bewakoof banana chacha feku se koi sikhe. Bha jara thande dimag se desh se gaddari krna desh bhakti krne se bahu jyada muskil hai. Ye kuch aisa hua ki koi khud se pyar krna choad de.

      MOTIVE ?

      Deep regards.

  3. The thinking of Mr. Yoginder Yadve is based on reality and positive. It appears from his thoughts that he is among the people who love his nation with all the people living therein keeping aside religious communalism spread by some selfish people for their selfish ends.
    Here in our country the main problem is that who spoke truth is held guilty. The thought of Mr. Yoginder Yadve needs to be understood with broad and clean mind.
    The boldness of Mr. Yoginder Yadve by speaking truth is appreciable and I salam his boldness and pray to Almighty for keeping him at right path of humanity.

  4. Kejriwal will henceforth never win any election. He is now betrayed the people of India by allowing kanhaiya Kumar to be prosecuted. If the same law is applicable on him, it’s the same central or BJP govt which accused him as a terrorist. Then why can’t he also be tried by them ? Finally his opportunist approach is finished him. The warrior is died. The war is left for people to fight. People will fight. But Kejriwal and his opportunist politics will be wiped off in the next elections it’s a pitiable position for the nation to trust such elements. Time will answer everything

  5. What does this yadavji wants? Anybody who supports the majority people becomes his enemy.sir your theories are failing so badly.think in different way you may find peace

  6. From PM to so called literates occupying top positions and from ignorant half educated to emotional fools every one is at their best for well cultivated contempt for wise and intellectuals.
    RSS-BJP syshastematically instilled hatred in such way that, sane voices are very very hard to come. Instead of seeing danger in newer, smarter and equally sinister Kejriwal, we are happy in smashing Mr Yadav.
    First Congress did this in the name of Muslim now BJP and AAP doing it in the name of Hindus. What has changed. Nothing , except, you are secure until goons are not up to you.
    During Delhi riots BJP_AAp_Cong all are busy in there cheap politics and what is the result? goons made no difference in Hindu and Muslim. BJP even abandon their own Hindu voters as well Muslim leaders from North-East Delhi.
    Aisa hi sabak sikhana chahiye,..Aisa hi hona chahiye …this is popular saying across country. This is why no one is asking If Sharukh and Tahir are the poster boys from other side, then who killed 20 + Muslims. Dangerous part is those who done this are Deshbhakta and Shahrukhs and Tahirs are Deshdrohi. But at the end of day, who will give guarantee, yeh sabak ek din humko (Read Hindu) nahi sikhaya jayega?
    until then, it’s quite thrilling to bash people like Yadav, Mander …
    Sadly, we have already slipped down to authoritarian/ fascist state…One thing is for sure, it will not make any difference in Who is Hindu and Who are Muslims
    Very hard time ahead. Not only to Yadavs and Maders but to all blind Bhakts also…

    • Do you know the definition of facist,now a days people are using it by the throw of hate,whoever speaks good words for Modi are termed as andha bhakts,where is the tolerance,showing concerns for Hinduism is not a crime.Secular words are very confused and misused by so called by liberals or sedo intellectuals,according to human rights data lynching from 1980 to 2012 more than 12000 cases of lynching where registered in India in various police stations out of that 32 year BJP ruled for 5 yrs under Mr Atal vihari vajpae.congress ruled for 24 yrs why nobody asked questions about lynching,but nowa days if anybody gets killed by lynching liberals are asking questions.
      Indira Gandhi was a fascist not Modi.Yogendraji is entitled to his views,but donot become hypocrates.He also runs a political party by the name Swaraj,he is also playing politics,why he only talks about Muslims??Oh i forgot he is a liberal now days they are called Desh drohes.

  7. Its sad to see that india is loosing its secular democratic republic image internationally & gaining theoretical status which never benefited to any nation so far.
    Kejriwal shd sue home ministry to compensate the loses for its inability to control & support violence by its own machinery

  8. 1. I am glad that very quickly the feeling that Arvind Kejriwal will be the powerful anti-BJP force has evaporated. 2 I feel that all critics of PM Narendra Modi and NDA, RSS and the Hindutva based political agenda have to accept the ground reality which is that a vast majority of educated citizen-voters in India are unhappy about so-called secular politics of the grand old party (Indian National Congress-INC). 3. Let us accept a basic fact which is that INC was in power for a long time but it did not make any sincere efforts to strengthen democracy. INC failed to curb use of unaccounted money in elections and this failure on part of INC is one most important reason why our democracy is weak today. 4. I am aware of fact that intellectuals and good many politicians (Leftists, former socialists and senior Congressmen) were earlier used to either ridicule RSS and its work or dismiss RSS as a fascist anti-democracy organization. This attitude on part of these individuals has concealed a quite shift in attitude of a big section of the educated middle class. 5. I am not a RSS sympathiser but I won’t dismiss RSS as a fascist organization, as such criticism does not serve any purpose. In this context, I say that senior politicians like former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh are guilty of criticizing idea of nationalism of RSS but they are not making any efforts to counter the RSS ideology or offer their idea of nationalism which is acceptable to vast majority of the educated citizen-voters of India. 6. Finally, let is face the truth which is that regional party like AAP will not be acceptable to vast majority of citizen-voters. Further, AAP led by Arvind Kejriwal or someone else, can never be considered as a party to be in power in the Centre. 7. It is for wiser Congressmen to show courage, compel the party to give once and for all the dynastic succession of someone from Indira Gandhi family and work for revival of INC as a centrist party.

    • Very nicely put. It is logical voice like yours that does not find space in the TV byte size rhetoric. Passionate This versus that debate. People would like some variant of nationalism that instils pride, despite the problems.

  9. REg the Kanhaiya affair, it is quite possible that the AAP feels that this is better decided by the courts. If Kanhaiya gets an acquittal, it will expose the chicanery of the BJP and Delhi POlice thoroughly and form a precedent for all future and existing cases. Getting a COurt acquittal will be in the interest of Kanhaiya as well as all secular parties.

  10. A win of AAP in Delhi, not only shocked BJP, its supporters and people dipped in nationalist feelings but also made Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhusan and many others like these irrelevant. And for this they only are responsible, as they could neither prove AAP’s on wrong path nor flow with nationalist feeling and social reformer image. People have serious doubt that these guys will come out with dangerous policies which can harm the society and the nation. Now they must stop eating into public money collected either by donations or grants from anti-nationals.

  11. Wasn’t Mr. Yadav once a leading light of the Anna agitation and a founding member of the Aam Admi Party ? What went wrong ? Why was he along with Mr. Bhushan Kicked out?
    Under such circumstances when a criticism is heaped on your ex-partners of the type mentioned in the article, it only lowers your dignity and credibility.

  12. BJP is in a quandry that Kejriwal is not falling into its game plan but challenging it in its own game. BJP has not and will not realize that it’s hatred politics will boomerange on itself.
    Hatred blinds their eyes. Aravind Kejriwal knows that.

  13. Social media wants every detail of the confidential news to create chaos…Some people think Kejariwal is good if he abuses Indian PM. All the good work done by him for all Indians irrespective of caste and religion is of no value like schools , clinics, transport etc.
    I think only merit required is bad words for PM and support for Kanhaiya kumar. Of course he is from IIT he can not be a Puppet of social media People without faces . He is doing what is right instead of playing in the hands of people who want to create more disturbance in country

  14. How can Mr yogendra yadav support kanhiya .ummer Khalid and harsh mandar type of people .I have lost all respect for this soft spoken crook .

  15. Wow, In some sense BJP says who is my enemy clearly, but you are saying AAP will stand behind you and you never know when it will stab you back. Good luck, people are not dumb not to see through it.

  16. No one wants to lose power, even Kejriwal. We did not understand him well and that’s why we are shocked.We thought too much of him. But many of his first civil action group like Prashant Bhushan, Hegde, Yogendra Yadav etc. got disillusioned, I feel.

  17. Yogendra Yadav or any other journalist in India should grasp this axiom of India politics— if you care for the nation called India, you can not defend jihadi elements by indulging into verbal ping-pong. The history is witness, current trends are expressively reflective what Jihadist want, it is nothing less than Gazva-e-Hind and they are working tirelessly for it. Some of our worthy leftists and left-oriented journalist are supporting them in the name of secularism. For them the out-pouring by anti Indias forces at JNU,AMU.JU etc are divine truths not to be challenged in any way, — even these call for ” tukde tukde honge tere Hindustan “. A slightest slant towards Hinduism, Hindutva by any politician is worst ever sin .The practitioner is to be ridiculed, opposed and degenerated . So today Kejriwal is in firing line. But actual target is not “He” It is Hinduism, Hindutava and of course Hindustan.

  18. According to Yadav, everyone should abuse Hindus and only then they are secular and also must praise the dynast Raghul Gandhi. It is so disgraceful to see the fall of Yogendra Yadav from a stature of most intelligent psepoligist to Modi hater. India love Modiji and those who hate Modiji are like Kamsa and Ravan who hated Lord Vishnu. We are thankful to Yadav and only such people can unite Hindus and save India from pseudosecular politics. If Kejriwal is changing means he had holy dip in Ganga the constituency of Modiji and slowly getting purer ….. Let Yadav rant, yell and restless, India will continue to elect Modiji and Amit Shaw

  19. Well analysed article. It nowhere criticises AAP rather 1st effective challenge to BJP without harming opposition s political space.

  20. Kanhaiya Kumar has a new Lawyer in Yogendar Yadav who is desperate for attention. But your narrative will take you no where.

  21. Shri Yadav has shown himself to be extremely gullible, not withstanding all his intellectual posturing, including his sartorial sense. A couple of years ago he was a fellow traveller of Shri Kejriwal, singing hosannas of him. He had an epiphany only when he tried to steal some thunder away from Shri Kejriwal. His own lust for power had blinded him to the obvious; that Shri Kejriwal is an extremely cunning person who will use whatever means to get to his goal and will not let anyone challenge his authority.




  23. Never ever trust Kejrudheen. He is The Pied Piper of Hamelin (German: Rattenfänger von Hameln, also known as the Pan Piper or the Rat-Catcher of Hamelin) is the titular character of a legend from the town of Hamelin (Hameln), Lower Saxony, Germany. The legend dates back to the Middle Ages, the earliest references describing a piper, dressed in multicolored (“pied”) clothing, who was a rat-catcher hired by the town to lure rats away[1] with his magic pipe. When the citizens refuse to pay for this service, he retaliates by using his instrument’s magical power on their children, leading them away as he had the rats.
    Kejrudheen will lure away all BJP Members to Islamic State and destroy BJP.

  24. ”AAP knows that the Muslims in Delhi have no option except to vote for it. It is anxious not to lose Hindu votes by being seen as pro-Muslim.” True, and this is the case also in West Bengal.

  25. It is clear once again why Arvind kicked out Yogendra from AAP ! Arvind is a typical smart politicians from whom people expected unreasonable qualities. He is looking to rule Delhi for as long a time as possible and the course that he has adopted since last year is the right one. It is only after he works and succeeds as CM in Delhi for at least 10 years, he will have a good chance at national level. Given that the future of post Sonia Congress is totally uncertain, if not totally bleak, AAP has a good opportunity to occupy space vacated by Congress at all India level. Others are essentially regional parties; of course communists hardly need to be counted. Hence, Kejriwal should act smart as he is doing now- soft Hindutva, hard nationalism, good governance, woolly economics of free bees, treat minorities as vote banks etc. Yogendra will be always around to bark!

  26. Sheer waste of internet space:

    a) by an individual whose political achievements so far have been about giving occasional voice to some kisan protests, writing opinion pieces that appeal to none (I only read the title though), and hopping news studios during election time.

    b) about a political party whose fortunes may not extend beyond the borders of NCT of Delhi.

    This poor sod should try farming as a serious career option.

  27. And Yogendra Yadav’s old game plan is to support anti-India and anti-Hindu forces. Let this crook do what ever he wants. he can’t win election.

  28. And if I say that your support for Kanhaiyya Kumar et al; is based on assumption to support your floundering political career, then how you will react.
    Behind your innocent face lies a scheming politician wannabe.

  29. Respected Mr.Yogendra Yadavji,
    Please write an article on Mr. Yogendra Yadav’s ” Swaraj Jihadi Socialism”.

  30. Secularists had a long long inning in India. They have just messed thing up. Instead of strengthing secularism through their reign in India they were diluting it stage by stage for some immediate political gains. Secularists have lost the momentum and have lost their narrative. In the garb of secularism, they have been trying to defend undefendable. The days are gone for foreseeable future. Lost opportunities!

  31. Only one sentence for this whole article : Survival of the Fittest
    One has to survive and expand at this time of our nation when things are wholly one sided…


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